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The Company is engaged in the acquisition and restructuring of companies in special situations, such as corporate spin-offs, restructuring and issues caused by unresolved successor provisions, by lack of investment in technological modernization and inefficient management strategies. It takes over the responsibility for managing these companies, and provides active support and development measures ranging from realignment of product portfolio and operational improvements to increasing efficiency and implementation of new technologies with the aim of stimulating growth and promoting them to a profitable state. Its subsidiaries include British School of Motoring, Auto Windscreens Ltd., Gigaset Communications GmbH and Carl Froh GmbH, among others.
Description and history
ARQUES Industries AG is an investment company focusing on the restructuring of companies in transitional situations. ARQUES develops these companies, mainly acquired within the context of company spin-offs, to competitive enterprises with a positive yield in order to sell these afterwards with added value. It is headquartered in Starnberg, Germany.
The shares of ARQUES Industries AG are traded in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Symbol: AQU, ISIN: DE0005156004).

Description in German
January 26, 1900 Founding of Bad Salzschlirf AG as health spa
February 1, 2001 Declaration of Insolvency
September 3, 2001 Listing on the OTC market Stuttgart
May 17, 2002 Take-over of 83% of the company by Lцw (61%) and Buchanan (22%)
June 24, 2002 Continuation resolution, conversion of capital stock from DM to EURO, share split, renaming to ARQUES AG and extension of the business objective to the acquisition and restructuring of medium-size companies. Dr. Dr. Peter Lцw becomes chairman of the board of ARQUES AG.
August 27, 2002 Repeal of the insolvency plan procedure by the insolvency administrator
September 16, 2002 *Conversion of the capital stock and simplified capital reduction in the relation 1:50
October 3, 2002 Nullification takes legal effect
December 30, 2002 ARQUES ends the 2003 financial year with a stock price gain of over 150% without operative business
January 15, 2003 Transfer of official seat of the company from Bad Salzschlirf to Starnberg
August 14, 2003 Commencement of operative business; Purchase of first subsidiary: Schierholz-Translift Group, Bremen.
October 22, 2003 Take-over of 29.9% of the stock exchange listed Schaltbau Holding AG.
December 12, 2003 Take-over of Infosystems GmbH, Wuppertal.
December 16, 2003 Sale of Schaltbau subsidiary
December 16, 2003 Statutory Annual General Meeting of ARQUES AG and renaming the company ARQUES Industries AG
December 23, 2003 Purchase of LEONI Flex S.A., Burnhaupt/France.
December 30, 2003 ARQUES ends the 2003 financial year with a stock price gain of over 1.100%
April 1, 2004 Acquisition of teutonia Kinderwagenfabrik, Hiddenhausen
May 7, 2004 Sale of subsidiaries to InfoSystems GmbH, Wuppertal
May 28, 2004 Capital increase of 426,667, 26.67% of the share capital
July 1, 2004 Dr. Martin Vorderwьlbecke becomes member of the Executive Board for Acquisitions & Legal
August 31, 2004 Take-over of the 100% Degussa subsidiary, SKW Metallurgie AG, and grouping under the new SKW-Metallurgie Holding GmbH.
November 8, 2004 Purchase of the business operations of the insolvent ddp Nachrichtenagentur GmbH, Berlin, und transfer to the newly founded ddp Deutscher Depeschendient GmbH.
November 11, 2004 Take-over of E. Missel GmbH & Co. KG, Fellbach
November 26, 2004 Sale of LEONI Flex S.A., Burnhaupt/France
December 8, 2004 Purchase of Colordruck Pforzheim GmbH & Co. KG, Pforzheim
December 30, 2004 ARQUES ends the 2004 financial year with a stock price gain of over 220%
April 5, 2005 Purchase of second printing specialist in the ARQUES portfolio, Johler Druck GmbH, Neumьnster
April 7, 2005 Take-over of SKS Stakusit Bautechnik GmbH, Duisburg
April 12, 2005 ARQUES purchases Jahnel-Kestermann Getriebewerke GmbH & Co. KG, Bochum
June 21, 2005 Take-over of 74.9% of Golf House Direktversand GmbH
June 30, 2005 Sale of Schierholz-Translift Group by management buy-out
July 12, 2005 Take-over of Italian adhesive tape manufacturer, evotape S.p.A.
August 10, 2005 ARQUES takes over majority share in the stock exchange listed Circel Grundstьcks- und Vermцgensverwaltung AG
August 23, 2005 ARQUES subsidiary ddp purchases photo agency
September 16, 2005 ARQUES decides to take over 94% of the Bielefeld-based Sommer Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG
October 18, 2005 ARQUES subsidiary Circel acquires French state printing works, Evry Rotatives S.A.S.
October 19, 2005 ARQUES subsidiary Circel buys Nord Offset Druck GmbH
December 22, 2005 ARQUES subsidiary ARQUANA acquires Wanfried-Druck Kalden
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