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A privately held state-owned company which was established in the year 1990 for the purpose of developing the infrastructure of the industrial zone in Dong Nai province. The company is involved in the following business: industrial zone real estate; construction and materials production; port, warehouse, and transportation; and production and clear water supply. It has developed industrial estate and residential areas such as the BienHoa Industrial Zone I, Giang Dien Industrial Park, Xuan loc Industrial Zone, and the ChauDuc Industrial Urban Area. Its offered construction materials include sand, bricks, tiles, ready mixed concrete, as well as high-level tiles. In its port, warehouse, and transportation department, the company operates the Long Binh Tan Terminal, Go Dau A Port, Go Dau B Port, and the Dong Nai Port. In addition, the company supplies clean water for agriculture and urban activities in Dong Nai province. The company has its registered office in Tam an Commune, Vietnam.
Business Summary
The Company is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the real estate operations sector. The Company is principally engaged in constructing, trading and leasing houses, offices and warehouses in residential and industrial areas. In addition, it is involved in the provision of services of waste water treatment, tourist and entertainment.
Description and history
After acquiring Sonadezi Real Estate Shareholding Company at the beginning of 2006, Sonadezi Long Thanh Shareholding Company has widely spread its business of constructing, trading and leasing houses in residential areas. At the moment, Sonadezi Long Thanh keeps control on 4 residential areas, including:
Phuoc Lai residential area: the total area of 8,155m2, located in Long Binh Tan Ward, about 500 m from Highway No.51, right on the side of the asphalted road which is about 6-7m wide leading to Dong Nai River from Highway No.51.
Trang Bom residential area: invested by Sonadezi Long Thanh, with the total area of 1.45 ha, is a part of residential area in the master plan of Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province. Trang Bom residential area, located along Highway No.1, is designed to build 69 street houses and 20 villas with gardens. Each street house has an average area of 68-171 square meters while each villa is of 240-260 square meters. At present, Sonadezi Long Thanh is on a good process of investing and trading in this residential area. The total number of 43 street houses was sold out.
Tam An residential area: Together with investment and development of Long Thanh IP, one of the large-scale IPs of the province located in Tam An Commune of Long Thanh District, Tam An residential area is built to meet the demand of accommodation for employees, government officials and experts who are working in this IP. Tam An residential area provides a variety of accommodation for different types of beneficiaries, including apartments for workers, street houses and villas. Besides a good and convenient infrastructure system, Tam An residential area also provides other public services such as education, public administration, recreational and commercial centers. Tam An residential area is bounded by Internal Road No.21 in the East, Long Thanh IP in the West with a green band in between the Tam An reallocation residential area in the South and Gate 2 of Long Thanh IP in the North. Opposite of the residential region is a park of about 90 ha in area. Tam An residential region covers an area of 35.7 ha. Up till now, the work of compensation and clearing the ground in Tam An residential area has been finished. In 2008, the Company is going to speed up the investment in developing infrastructure and housing business in this project.
An Binh 2 residential area:
In the inheritance of success and experience from the work of building and trading in An Binh residential area of Sonadezi Corporation, Sonadezi Long Thanh has carried out the project of building An Binh 2 residential area located near An Binh residential area. The area covers 7,217.6 m2 within the master plan of residential area of An Binh ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province. It is bounded by existing residential areas in the north and the south, the then-to-build road in the east and Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Park in the west. This project includes 48 street houses, of which 11 were sold by September 2007.
The Company’s common stock was listed on Ho Chi Minh Securities Trading Center since September 9, 2008 under the symbol ‘SZL’.

Was established for the purpose of developing the infrastructure of the industrial zone in Dong Nai province

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Industrial zone real estate; construction and materials production; port, warehouse, and transportation; and production and clear water supply

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Long Thаnh Industrial Zone, Long Thanh District

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