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Bank of Jerusalem is a commercial financial institution engaged in accepting demands and other deposits, as well as making commercial, industrial and consumer loans. The bank was established in 1963 as a mortgage bank and became a commercial bank in 1998. Its registered head office is located in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. Bank of Jerusalem, with an annual estimated operating revenue of more than $50 million, is a publicly traded company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol JBNK.
The bank focuses on three segments such as real estate, which includes mortgage lending, real estate financing and construction loans; capital market, including commercial banking, specialized banking services to non-profit organizations, as well as a broad range of investment and savings plans; and international banking that manages $1.3 billion in assets. Bank of Jerusalem offer its services to more than 100,000 clients, including households, real estate companies, commercial companies from several industrial sectors, non-profit associations and organizations and foreign residents through its 17 branches throughout the country.
Bank of Jerusalem is controlled by the Export Investment Co., Ltd., a bank that offers commercial banking services and offers real estate loans, held by the Shoval family. In addition, the commercial bank’s two of its wholly owned subsidiaries, include The Bank of Jerusalem Trust Company, which provides distinguished and professional trust services worldwide; and Jerusalem Capital Market that handles the management portfolio of the Bank of Jerusalem.
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Commercial Bank
Description and history
An Israel-based commercial financial institution offering mortgage lending, real estate financing, private banking to foreign residents, specialized banking services to non-profit organizations, capital market, and a wide range of investment and savings plans.

Real Estate

The Company is a commercial bank that specializes in real estate. The Company has been active in real estate for decades, giving construction loans to contractors and mortgages to homebuyers. The Company gives construction loans by means of its Real Estate Sector, part of its Business Division. The Sector operates at two of the Bank’s main branches: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. These centers employ economists, appraisers, and attorneys who are experienced and thoroughly familiar with the industry and its players and are active in the field. Developers receive from the Company personal and professional guidance from service representatives who offer them a “one-stop shop” for all their business needs. By virtue of its direct customer relations, the Company responds quickly, efficiently, and professionally even in matters that require complex, professional care. Due to its vast experience in mortgages, the Company can customize a mortgage to clients needs from its variety of programs, in all types of indexation and to a broad range of terms. This service is offered at all branches of the Company.

Capital Markets

The Company’s expertise in money and capital markets allows it to offer its customers, as well as customers of other banks, a wide variety of financial products including savings plans, deposit programs, and capital-market products. The Company offers a broad spectrum of attractive deposit programs for terms ranging from one day to eighteen years. They are available at all branches of the Company. The Company’s menu of savings plans includes nonrecurrent-deposit, regular-income, and monthly-deposit programs. It is possible to make deposits in domestic currency at variable or fixed interest and for terms of one day to two years. To deposit money in a savings plan or a deposit program, it is not neccessary to open a current account with the Company. The Company is active in the capital market by means of its subsidiary, Jerusalem Capital Markets, Ltd., which offers its customers a variety of products including brokerage, portfolio management, mutual-fund management, and activity in the Maof options market. As a reflection of its vast experience in the money market, the Company has a domestic-currency transactions room where it concentrates its raising of sources-both from households, by means of the Company’s’s branches countrywide, and from institutional clients.

Private Banking

Located in a historic mansion in the heart of Jerusalem’s grand hotel district, the Company conducts business in an atmosphere of refinement, professionalism and discretion
that are its hallmarks — offering a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of today’s global investor. For nearly four decades, the Company played an historic role as a leader in the field of mortgage lending and construction underwriting, with an outstanding reputation for quality, service and professionalism. The Private Banking division was introduced in 1997 in order to fill a need that was not being met by other financial institutions. In less than five years the division has set the benchmark for
excellence, attracting a global roster of corporate and individual clients.


1963 – Foundation as a Mortgage Bank
1992 – Intial Public Offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
1998 – Receipt of a commercial banking license
2007 – Rumours of merger with Competitor – Dexia Israel (Public Finance) Ltd
2008 – Denied rumors about mergerwith Dexia
2010 – Decided to sell Management building in Jerusalem – expected capital gain 30 mil NIS

Established as a mortgage bank

Business Line
Accepting demands and other deposits, as well as making commercial, industrial and consumer loans
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Herbert Samuel, 2

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Phone: 972 (2) 670 60 00
Fax: 972 (2) 624 67 93
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