HILLS HOLDINGS LIMITED Previous company name HILLS INDUSTRIES LIMITED Name change date 11/12/2010 Company Overview Hills Industries Ltd is an Australian-based publicly traded company focusing on the production and distribution of home and hardware, electronic security and entertainment, and building and industrial products. The company was incorporated in 1946. Its corporate headquarters is located in(…)


ATTUNITY LTD. Previous company name ISG INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE GROUP LTD. Name change date 10/27/2000 Company Overview Attunity Ltd. is a leading enterprise software supplier which provides application integration, data integration, and solutions in the new and fast growing Workplace Applications market. Established in 1988, the company used to be known as ISG International Software Group(…)

for garment manufacturing co-operations

Good Morning, Would like to introduce myself as Brijesh working with Texperts India Pvt Ltd based in Bombay, IMS Garments Division handling garment business, We are interested to cooperate with you for production of garments from our different location factory basis and also export to your customer destinations for certain products that you are not(…)


DEEP SEA SUPPLY PLC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The firm is an offshore supply company, together with its subsidiaries, engaged in the acquisition, construction, leasing, chartering, operation, and manning of the offshore anchor handling and supply vessel principally in Cyprus. The company was founded in the year 2004. The registered head(…)


FINANCIAL FEDERAL CORP Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Financial Federal Corporation is engaged in the provision of financial services. The company was incorporated in 1989. It is registered as a publicly quoted company, with shares listed on New York Stock Exchange. The main business office of the company is located in New(…)


GALLEVILLE INVERSIONES SICAV SA Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Galleville Inversiones SICAV SA is a Spanish investment company primarily engaged in the provision of open-ended investment fund. The company, which was incorporated in April 2002, has its registered business office located in Madrid, Spain. Galleville Inversiones, a company which is listed on(…)

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