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Byte Power Group Limited, headquartered in Newstead, Queensland, is a manufacturer and distributor of IT equipment, including software and power management equipment. The Group provides a wide range of computer hardware such as desktops, PC components, memory, networking devices, monitors, printers, notebooks, and other peripherals. The Group was established in 1987 as an investment company under the name Satrecol.
Byte Power Group provides smart IT&T facilities, products, and network management solutions, which power many of the best small, medium, and large organizations. The Group’s activities are carried out by its numerous subsidiaries, including Byte Power Pty Ltd, Power Tech Systems Pty Ltd, Byte Power Technologies Pty Ltd, Byte Power Technologies (Int’l) Pte Ltd (Singapore), Byte Power Technologies Inc. (USA) and Byte Power (Hong Kong) Limited (Hong Kong). Byte Power Technologies is a developer and marketer of intelligent management systems and turnkey solutions for the central monitoring and control of mission-critical business equipment and network infrastructure. This company has offices in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Power Tech Systems is a Melbourne-based manufacturer and distributor of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products. This company was established in 1982 with a long history in providing high performance power protection solutions to support business critical equipment. This company has offices in Sydney and Brisbane.
Byte Power Group offers online access to a range of information technology products, including computer systems, peripherals, consumables, components and other consumer items. The Group has R&D center and manufacturing facilities in Newstead, Queensland, Australia. The Group markets its products and services through a network of dealers and distributors across Australia and Southeast Asia.
Business Summary
The principal activities of the Company are manufacture, assembly, import, export, services and sale of IT&T equipment and software ; power management equipment and software ; importation, customisation, sales and support of software solutions; service and sales of UPS equipment nationally ; and develop and implement e-Kiosk solutions in different cities in China.
Description and history
Willhart is a fully integrated Facilities and Network Management solutions house, which uses intelligent proprietary technology to leverage traditional business units into new, high value areas.

We provide Australian and international customers with solutions, which range from improving the reliability of their network to the protection and management of physical assets.

Willhart integrates and fully manages all aspects of network infrastructure, including business-critical systems and commercial/industrial facilities.

We provide ‘single source’ management for the monitoring, measurement and control of operational environments as diverse as the CBD office tower, a state rail utility and a global telecommunications service.

Key components include:

Remote management and control of mission-critical business equipment and network components (both IT and non-IT);
Integration of divergent equipment from suppliers with differing operating protocols;
Power Management;
Air conditioning;
Building and Facility Management.
Mission Statement

Our over-arching strategy is to be a successful, customer driven provider of Facility and Network Management solutions.

Our underlying commitment is to build shareholder wealth and to provide our employees with a secure and challenging working environment.

Group Overview

Willhart Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX code WHL).

The group is based in Perth, Western Australia, with business units in Victoria and NSW servicing the eastern seaboard of Australia and in Petaluma, California servicing the North America market.

Since 1998, Willhart has built a substantial business base with international reach through the acquisition of major brand businesses in mechanical services, power and network management.

These include Able Air, AVED, Kelvinair, Power Tech Systems and RAMA Technologies.

Established as an investment company under the name Satrecol

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Manufacturer and distributor of IT equipment, including software and power management equipment
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