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Banque Cantonale de Geneve is a Swiss-based bank engaged in the provision of banking services. It was incorporated in 1994 through the merger of CEG Genиve and Banque hypothйcaire du Canton de Genиve. Since its establishment, the bank has grown to be recognized as one of the largest cantonal banks in Switzerland. It serves the residents, businesses and institutions in the Canton of Geneva and its surrounding areas. The bank operates from its registered business office located in Geneva, Switzerland. As a publicly traded entity, its common shares are listed on the Swiss Exchange under the ticker symbol BCGE. As 2008, the bank has 25 branches and 70 automated teller machines.
Under the bank’s market and financial services segment, it offers bonds and cash management, foreign currencies, and share investments. Its wealth management portfolio includes index-based management, active management mandates, passive management mandates, competence center for corporate retirement plans, and active investment services. This segment also offers long-term management of Swiss small capitals. The treasury management business unit provides cash management advisory services, cash pooling, and net banking and business links. Other products and services are property, construction and corporate financing as well as leasing services for professional practices, small and medium enterprises, plants and equipment and large companies.
Banque Cantonale de Geneve is also active in France through its subsidiary BCGE France SA. It offers trade, property development and corporate financial services; finance and management for public bodies, and corporate financial risk management consultancy. Another bank affiliate is Anker Bank. Its main activity is private wealth management both for Swiss and international clients. Synchrony Asset Management, a subsidiary, is responsible for wealth management.
The bank aims to contribute to the development of the canton of Geneva and of the region by offering competitive banking services to all its residents and companies or institutions.
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Cantonal Bank (“Kantonalbank”)
Description and history
The Bank was founded through the merger between the Banque Hypothecaire du Canton de Geneve, of CEG GENEVE and the Canton of Geneva’s contribution. It provides mortgage lendings and commercial loans to companies. In its capacity as a universal bank, it also participates in securities issues and investment transactions in the financial markets. The Bank’s shares were listed on Swiss Stock Exchange on August 2, 1996, under the code of 164268. The Bank is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Incorporated through the merger of CEG Genиve and Banque hypothйcaire du Canton de Genиve

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Engaged in the provision of banking services
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Quai de l’Ile, 17 – P.O. Box 2251

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1211, GENEVA 2
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