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Company Overview
CSM NV is an international operating company primarily engaged in the development, production, sale and distribution of bakery supplies and food ingredients. CSM is a company with its roots in sugar beet. Back in 1919, CSM started as a Dutch sugar manufacturer. The company’s headquarters is located in Diemen, Netherlands.
CSM NV has four main divisions: sugar, honing, food and biochemical. Through its divisions, the company operates in the business-to-business market (bakery ingredients and products, lactic acid and sugar) and, to a lesser extent, the consumer market (sugar). The company manufactures and sells a wide range of products including bakery supplies, lactic acid and sugar.
CSM NV is the world’s largest bakery supplier and global leader in the market for lactic acid and derivatives. The company has a number two position in the Dutch sugar market and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam N.V. The company aims to achieve profitable expansion through both autonomous growth and acquisitions while maintaining a sound financial position.
CSM NV is a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), a Switzerland-based association which was formally established under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code with a governance structure that ensures fair representation of all stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain.
CSM NV’s operations are mainly based in Europe and North America, but also in South America and Asia.
Business Summary
the Company is a food processing group organized around two product families:
– bakery supplies (86.1%): No. 1 worldwide for ingredients, semi-finished products, and finished products intended for bakeries, pastry chefs, and large distribution chains;
– biochemical products (13.9%): lactic acid, gluconic acid, etc. (products marketed under the Purac name).
Sales are distributed geographically as follows: The Netherlands (3.9%), Europe (39.8%), North America (50.8%) and other (5.5%).
Description and history
The Company is an internationally operating company engaged in the development, production, sale and distribution of food products and ingredients.
1871: Van Loon & Sons sugar producer and refinery is funded.
1882: Wester Suikerraffinaderik in Amsterdam and Hollandsche Fabriek van Melkproducten en Voedingsmiddelen (Hollandia) are founded.
1890: NV Beetwortelsuikerfabrik De Mark is founded by Joannes Petrus van Rossum.
1908: De Mark merges into NV Algemeene Suiker-Maatschappij (Asmij).
1915: Wester acquires Asmij and Van Rossum is named the commercial director.
1919: Wester leads a three-way merger with Van Loon and Hollandia to create The Company .
1920: The company acquires a refinery in Belgium and begins buying refineries in Poland.
1924: The Company builds two factories in England and acquires a sugar refinery in Liverpool.
1927: The Company adds a third factory in England.
1935: The Company undergoes restructuring, including the sale of all foreign operations.
1937: The Company acquires the Dutch-based jam and conserves company, Taminiau te Elst.
1946: A research facility is established for developing sugar-based chemicals and products.
1958: Taminiau te Elst is sold.
1968: The biochemicals division is merged with Schiedamse Melkzuurfabriek, which forms the basis of the later Purac division.
1978: The Company acquires Koninklijke Scholten Honig (KSH) as part of its diversification into food ingredients.
1979: The Company begins a restructuring of its sugar refinery operations, shutting down its smaller refineries.
1986: The Company begins a new diversification into confectionery, starting with the purchase of Red Band Venco.
1990: Droste chocolates is acquired.
1993: The Company begins to acquire bakery supplies companies.
1997: The Company restructures confectionery to focus on sugar-based confectionery and sells Droste; Scandinavia’s Malaca is acquired.
1999: Leaf Europe is acquired.
2000: Continental Sweets is acquired; Unilever’s European Bakery Supplies Division is acquired.
2003: The Company acquires Unilever’s Hungarian Bakery business, parts of Friesland Coberco’s bakery division, and Carpro (Caravan Products and HC Brill).
2004: The Company announces plans to refocus its European confectionery brands in order to create a smaller number of international brands

Started as a Dutch sugar manufacturer

Business Line
Development, production and wholesale distribution of bakery supplies and food ingredients
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