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The company is a full service firm, which is primarily engaged in the acquisition, management, development, sale and rental of real estates. It is a publicly quoted company incorporated in May 2008 and has a registered head office located in Frankfurt, Germany.
The company offers a range of real estate services, such as buying, selling and developing residential and commercial real estate properties and unused lands; technical real estate project consultation, real estate brokerage, valuation and consulting; trading in various construction equipment and materials, and real estate and contracting activities, especially in construction and maintenance. It serves a diversified group of companies in public and private sectors.
Business Summary
The Company focuses on acquisition and renting of high class residential building and industrial real estate in the metropolitan area of Berlin, including the districts Grunewald and Waltersdorf. Furthermore, it is involved in Property Management and Project Development, including demolition of buildings, development of new buildings as well as renovation of buildings. The company’s portfolio comprises 1,263.86 square meters rentable space, 3,422.00 square meters land, 681.29 square meters industrial space and 582.57 square meters living space. As of December 31, 2008 the Company also operated through its wholly owned subsidiary Aequum Immobilien GmbH.
Description and history
CR Capital Real Estate AG is a Germany company that is involved in the real estate sector. Established in May 2008, the company targets the high end of the property market in Greater Berlin. 60 % of the property portfolio consists of residentials. The company intends to enlarge the percentage of residentials substantially.The company invests in new residential buildings and in redevelopment of old residential properties. The headoffice is in Berlin, Germany.
The company’s share was listed on Frankfurt Stock exchange from Sep 01,2009 under ISIN DE000A0WMQ53.

Description in German
Der operative Fokus der Firmen liegt derzeit auf dem Management hochwertiger Wohn- und Gewerbeimmobilien an Standorten im GroЯraum Berlin. Die im Mai 2008 gegrьndete CR Capital Real Estate AG konzentriert sich auf das gehobene Immobiliensegment im GroЯraum,Berlin.
Den Anteil der Wohnimmobilien im Portfolio wollen Sie steigern, denn Cashflows aus Wohnmieten liefern uns konstante und weitgehend konjunkturunabhдngige Einnahmen.
Business Line
Engaged in the acquisition, management, development, sale and rental of real estates

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Hubertusallee 73

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14193, BERLIN
Phone: +49 30 8972 72 48
Fax: +49 30 8972 73 03
Country address: GERMANY
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