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Company Overview
The company is a Vietnam-based private enterprise engaged in the manufacture of fiber optic cable, electric cable and insulated electric wire, telephone equipment, PVC pipes, and fiber glass and fiber optics. It is also involved in the production of electricity and mining of copper ore. The company was incorporated in the year 2003. Its registered business office is based in Quang Nam City, Vietnam.
The company operates under the supervision and management of Trang Cong Dinh, who is the company’s chairman of the board of governors. It is also affiliated with Cong Ty Tnhh Kiem Toan Va Ke Toan ACC, which serves as the company’s auditor.
Business Summary
The Company is a Vietnam-based company technological equipment manufacturer. The Company primarily manufactures and markets electrical cables and wires; as well as, optical fiber cables and other cables specialized for telecommunication operations. It also engages in production of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) plastic equipments and pipes. The Company has presence in manufacturing of construction materials, mainly bricks for flooring and roofing work; as well as, minor activities of rubber plantation and processing, mining, construction and wind power.
Description and history
The Company was established in July 2003 with initial charter capital is VND 6,000,000,000, contributed by shareholders.
From 2003 to 2004, the Corporation has dealt service OEM, imported telecom cables from Korea for sales on the market with an aim at building and popularizing trade-mark VIET-HAN CABLE. At the same time, the Company carried out investing equipments, machineries and building workshops.
During first six months of year 2005, the Corporation prepared infrastructure, equipment, facilities to complete construction project of the first telecom cable factory in the area of Central Vietnam. The whole assembly line for manufacturing telecom cables of the Company was imported from Phelps Dodge International Group, one of the famous and largest groups in the USA, specializing in exploiting cores, manufacturing wires and cables.
To the end of June 2005, the investment and installation of assembly line completed. However, in order to assure product quality, the Corporation carried out commissioning for two months. The whole manufacture technology procedure was strictly controlled and managed as per the USA standards, in conformity with Industry Standards TCN 68-132: 1998 of General Department of Post-Office of Vietnam (now called Ministry of Information and Communication).
Till September 2005, the Corporation’ products were officially present on markets. All kinds of cables that the Corporation put on sales had been issued Certificate of Standard Conformity by Department of Postal – Telecom Quality Control and Information Technology (now called Ministry of Information and Communication).
At the aim of enhancing business capacity of the Corporation, in January of 2006, General Meeting of the Shareholders of Viet-Han Corporation passed project of increasing charter capital, at the same time called for capital contribution from new shareholders in order to strengthen financial potential and broaden business market of the Corporation. In 2004, the Corporation increased charter capital from VND 6 billion up to VND 11 billion, then continuously increased up to VND40 billion in the end of 2006. In this year, the Corporation continuously invested and enlarged manufacture in double capacity of initially invested equipment. Regular General Meeting of the Shareholders in 2006 decided to increase charter capital of the Corporation up to VND 225 billion in order to reconstruct the capital, invest in enlarging productivity and carrying out projects such as project of capital contribution in Viet-Han plastic factory, project of optical cables factory, project of optic fibers factory, Fiber Reinforce Polymer (FRP) factory, project of electric copper clad aluminum wire and cable factory (CCA), projects of industrial and service zones, buildings, project of Nam Hoi An tourist town. The Resolution of the first Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in 2007 dated April 12, 2007 was passed and approved of issuing more VND 25 billion of shares to increase charter capital up to VND 250 billion.
In April 2007, the Company entered into a strategic cooperation contract with Indochina Capital, one of the big Fund management group in Vietnam that has financial capacity, experiences in management, thorough knowledge on Vietnam market and ability of promoting investment. Following this Cooperation Contract, Indochina Capital purchased 15% of shares of Viet-Han Corporation and became a member of Board of Directors of Viet-Han Corporation. Indochina Capital has supported the Company in setting up business strategy in the future.
The business registration License no. 3303070039 dated July 14, 2003 was issued by Planning & Investment Department of Quang Nam and the 5th exchange was on July 7, 2007.
The Company is currently listed on HOSE under the symbol ‘VHG’.

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture of fiber optic cable, electric cable and insulated electric wire, telephone equipment, PVC pipes, and fiber glas and fiber optics

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Lot 4
KCN Dien Nam – Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone
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Phone: +84 510 946946
Fax: +84 510 946 333
Country address: VIETNAM
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