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Dassault Systemes SA, with headquarters in Suresnes, France, is a publicly quoted company engaged in the development, distribution, and provision of integrated software products, solutions, and services using three-dimensional (3D) digital technology. The company was created in 1981 as a member of the Dassault Group (Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault S.A.) – French group of companies led by Serge Dassault.
The company operates in two segments: Process-Centric and Design-Centric. The Process-Centric segment provides product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions. The company is the world leader for PLM using the power of three-dimensional (3D) representation. This segment’s solutions include CATIA for product design, DELMIA for production, SIMULIA for engineering through testing, ENOVIA for collaborative environment, and SMARTEAM for enterprise product data management. The company through Spatial Corp., distributes its PLM infrastructure under Component Application Architecture V5 development platform name. The Design-centric segment focuses on product design solutions. This segment addresses the Mainstream 3D market under SolidWorks brand. It provides SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software; SolidWorks Office Professional that manages SolidWorks product data for the individual or work group; and SolidWorks Office Premium, which provides product design, teams with design engineering, data management, and communications tools. In addition, the company offers services related to its software products and solutions, such as direct support to customers, technological consulting services, and hardware resale activities.
The company offers its products through direct sales force and independent resellers worldwide. It has 146 offices and sales agencies in 27 countries including the United States, Canada, the Russian Federation, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, and Switzerland. The company’s customers include Koito Manufacturing, Sanyo Machine Works, Dassault Aviation, Integral Powertrain, Securistyle, Maschio Group, Pratt & Whitney Canada, ARC International, Serra Soldadura, Toyota Motorsport GmbH, Nissan diesel motor, Volvo Trucks, Estech, Grandsoleil, and Duarte.
The company has strategic partnership with IBM; MSC.Software Corporation; Nihon Unisys, Ltd.; Hitachi Zosen Information Systems Co., Ltd. (HZS); LMS International; ESI Group; Hewlett Packard; Microsoft; Intel; Volvo IT; Dell Inc. and others.
Business Summary
The Group provides Product Lifecycle Management software solutions (PLM) using the power of three-dimensional (3D) representation. The Group is also offering its expertise in 3D technologies to an ever-expanding customer base.
Description and history
The Group provides Product Lifecycle Management software solutions (PLM) using the power of three-dimensional (3D) representation. The Group is also offering its expertise in 3D technologies to an ever-expanding customer base. Net sales break down by product and service as follows:
– software (83.2%): product process optimization software and 3D design software for the following markets: general mechanical, automotive, aeronautics, consumer goods, electricity, and electronics, and factory design and naval construction;
– other (16.8%): technological consulting, assistance, maintenance, and training services, as well as digital equipment resale.
Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (14.3%), Europe (32.5%), Americas (30.8%) and Asia/Pacific (22.4%).

The Group markets its solutions in more than 60 countries, relying on the know-how of IBM, its strategic partner for more than 20 years, through a network of distribution partnerships and a direct sales force for certain products.
Dassault Systemes first created CATIA, which ranks as one of the most pervasive 3D modeling software in the world. The Company then expanded its product line by proposing an integrated 3D Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution with DELMIA, its manufacturing process definition and simulation software package. ENOVIA and SMARTEAM complete the 3D PLM offering, enabling companies to manage all product-related data and components by sharing best practices throughout the enterprise.
3D PLM solutions allow companies to create and simulate simple, everyday objects (for example, bottles or lingerie) as well as infinitely more complex systems, such as ships, aircraft or industrial facilities.
3D representation is an exceptional means of communication which allows everyone involved in a project – engineers, finance officers, production teams, marketing strategists, suppliers – to contribute, together, from their own offices and in real time, to the completion of a project, thus ensuring a truly efficient and rational organization.
SolidWorks leverages this technology to help a large number of 2D users make the transition to 3D modeling techniques. This focus on increasing the availability of 3D solutions is also shared by SPATIAL, one of the world’s leading suppliers of 3D software components.

Since it was created in 1981, Dassault Systemes has helped its industrial customers maximize product design and development. First used to design complex shapes, 3D enables now to design and manufacture products creating digital mockups definition. Today, Dassault Systemes anticipates the industrial processes of tomorrow, with solutions that provide a 3D view of a product’s lifecycle, from creation to maintenance, including manufacturing and startup.

