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Banque Courtois is a French company engaged as a commercial bank that, together with its subsidiaries, offers a wide range of banking and other financial services in France. The company, with registered head office located in Toulouse, France, was founded in 1760. Banque Courtois is a publicly quoted company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.
Banque Courtois offers checking and saving accounts, credit cards, electronic collections, mortgage lending, commercials and consumer loans, certificates of deposit. With a network of 82 branches throughout France, also manages assets and structures financial packages.
Business Summary
Commercial Bank
Description and history
The Bank specializes in real estate renovation and leasing. Net sales break down by activity as follows:
– real estate sales (91.9%; Fonciиre Immobiliиre Courtois): operating in Paris regions;
– business real estate leasing (8.1%): properties located in the Midi-Pyrenees and Paris regions.
The Group is also involved in holding activities (Sociйtй Toulousaine de Portefeuille) primarily in venture capital companies.
All sales are in France.
From january 1, 2000, Banque is a subsidiary of Credit du Nord.

The Company was registered in the RCS on March 25, 1975 under the the number:302 182 258 R.C.S. TOULOUSE.

Description in French
Depuis le 1er janvier 2000, La Banque fait partie d’un pйrimиtre d’intйgration fiscale dont La Sociйtй-mиre est le Crйdit du Nord.
La Banque est spйcialisй dans la rйnovation et la location immobiliиre. Le CA par activitй se rйpartit comme suit :
– activitй de marchand de biens (91,9% ; Fonciиre Immobiliиre Courtois) : activitй assurйe en rйgion parisienne ;
– location d’actifs immobiliers d’entreprise (8,1%) : actifs situйs en Midi-Pyrйnйes et en rйgion parisienne.
En outre, le groupe dйveloppe une activitй de prise de participations (Sociйtй Toulousaine de Portefeuille) principalement dans les sociйtйs de capital-risque.
L’intйgralitй du CA est rйalisйe en France
Business Line
Engaged as a commercial bank that, together with its subsidiaries, offers a wide range of banking and other financial services in France
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Rue de Remusat, 33

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