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CBD Energy Limited, formerly known as CBD Online Limited, is an Australian-based, industrial services group principally engaged in the provision of energy and mechanical services. It was incorporated in 1999 and has its registered head office in Kew, Australia.
Through CBD Energy’s wholly owned subsidiaries, it operates in two segments: energy efficiency solutions and mechanical services solutions. The Energy Efficiency Solutions segment is operated by Capacitor Technologies Pty Ltd. and Remote Area Power Systems Pty Ltd. Capacitor Technologies Pty Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of power factor correction equipments, harmonic filters, and reactors. It also provides electrical components as well as energy consulting services. Remote Area Power Systems Pty Ltd, provides renewable power technology to reduce diesel and overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Efficiency Solutions segment is operated by Parmac Airconditioning Pty Ltd, which provides a range of mechanical services and air- conditioning services installation.
CBD Energy’s has various projects such as wind turbines, steam turbine, diesel generators, and solon mover. It has established partnerships with SOLON AG, a German company which develops and produces systems technology for photovoltaic plants; and Hydro Tasmania, a government-owned company involved in generating power.
Business Summary
The principal activities of the company are energy management services, solutions and products.

On 9th January 2003, the company has changed name to CBD Energy Limited.
Description and history
CBD Online Limited was originally formed in 1999 to create building-specific web sites for commercial properties. Since then the company has expanded its product offering and now operates the following 2 divisions;

a) Property Management Hardware Division which incorporating the Ventronics energy saving products

b) Property Management Software Division which incorporating the e-business and e-residential products

On the 9th January 2003, the company has changed name from CBD Online Limited to CBD Energy Limited.

CBD Energy Limited is an industrial services group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CBD). It comprises two divisions. Parmac is a mechanical services and air conditioning contractor specialising in the commercial and industrial sector. It builds, services and maintains high quality systems. Capacitor Technologies provides power quality solutions to the commercial and industrial sector. Services provided are power factor correction, auditing, power systems integration and consultancy on power systems.

The company is a listed public company, incorporated and operating in Australia and Hong Kong, its shares are listed on Australia Stock Exchange on June 29, 1988.

Business Line
Engaged in the provision of energy and mechanical services
A.C.N. 086 311 051 PTY LTD
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Phone: +61 2 9363 9910
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Website url: www.cbdenergy.com.au