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The company is a privately held firm that operates as a holding company for a group of subsidiaries engaged in various business activities. The firm has its registered office in Veenendaal, Netherlands.
The holding company handles the administrative affairs and services of a holding company and grants management services to its subsidiaries. It also provides financial support and control function for the board. Furthermore, the firm is responsible for managing the group and its overall legal structure, tax planning, financial and equity structures. In addition, it is involved in matters of policy, strategic planning, marketing, selecting and manning senior management positions, approving investments and budgets, and the overall ongoing monitoring of the group companies’ performance.
The holding company’s subsidiaries are involved in manufacturing builders hardware and bicycle locks.
Business Summary
AXA Stenman Industries develops, manufactures and sells builders hardware and bicyce products for respectively the building and bicycle markets.
Description and history
AXA Stenman Industries was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange on 15th April 2003 as a result of Havana Holding B.V. owning 98.9% of the shares in ASA Stenman Industries as at that date. This enables Havana, in accordance with the Dutch law, to initiate a squeeze-out procedure in order to acquire 100% of the Shares AXA Stenman.

AXA Stenman Industries develops, manufactures and sells builders hardware and bicyce products for respectively the building and bicycle markets. The products have a common focus : ‘Safety and Security’.
AXA Stenman Industries is the holding company for three group companies. Stenmaan Holland is based in the Netherlands with production locations in Veenendaal and Edam. AXA-MAG has one production unit in Siewierz, Poland. Basta, based in Denmark, has a manufacturing plant in France.

BUILDING HARDWARE ; The builders hardware product line is divided into four product groups, all related to security : hinges, casement stays, other builders hardware and architectural hardware (ASSA door locks and d-line stainless steel door furniture and bathroom accessories). AXA Stenman Industries is a manufacturer of the first three product groups and a distributor of architectural hardware.
AXA Stenman Industries is a supplier to the housing (new and renovation) and utility sectors. Sales are mainly to ironmongery wholesalers in the Netherlands. The existing range was developed for the Dutch market and cannot easily be exported as many countries have their own typical builders hardware.

BICYCLE PRODUCTS : Bicycle products is divided into locks and lighting : locks relating to security and lighting to safety. Locks consist of ring locks, cable locks and U-bar shackle locks. The lighting product range is made up of headlamps, rear lights and dynamos.
AXA Stenman Industries is an important supplier of bicycle products to a wide range of European countries, in particular Germany, Scandinavia, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Bicycle manufacturers and wholesalers are the main customers.


AXA Stenman Industries N.V. has a long and rich history dating back to 1902. The basis for one of the company’s two successful core businesses was laid in the twenties, when the predecessor of AXA Stenman Industries N.V. started with the production and sale of builders hardware. Some twenty years later, the ring lock for bicycles was included among the products. This marked the start of a range of bicycle accessories, the second core business as it exists today.

In 1962 the family business was sold to the British GKN plc. Within GKN, the former Stenman Holland B.V. became part of the Swedish Assa Stenman (Assa) division. In the mid-eighties the brand name Assa was changed to AXA. With success: AXA has developed into a trusted brand name.

After having been part of GKN for nearly three decades, Stenman Holland B.V. came to stand on its own feet through a management buy-out.
Given the company’s growth strategy, the decision was made in 1997 to go public. The IPO was successful: since 1998 the shares of AXA Stenman Industries N.V. have been listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX).

The first successful acquisition took place in March 2000, with the full take-over of Basta. Basta is a Danish manufacturer of bicycle lights and bicycle locks, with its own manufacturing facilities in France and Denmark.

Description in Dutch
Heldere missie, focus op kernactiviteiten
Missie: veiligheid en beveiliging
De missie van AXA Stenman Industries N.V. luidt kort en krachtig: het ontwikkelen, produceren en verkopen van producten voor de woning- en utiliteitsbouw en de fietsenmarkt met als gemeenschappelijke deler veiligheid en beveiliging.
Focus op twee kernactiviteiten
AXA Stenman Industries N.V. is een succesvol, groeiend bedrijf. Dit is in sterke mate te danken aan de scherpe gerichtheid op twee kernactiviteiten:
? hang- en sluitwerk voor de woning- en utiliteitsbouw
? fietssloten en fietsverlichting voor de rijwielmarkt.
Business Line
Operates as a holding company for a group of subsidiaries engaged in various business activities
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