Dassault Systиmes: Expands its 25-year partnership with IBM whereby IBM sells DS’s expanded PLM portfolio and DS assumes management of the indirect sales channel
Introduces Version 5 Release 17 (V5 R17) of its PLM suite
Completes the acquisition of leading provider of collaborative PLM solutions MatrixOne, which is incorporated into the new global PLM Collaborative Environment portfolio under the ENOVIA brand name
Announces PLM sourcing solution ENOVIA V5 Collaborative Enterprise Sourcing (CES), bringing engineering and sourcing together in one collaborative environment
Acquires ABAQUS, the leader in nonlinear finite element analysis software, and unveils SIMULIA, an open platform enabling the integration of all types of simulation applications
Acquires Virtools, the leading provider of comprehensive software development solutions for building highly interactive 3D content
Concludes a strategic partnership with i2, designed to develop new generation of 3D-based sourcing solutions
Introduces Version 5 Release 15 (V5 R15) and 16 (V5 R16) of its PLM suite
Establishes a strategic partnership with Boeing, creating the Global Collaborative Environment (GCE) virtual platform for Boeing and its suppliers for the development of the revolutionary new 787 Dreamliner
Creates a joint venture with Rand Americas for North American sales, and aquires five RAND Worldwide European subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom for European sales
Creates the new DELMIA Automation set of solutions and establishes strategic partnerships with Schneider Electric and Omron
Introduces Version 5 Release 13 (V5 R13) and 14 (V5 R14) of its PLM suite
Announces strategic partnership with Gehry Technologies or development of Product PLM solutions for the building industry
Wins major automotive industry contracts (BMW Group, Ford Motor Company) and aerospace industry contracts (AVIC, ENAER, Liebherr)
Is placed in the leader category of the PLM Magic Quadrant study from Gartner Inc.
Introduces two new releases (R11, R12) of the Version 5 PLM suite
Signs an agreement with IBM to implement a joint sales and marketing growth plan to prepare for the expanding PLM market
Wins contracts with Toyota Motor Corporation and Volvo Group
Acquires Structural Research and Analysis Corporation (SRAC), enabling Dassault Systиmes to provide 3D computer-aided engineering solutions to all users
Acquires the consulting and services business of Alliance Commerciale Technologies (ACT), a key player in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consultancy and service engineering
Wins Sony Corporation contract – Home Network Company – Home Visual Company
Launches DELMIA from Delmia Corp. with participation from Delmia GmbH and Safework, and acquires the companies EAI-DELTA and Les Consultants Gйnicom
Acquires Spatial, a leading developer of 3D software components
Wins a contract with Airbus S.A. for deployment of CATIA V5
Purchases Matra Datavision development laboratory; establishes DS Provence
Acquires a majority interest in Smart Solutions Ltd. (former name of SmarTeam Corporation Ltd.) to strenghten PDM capabilities
Launches Dassault Systиmes AG in Germany
Launches Version 5 of CATIA for native Windows NT and UNIX platforms
Purchases IBM product data management (PDM) assets and establishes Enovia Corp.
Acquires Deneb, a leading provider of digital manufacturing solutions
Acquires SolidWorks, a chief developer of mechanical design solutions
Conducts a successful initial public offering of common stock that begins trading on the Nasdaq and Paris stock exchanges
Makes CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 available on multiple platforms (HP, SGI and Sun Microsystems)
Bernard Charlиs becomes President of Dassault Systиmes
Introduces CATIA-CADAM Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) Plant Solutions
Creates Dassault Systиmes Kabushiki Kaisha (DS K.K.) in Tokyo, Japan
Introduces CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4
Purchases CADAM from IBM and from it creates Dassault Systиmes of America Corp.
Launches CATIA Version 3, with AEC functionality on UNIX and mainframe platforms
CATIA becomes the world’s leading application for automotive design
Secures Boeing as a CATIA user
Introduces CATIA Version 2, which integrates 2D and 3D functions
CATIA becomes the world’s leading application for aeronautical design
Introduces CATIA Version 1 as an add-on product for 3D design, surface modeling and NC programming
Creates worldwide partnership with IBM to market, sell and promote CATIA solutions
Begins working with major automobile manufacturers – BMW, Mercedes and Honda
Prior to the creation of Dassault Systиmes:

Avions Marcel Dassault (AMD) creates Dassault Systиmes in order to develop new generations of CATIA; Charles Edelstenne and Francis Bernard set up the company
AMD develops CAD/CAM Software in 3D, which later becomes known as CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application)
IBM sells, markets, and supports CADAM
Avions Marcel Dassault (AMD) becomes first CADAM customer
Lockheed develops CADAM (Computer-Augmented Drafting and Manufacturing), a system of CAD/CAM in 2D

Created as a member of the Dassault Group

Description in French
La Sociйtй est le leader mondial du dйveloppement et de la commercialisation de logiciels de gestion du cycle de vie des produits. Le CA par famille de produits et services se rйpartit comme suit :
– logiciels (86,5%) : logiciels d’optimisation des processus de production et logiciels de conception en 3D destinйs aux marchйs de la mйcanique gйnйrale, de l’automobile, de l’aйronautique, des biens de consommation, de l’йlectricitй et de l’йlectronique, et de la conception d’usines et de la construction navale ;
– autres (13,5%) : services de conseil technologique, d’assistance, de maintenance et de formation, et revente de matйriel informatique.
La rйpartition gйographique du CA est la suivante : France (11,7%), Europe (34,8%), Amйriques (30,7%) et Asie-Pacifique (22,8%).

