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Arla Foods UK PLC, with headquarters in Leeds, UK, is the country’s leading dairy company. It is the country’s largest supplier of fresh milk and cream. The company was established in October 2003, as a result of the merger between Arla Foods PLC and Express Dairies PLC. Arla Foods UK’s product range extends across all dairy categories namely: fresh milk, cream, flavoured milk, butter and spreads, cheese, yogurts and desserts. Juices and fresh added value dairy products are produced by Staplemead Dairy Products, a joint venture with Milk Link and Express Dairies. Scottish Pride, Highland Fresh, Cravendale Purfiltrer, Lactofree, and Cravendale Hint Of are the company’s fresh, pasteurised milk brands. Gulp! Breaktime, CAFЙMET, and Stripes are its fresh flavoured milk brands. Express, Scottish Pride, and Anchor are the leading brands for its cream products. The company’s butter and spreads brands are Lurpak, Anchor, and Yorkshire. Arla Foods’ cheese brands are Rosenborg, Anchor, and Discover. Arla Foodservice and Express Foodservice are leading suppliers of chilled dairy products to the leading hotels, restaurants and caterers nationwide. Its home delivery service delivers milk to over one and a half million households every day. The company’s home delivery range includes milk, fresh and long life orange juice, yogurts, cheese, cream, potatoes, bread and eggs. The company’s distribution centres are in Appleby, Liverpool, Manchester, Shourton, Holme upon Spalding Moor, Nottingham, Leeds, Ashby, Oakthorpe, Hatfield Peverel, Sheffield Park, and Frome.
Business Summary
The Company, through its subsidiary companies, is a leading supplier of milk and dairy products in the UK market. The group supplies liquid milk, cream, butter, spreads, cheeses, fresh dairy products, yogurts and desserts to the major supermarkets.
Description and history
The Company is a UK supplier of fresh liquid milk and cream. Its business comprises two core activities: the supply of fresh milk, cream and related products to the major supermarkets, and its home delivery business, which also supplies smaller shops and the out of home markets. These two core activities are supported through the supply chain by an integrated distribution business. In meeting the market’s requirements Express is committed to working in close partnership with its supplying farmers.

The company has a strong presence with doorstep, shop and catering customers under the Express brand and it supplies the major supermarkets under its own labels. The company also has a bulk products ingredients business, a specialist transport operation and a parcel delivery business.
The company has a presence in Scotland with its Scottish Pride and Highland Fresh brands.

Express Dairies Milk:
-handles the company’s core business, the supply of liquid milk and cream. The business is focussed around six key areas:
2)National Accounts
4)Home Delivery

Company Distribution:
-The company’s specialist transport company manages Express’s milk distribution requirements, including the daily collection of raw milk from farms and the delivery of processed milk to individual supermarkets and distribution depots.
Express Chilled Distribution, a part of Express Dairies Distribution, handles chilled distribution of third party products to regional distribution centres and direct to stores.
In addition to the management of Express’s milk distribution requirements, Express Dairies Distribution specialises in providing the following logistics services:
-Controlled environment, time-critical primary tanking activity
-Ex-farm milk collection for milk processors and selling groups

Product Portfolio
Express Milk
-Express pasteurised milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Scottish Pride pasteurised milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Highland Fresh pasteurised milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Express sterilised milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Express UHT milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Scottish Pride UHT milk (whole, semi and skimmed)
-Express portion pots (14ml)
-Fresh whole milk
-Fresh semi skimmed milk
-UHT whole milk
-UHT semi skimmed milk
-School milk
-Whole milk – 189ml carton
-Whole milk fluoridated – 189ml carton
Express pasteurised milk is available homogenised

Express Cream
-Express pasteurised cream (single, double and whipping)
-Scottish Pride UHT cream (single and double)
-Express sour cream
-Express aerosol sweetened dairy cream UHT cream
-Express portion pots (14ml)
-UHT half cream
-UHT single cream

Express Ingredients
-Express milk powder (whole and skimmed)
-Express soft cheese
-Express yogurt
-Express butter

Express Juices
-Express fresh orange juice
-Express UHT juices

Express Flavoured Milk
-Express Stripes longlife milkshake
-Express fresh flavoured milk

Express Custards
-Express smooth and creamy longlife custard

The company subsequently changed its name to Arla Foods UK Plc on 22 Oct 2003.

In year 1864 when George Barham, the son of a London dairyman, formed the Express Country Milk Supply Company, near Kings Cross Station in London.

Meanwhile, for Scandinavian history through Arla Foods can be traced through Scandinavia’s co-operative dairies, back to a farm called Stora Arla Gard in Sweden in 1881.

Arla Foods’ links with the UK began at the turn of the century when Lurpak butter was introduced to the UK market. The liquid milk business was then built up from acquisitions since 1990, complementing the existing cheese and butter business.


It was announced on 22 January 2007 by Arla Foods UK and Arla Holding a recommended cash offer at a price of 71 pence per share by Arla Holding for all the Arla Foods UK Shares not already owned by it.

The acquisition of Arla Foods UK will take place by a scheme of arrangement under section 425 of the Companies Act 1985. The Court Meeting and the Arla Foods UK EGM to approve the Scheme are scheduled to be held on 12 March 2007.

The board of Arla Foods UK is pleased to announce that, at the Court Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of Arla Foods UK Shareholders held on 12 March 2007, Arla Foods UK Shareholders voted to approve, by the necessary majorities, the scheme of arrangement under s425 Companies Act 1985 to implement the recommended acquisition of Arla Foods UK by Arla Foods UK Holding.

The board of Arla Foods UK announced that in connection with the recommended acquisition of Arla Foods UK by Arla Holding, court approvals were duly given at the Scheme Court Hearing on 2 April 2007 and the Reduction Court Hearing on 4 April 2007.

The Scheme became effective on 5 April 2007.


Trading in the Arla Foods UK Shares on the London Stock Exchange was cancelled on 5 April 2007.

Established as a result of the merger between Arla Foods PLC and Express Dairies PLC

Business Line
Producer of dairy products
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Leeds Valley Park, Arla House
4, Savannah Way
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Phone: +44 113 382 7000
Fax: +44 113 382 7030
Country address: UNITED KINGDOM
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