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Banque de Savoie S.A. is a publicly quoted bank which is engaged in the provision of financial and banking services. The company was incorporated in January of 1912 and has its registered business address located in Chambery Cedex, France. The company was listed on the Euronext Paris under the ticker symbol MLBDS.
The company provides banking products and services, including checking and savings account as well as various loan products, including education loan, consumer loan, property loan and life insurance. The company operates in the Rhone-Alpes region.
Banque de Savoie is a subsidiary company of HSBC France, a commercial bank. Banque de Savoie’s global ultimate owner, HSBS Holdings PLC, is a publicly quoted bank holding firm listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Business Summary
Commercial Bank
Description and history
The Bank is a commercial bank operating in the Rhфne-Alpes region. The Bank also offers realty services, primarily in the Rhфne-Alpes region, via the Sociйtй Auxiliaire Immobiliиre.
At the end of 2005, The Bank managed EUR666.6 million in current deposits and EUR536.5 million in current credits for its customers.
Products and services are marketed through a network of 56 branches.
The Bank was founded in 1912
The Bank was listed on Euronext Paris – Marche Libre on July 3, 1988.
As of Avril 1 , 2010 The ordinary shares issued by The Bank has been delisted from Marchй Libre.
Reason: Volontary repurchase offer
Banque Polulaire des Alpes informed Nyse Euronext of the number of The Bank shares held after the volontary repurchase offer at a unit price of 520 Euros : 428,136 shares, i. e 99.97% of the capital of The Bank.

Description in French
La Banque est une banque commerciale implantйe dans la rйgion Rhфne-Alpes. En outre, La Banque dйveloppe une activitй de marchand de biens, essentiellement sur la rйgion Rhфne-Alpes, au travers de la Sociйtй Auxiliaire Immobiliиre.
A fin 2005, La Banque gиre 666,6 MEUR d’encours de dйpфts et 536,5 MEUR d’encours de crйdits pour le compte de la clientиle.
La commercialisation des produits et services est assurйe au travers d’un rйseau de 56 agences.
La Banque a йtй crййe en 1912
La Banque est introduite en Euronext Paris – Marchй libre en 3 Juillet 1988.
A partir du Premier Avril 2010 , les actions йmises par La banque ont йtй radiйes du Marchй Libre.
Raison: Offre volontaire de rachat.
La Banque Populaire des Alpes a informй Nyse Euronext du nombre d’actions La Banque dйtenues suite а l’offre de rachat volontaire au prix de 520 Euros par action: 428.136 actions soit 99,97% du capital de La Banque.
En consйquence, les actions de La Banque ont йtй radiйes.
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A publicly quoted bank which is engaged in the provision of financial and banking services
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