Depuis sa crйation en 1981, le Groupe a accompagnй ses clients industriels en rйvolutionnant le processus de conception et de dйveloppement de leurs produits. Utilisйe dans un premier temps pour concevoir des formes complexes, la 3D a ensuite rendu possible la rйalisation d’une maquette numйrique. Aujourd’hui, Dassault Systиmes anticipe les processus industriels de demain, avec des solutions qui offrent une vision 3D de l’ensemble du cycle de vie d’un produit, depuis sa conception jusqu’а sa maintenance, en passant par sa production et sa mise en service.

Lancement de 3DVIA, pour vivre des expйriences en-ligne en 3D, comme dans la vie rйelle
Annonce son intention d’acquйrir ICEM
IBM et Dassault Systиmes йtendent leur partenariat qui les lie depuis 25 ans, IBM commercialisant un portefeuille йtendu de solutions PLM dйveloppйes par Dasault Systиmes tandis que Dassault Systиmes gиre le rйseau de ventes indirect
Acquisition de la sociйtй MatrixOne, leader dans le domaine des solutions PLM pour la chaоne de valeur, dont l’offre est incorporйe dans le portefeuille ENOVIA
Annonce de la solution ENOVIA Collaborative Enterprise Sourcing (CES), suite logicielle regroupant des fonctions d’approvisionnement et d’ingйnierie au sein d’un environnement collaboratif unique
Mise sur le marchй de la mise а jour 17 des solutions PLM de la Version 5 : V5 R17
Acquisition de la sociйtй ABAQUS, leader dans le domaine des logiciels d’analyse non linйaire par йlйments finis et annonce du dйveloppement de SIMULIA, plate-forme ouverte pour l’intйgration de tous types d’applications de simulation
Acquisition de la sociйtй Virtools, leader des solutions de dйveloppement de contenu intйractif riche en 3D
Partenariat avec i2 afin de dйvelopper des solutions d’approvisionnement (sourcing)
Mise sur le marchй des mises а jour 15 et 16 des solutions PLM de la Version 5 (V5 R15 et V5 R16)
Partenariat stratйgique avec Boeing pour la crйation d’un environnement collaboratif global, espace de dйveloppement virtuel pour le 787 de Boeing et ses fournisseurs
Crйation d’une co-entreprise (Rand Americas) pour les ventes en Amйrique du Nord et acquisition de cinq filiales europйennes de RAND Worldwide en Allemagne, Russie, Suиde, Suisse et au Royaume-Uni pour les ventes en Europe
Crйation d’une nouvelle gamme de produits : DELMIA Automation, dйdiйe au secteur de l’automatisation. Partenariats stratйgiques avec Schneider Electric et Omron
Mise sur le marchй de deux mises а jour des solutions PLM : V5 R13 et V5 R14
Partenariat stratйgique avec Gehry Technologies pour le dйveloppement de solutions PLM pour l’industrie du bвtiment
Signature d’importants contrats PLM, notamment dans le secteur de l’automobile (groupe BMW, Ford Motor) et dans celui de l’aйronautique (AVIC, ENAER, Liebherr)
Positionnement parmi les leaders du Magic Quadrant, йtude rйalisйe par le Gartner Group, cabinet d’йtudes et de conseils spйcialisй dans les nouvelles technologies
Mise sur le marchй de deux mises а jour des solutions PLM : V5 R11 et V5 R12
Mise en place, avec IBM, d’un plan ambitieux dans le domaine de la vente et du marketing visant le marchй а forte croissance du PLM
Signature de contrats avec Toyota Motor Corporation et le groupe Volvo pour le dйploiement des solutions PLM de Dassault Systиmes
Acquisition de la sociйtй Structural Research and Analysis Corporation (SRAC) permettant а Dassault Systиmes de fournir des solutions 3D d’ingйnierie assistйe par ordinateur, а tout type d’utilisateurs
Acquisition de l’activitй conseil et services de la sociйtй Alliance Commerciale Technologies (ACT), acteur clй dans le domaine du PLM
Lancement de DELMIA par la sociйtй Delmia Corp. (anciennement Deneb) et avec la participation des sociйtйs Delmia GmbH et Safework, suite а l’acquisition des sociйtйs EAI-DELATA (ancien nom de Delmia GmbH) et ‘Les Consultants Gйnicom’ (ancien nom de Safework)
Acquisition de Spatial, leader du dйveloppement de composants logiciels 3D
