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Adler Real Estate AG is one of the German real estate companies which are engaged in asset management and commercial project development. The company, which was incorporated in July 1895, has its headquarters located in Frankfurt, Germany.
In addition to asset management, the company’s specific expertise is in the conceptual design, development, realization and marketing of ambitious construction projects, primarily on a national level. Furthermore, Adler Real Estate develops real estate products, suitable for investment funds.
Adler Real Estate has several developable properties in entire Germany at its disposal, in which it prepares for further utilization. In the Netherlands, the company participates together with its joint venture partner for 15% on the development of an important project in the vicinity of the airport of Amsterdam, Schiphol.
Adler Real Estate emerged from the tradition-rich corporate veil of the Adlerwerke in Frankfurt in the 19th century. The company is listed on Frankfurt, Berlin-Bremen, Dьsseldorf, Hamburg, and Mьnchen Stock Exchanges. In December 2005, Adler Real Estate was acquired by the American real estate investor John D. Heikenfeld.
Business Summary
The Company is a Germany-based real estate company. It provides project development services in the form of improvement, planning, development and construction; as well as, asset management services and property management services. The Company divides its activities into three lines of business: Asset and Property Management, Portfolio Properties and Commercial and Residential Project Development. Firstly, Asset and Property Management is engaged in the management of portfolios, acquisition, renting and financing. Secondly, Portfolio Properties provides acquisition and sale of properties; as well as, international and national joint venture activities. Thirdly, Commercial and Residential Project Development is engaged in acquisition of new properties; as well as, development, optimization and sale of portfolios. At the beginning of 2007, the Company acquired MUEBAU Real Estate GmbH.
Description and history
The Company is a real estate development company. It was formed from the old-established Adlerwerke of Frankfurt, in which HBAG Real Estate AG acquired a majority interest in 1999.
Important ‘mile stones’ of the Company on their journey from an industrial manufacturer to a real estate corporation:
– 2007: Listing of 5 million new shares resulting from 2006 capital increase.
– 2006: Capital increase of EUR 14 million.
– 2005: U.S. investor Mezzanine IX Investors, L.P., Atlanta took over the majority (88,8 percent) of ADLER Real Estate AG.
– 2000: Start of the real estate developing business under the leadership of the HBAG group of companies.
– 1999: HBAG Real Estate AG took over Adlerwerke AG from Philpp Holzmann AG. The Company changed its name to “ADLER Real Estate AG”.
– 1993: Sale to the group of companies Roland Ernst which was hold to 50 percent by Philipp Holzmann AG.
– 1961-87: Triumph-Adler AG changed to Litton Industrie Inc. (1961), further to Volkswagen (1979) and finally to Olivetti (1987).
– 1957: Motorcycle’s manufacture discontinued due to two-wheeler industry crisis. Merger with Triumph-Werke, Nuremberg under Grundig, manufacturing only office machinery.
– 1900: 1 Production of the first car and first motorbike. First typewriter was produced after patent application.
– 1895: Re-naming in Adler-Fahrradwerke AG.
– 1880: Founded as velocipede operation by Heinrich Kleyer (1853-1932). Beginning of the industrial production of bikes.

Description in German
Die ADLER Real Estate AG ist ein Immobilienunternehmen, das auf Grundlage hoher Kompetenz substanzstarkes und renditeorientiertes Immobiliengeschдft entwickelt und realisiert. Das Unternehmen konzentriert sich dabei vornehmlich auf ertragreiche Immobilieninvestments.

Mit Umsicht werden interessante Immobilien im Markt exploriert. Bei grцЯeren Investitionen in Portfolios geht die ADLER Real Estate AG gezielt strategische Partnerschaften bzw. Joint Ventures ein. Die Tochtergesellschaft Mьnchener Baugesellschaft konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung und den Verkauf von Grundstьcken zum Wohnungsbau.

Hervorgegangen ist die ADLER Real Estate AG aus den traditionsreichen Frankfurter Adlerwerken, deren Geschichte bis in das 19. Jahrhundert zurьckreicht. Die Aktien des Unternehmens sind an den Bцrsen in Frankfurt, Mьnchen, Hamburg, Dьsseldorf und Berlin notiert und werden im Geregelten Markt gehandelt.
Business Line
Engaged in asset management and commercial project development
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