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Austriamicrosystems AG is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog ICs (integrated circuits). The company was founded in 1981 through a joint venture between American Microsysytems Inc (AMI) and VOEST Alpine AG. The company’s headquarters is located in Schloss Premastatten, Austria.
The company develops and produces industry-leading customized and standard analog semiconductors, which include customized ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and high performance standard product solutions. It focuses on the areas of power management, sensors and sensor interfaces, portable audio and car access, complemented by its full service foundry activities. The company serves the communications, industry & medical and automotive markets.
The company’s ICs are used worldwide in virtually every aspect of life: mobile handsets, MP3 players, GPS receivers and a variety of other hand-held devices, insulin pens, blood glucose meters, cardiac pacemakers, diagnostic imaging equipment such as CT scanners and digital X-ray, car key immobilizers, keyless go systems, in-car safety systems, and electronic electricity meters.
The company’s vision is to be the most innovative provider of high performance analog semiconductor solutions for power management, sensors and sensor interfaces, and mobile entertainment.
Austriamicrosystems’ strategic manufacturing partners include TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), Cadence, Mentor Graphics, MunEDA, and Synopsys, Inc. The company also has a Research & Development Cooperations with AS-International Association’s, FlexRayT, Fujitsu, JasPar, Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI), and TTTech.
Austriamicrosystems AG operates in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. The company has manufacturing, product design and sales locations in Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, the United States, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, and South Korea.
Business Summary
austriamicrosystems represents a flexible interface for customer requirements and provides all development and manufacture elements for IC and system solutions as a ‘one-stop shop’.

Description and history
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG has specialised in developing and producing application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC’s) and application-specific-standard-products (ASSP’s) and also offers a broad range of customer solutions for the automotive, communications and industrial sectors. The Company is one of the few European semiconductor manufacturers and one of Europe’s market leaders in the field of mixed digital/analog ASICs. It is headquartered at Unterpremstatten near Graz where all the departments necessary for ASIC and ASSP production, such as R+D, design, mask lithography, wafer production, assembly and testing, are situated under one roof. The Company is organised into three distinct market- and customer oriented business fields: automotive, communications and industry. Each segment is managed as a separate profit centre, with complete responsibility for sales, marketing and design, taking its lead from clearly defined core corporate targets. Austria Mikro Systeme International has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since June 1993. 100% of the shares are free float. The Unterpremstatten site has a complete production facility producing CMOS and BiCMOS technologies with structural widths up to 0.6?m. All quality assurance measures are based on ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 standards. Austria Mikro Systeme International also has the CECC 90000 certificate and has been awarded the STACK Technical Approval for advanced quality management by STACK organisation, a group of well known international firms in the telecommunications and computer industry. Within the framework of the joint ESPRIT research project of the European Union, the Company is working and researching intensively with the world’s leading semiconductor companies. This gives Austria Mikro Systeme International access to the latest research technologies of more than 100 highly qualified design engineers. Austria Mikro Systeme International maintains design centres in Unterpremstatten, Dresden and Budapest and has sales offices in Paris, Milan, Stockholm, London, Munich, Hamburg, Budapest, Barcelona, Hong Kong, San Jose/California and Yokohama/Japan. HISTORY

