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Amco India Ltd. (Amco), an Indian-based company, is primarily engaged in the manufacture of aluminum foil and foil related products. The company was founded in 1983 as Amco Vinyl Ltd. Its registered business office is strategically situated in New Delhi, India.
Amco’s products include PVC film, sheetings, cotton coated fabrics (rexine), metallized polyester and aluminum foil. The company is one of the leading manufacturer of aluminum foil and foil related products in India.
Amco operates four manufacturing facilities: two of them are located in Noida, Upper Pradesh, one in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, and the other one is in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The company exports its products to North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania.
Amco’s customers include converters of aluminum foil, pharmaceutical companies, trading houses, food packaging companies and other consumers of aluminum foil.
Business Summary
The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing PVC Leather cloth , PVC films and sheetings unit , Aluminium Foil Division .
Description and history
The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing PVC Leather cloth , PVC films and sheetings unit , Aluminium Foil Division .

The Company was in corporated on 27th August 1987 as a private Limited company, & was converted into a public limited Comp. on 30th day of August 1993, Fresh certificate of conversion into public limited Comp. was issued on 7th day of February 1994.

The Company started its business activities by setting up a plant for manufacturing of PVC films & sheeting with an installed capacity of 4000 M.T. per annum at plot No. C-54 sector 57 Noida U.P. The project was appraised by PICUP & the same was financed by PICUP and UPFC to the tune of Rs.108.45 lakhs & Rs.33.00 lakhs respectively. The Comp. started its manufacturing activities from August 1991.

Simultaneously in 1991-92, steps were initiated to setup another unit at its adjoining plot no.C-53 sector 57 Nodia for the manufacturing of his quality PVC flooring, with an installed capacity of 12 Lakh mtrs. per annum on the basis of 3 shifts per day & 300 working days per annum.

After successful commissioning the PVC Flooring Plant (Unit II) the company decided to setup a `METALLIZED FILM` unit at C-67 sector 57 Noida U.P. the land was acquired from Noida Authority in the year 1993. The company has already acquired the main plant & machinery imported from Germany. The constant & smooth running of the Unit (I) resulted in improved working result every year. The company reinvested the complete earnings into the business, and therefore no dividend was declared.

The Company is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange in 23 October 2000.

Founded as Amco Vinyl Ltd.

Business Line
Manufacturer of aluminum foil and foil related products

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10685/2, Nabi Kareem, Jhandewalan Road

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110055, NEW DELHI
Phone: +91 11 7536320
Fax: +91 11 7536320
Country address: INDIA
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