Signature d’un contrat avec Airbus S.A. pour le dйploiement de CATIA V5
Achat du laboratoire de dйveloppement de Matra Datavision et crйation de Dassault Systиmes Provence
Prise de participation majoritaire dans la sociйtй Smart Solutions Ltd. (actuellement SmarTeam Corporation Ltd.) afin de renforcer les capacitйs de l’entreprise dans le secteur de la gestion des donnйes produit (PDM)
Mise sur le marchй de la Version 5 de CATIA, dйveloppйe pour les plateformes Windows NT et UNIX
Crйation d’Enovia Corp. suite а l’achat des actifs PDM d’IBM
Acquisition de Deneb, un leader sur le marchй des solutions d’entreprise numйrique
Acquisition de SolidWorks, un des principaux dйveloppeurs des solutions de conception mйcanique
Introduction en bourse sur les marchйs de Paris (1er marchй) et New York (Nasdaq)
Disponibilitй multi-plate-formes de la Version 4 des solutions CATIA-CADAM (HP, SGI et Sun Microsystems)
Bernard Charlиs devient Directeur gйnйral de Dassault Systиmes
Mise sur le marchй des solutions de construction d’usines CATIA-CADAM Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC)
Crйation de Dassault Systиmes Kabushiki Kaisha (DS K.K.) а Tokyo (Japon)
Mise sur le marchй de la Version 4 des solutions CATIA-CADAM
Crйation de Dassault Systиmes of America Corp. suite а l’achat de CADAM auprиs d’IBM
Mise sur le marchй de la Version 3 de CATIA, comportant des fonctions d’AEC, et disponible sur les plates-formes UNIX et sur ordinateur central
CATIA devient le logiciel applicatif leader dans le secteur de la conception automobile
Boeing devient utilisateur CATIA
Mise sur le marchй de la Version 2 de CATIA, intйgrant des fonctions 2D/3D
CATIA devient le logiciel applicatif leader dans le secteur aйronautique
Mise sur le marchй de la Version 1 de CATIA, produit additionnel dйdiй а la conception en 3D, la modйlisation de surfaces et la commande numйrique
Crйation de Dassault Systиmes et signature d’un accord de partenariat avec IBM pour mettre sur le marchй, vendre et promouvoir les solutions CATIA au niveau internationnal
Premiers contrats avec de grands constructeurs automobiles : BMW, Mercedes et Honda
Antйrieur а la crйation de Dassault Systиmes : La sociйtй ‘Avions Marcel Dassault’ (AMD) dйcide de crйer Dassault Systиmes afin de dйvelopper de nouvelles gйnйrations du logiciel CATIA; Charles Edelstenne et Francis Bernard sont chargйs de crйer la nouvelle sociйtй
AMD dйveloppe un logiciel CAO/CFAO en 3D qui deviendra par la suite CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application)
IBM vend, met sur le marchй et supporte CADAM
La sociйtй ‘Avions Marcel Dassault’ (AMD) devient le premier client CADAM
Lockheed dйveloppe le logiciel CADAM (Computer-Augmented Drafting and Manufacturing) un systиme de CAO/CFAO en 2D

Description in Italian
Dassault Systemes e un leader riconosciuto e mondiale in CAD/CAM/CAE e PDM II. La societa fu fondata nel 1981 con la missione per offrire soluzioni per abilitare clienti per costruire la loro Impresa Digitale, definendo simulando, mentre maneggiando ed ottimizzando concomitantemente prodotto, processo manifatturiero, pianta ed operazione di prodotto. Dassault Systemes consegna processo-centric soluzioni su Unix e l’ambiente di Windows NT per clienti industriali e notevoli e fornitori attraverso CATIA-CADAM e le linee dei prodotti di ENOVIA che sono introdotte sul mercato con successo distribuito e sostenne mondiale da IBM. Dassault Systemes ha acquisito SolidWorks che provvede disegno-centric soluzioni su Windows per ingegneri di corrente principale che hanno bisogno di capacita di modellistica solide ed economiche. Dassault Systemes acquise anche Deneb, il provveditore riconosciuto di condurre soluzioni manifatturiere e digitali.
Business Line
Development, distribution, and provision of integrated software products, solutions, and services using three-dimensional (3D) digital technology
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