1981: Foundation
On August 18, 1981 a joint venture agreement was signed between AMI and VOEST-Alpine AG, and Austria Mikrosysteme International GmbH (AMI-A) was founded with the objective of taking up the sales and production of integrated circuits, especially ROMs and standard components in Europe.
Unterpremstatten was chosen as the headquarters location: Close to an international Airport and a technical university in Graz, geological conditions, attractive investment incentives, the surroundings and the castle building were decisive in making the choice. At the end of 1983 production started with a workforce of 200. The years 1984 and 1985 were marked by serious losses due the recession on the memory market and a product spectrum not optimized for the European market.
1986: New Start
In 1986 the American owners called in a European Manager with company recovery and market experience and new top personnel were engaged. A three-column concept which foresaw serving the telecommunications, automotive and industrial electronics markets with a well-balanced ratio of ASICs was implemented. New process technologies were introduced and an R&D department was established. The success of these measures soon became apparent.
1987: Austria Mikro Systeme
In July 1987, through the assignment contract, VOEST Alpine AG, assumed 100% ownership of AMI-A and in September 1987 AMI-A was renamed Austria Mikro Systeme International GmbH.
1988: Export
Already in 1988 the belief of customers, experts, employees and press in the continuing future of the company grew. A further sales office was set up in Hamburg.
1989: Success
In 1989 the first overseas sales office was opened in the heart of the Silicon Valley/California, USA. Austria Mikro System achieved profitability and in terms of net sales the company achieved 70th place in world ratings among 600 competitors
1990: Breakthrough
The growth in earnings continued in 1990. According to ‘Expertronics’ (Brussels), Austria Mikro Systeme was one of the 25 fastest-growing electronic companies in Europe.
In the same year the ASIC Design Centre in Dresden was founded.
1991: High Tech
In 1991 the first submicron CMOS processes and the new BiCMOS technology were implemented. 1991 was also characterized by joint ventures with universities and companies as well as the participation in EU projects, such as ESPRIT and EUREKA.
1992: European Champions
1992 brought the greatest recognition to date. In the specialist magazine ‘Semiconductor International USA’, high-ranking experts voted the semiconductor factory as ‘Top Fab of 1992’ in Europe!
1993: Public offering
1993 was the year of the company’s public offering; thus, the first semiconductor manufacturer listed in the stock exchange in Europe
1994: Fully Privatized
In 1994 Austria Mikro Systeme was fully privatized. In the same year the ASIC Design Centre in Budapest was founded. Sales exceeded the results of the previous year by 36%.
1995: The Group
The strategy of the newly formed Group with Austria Mikro Systeme, SAMES and Thesys under the Slogan ‘vertical global’, i.e. to work and communicate in the same time zone and therefore to be present for the customer, provides the Group with the possibility of opening additional markets in Europe and other continents and to utilize its know-how worldwide.
A sales office was opened in Hong Kong in 1995
1996: Group Processes
A range of Group processes were developed and implemented.
An ASIC sales office was opened by the Group in Barcelona.
1997: New Technologies
Austria Mikro Systeme succeeded to progress into the field of ‘deep submicron’ technology (structures smaller than 0.5 micron).
1998: New Management Appointments
Dipl. Ing. Horst Gebert, Chairman of the Board, retires.
Mag. Hans Jorg Kaltenbrunner, member of the Supervisory Board of Austria Mikro Systeme International since 1994 succeeds Mr. Gebert as Chairman of the Board.
Austria Mikro Systeme International puts its 19% holding in SAMES up for disposal.
The Supervisory Board decides to enlarge the Managing Board. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Pribyl, the Managing Director of the Siemens Development Centre for Microelectronics for Villach and Graz, is appointed Technical Manager of the Group from 1.1.1999 and made a member of the Managing Board.
Austria Mikro Systeme International contributes two chips to the space probe for the NASA mission ‘Deep Space 2’ to Mars. The two chips were developed jointly with the aircraft maker Boeing and control the entire power supply to the microcomputer and measuring units used in the probe.
1999: Sale of Stake in Thesys
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG and the Free State of Thuringia, which owns 48.75% of Thesys Gesellschaft fur Mikroelektronik mbH, a subsidiary of Austria Mikro Systeme, drew up a written agreement on 24 March 1999 to place the partnership between Austria Mikro Systeme International and Thesys on a new commercial and legal footing.
Austria Mikro Systeme International will continue to use the production capacity of Thesys as before and the two companies will continue to co-operate in other technical areas, such as mask production, testing and assembly. Each company will be responsible for its own sales and marketing organizations. However, existing business relations will be largely unaffected.
The 51.25% stake in Thesys was sold to the Free State of Thuringia.
2000 July: groundbreaking new Fab in Graz, Austria
August: AMS returns to private status (Permira Private Equity Fund)
2002 March: new 200mm Fab goes on-line

The company delisted from the share market few years ago then relisted it back on SWX Swiss Exchange at 17.05.2004, under the symbol of AMS.

Founded through a joint venture between American Microsysytems Inc (AMI) and VOEST Alpine AG

Description in German
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG ist seit mehr als fuenfzehn Jahren auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von kundenspezifischen Schaltkreisen, ASICs (Anwendungsspezifische Integrierte Schaltkreise), spezialisiert und offeriert komplette Kundenloesungen fuer die Bereiche Kommunikation, Automobil- und Industrieelektronik. Sie bieten frei konfigurierbare Schaltkreise, Standardzellen sowie auch die Moeglichkeit fuer Kunden, gemeinsam Schaltkreise zu entwickeln.

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Business Line
Development and production of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and the provision of customer solutions
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