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The company is a privately held corporation that is active in the information technology industry. Its core business is the design, development, and implementation of computer software applications. The firm was incorporated in 1990 and has its registered office in Nieuwegein, Netherlands.
The company manifested its expertise in the field of information technologies through the following activities: writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer; planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies; on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems or data processing facilities; and other professional and technical computer-related advice and services.
The company principally conducts its business operations within the country.
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As a provider of high-quality information technology, Astra Informatica is active mainly in the area of software service provision. In the past eight years, Astra Informatica has grown into a professional organisation with over 200 staff members working on a range of projects. Astra Informatica’s services are focused mainly on the development, maintenance and management of information systems in secondment orders and complete projects under the (final) responsibility of Astra Informatica. The company’s experience ranges from centralised systems (mainframe) to decentralised systems (workstations) and client/server environments in areas such as administration, logistics, finance, insurance and personnel systems. Keeping up to date with and, where possible, stimulating technological developments has been an important starting point at Astra Informatica since the company was founded. Astra Informatica therefore invests heavily in staff training. In addition, Astra Informatica initiates and stimulates its own knowledge circles, in which IT professionals exchange knowledge and gain practical experience with new technologies. In our relations with clients and suppliers, we strive for long-term forms of co-operation. Astra Informatica has been a dealer for DataFlex and a business partner of Computer Associates, Oracle, Cognos and Progress for many years, and is also a member of various user associations. Astra Informatica has been granted the status of Qualified Consultant for the product line of IDMS/ADS of Computer Associates and is a service provider for the software package CA Discovery 2000. This relations-directed philosophy, combined with the quality of our staff, explains the success of Astra Informatica. An impressive client list and many successful projects are proof to this.
25 April 2000. Astra Informatica NV and Avalix NV have merged into Aino NV.

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Its core business is the design, development, and implementation of computer software applications

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