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Dynea AS, with registered office in Lillestrom, Norway, is a private company that is principally engaged in the manufacture of glue and adhesives for industrial applications in, for example, chipboards, furniture, parquetry flooring and laminated beams, as well as additives for paint and varnish. It also manufactures plastics in primary forms. The company was established in 1947.
Dynea is present in the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Denmark through its subsidiary companies.
Business Summary
Dyno is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial explosives. It’s Chemicals Group manufactures adhesives, resins, various speciality chemicals, products for the medical and Pharmaceutical industries, plastics for packaging, technical products for the automotive and electronics industries and products for the finishing and aquaculture industries.
The Finance and Real Estate Group is responsible for Dyno’s financial investments and borrowing, and for the development and management of real estate which is not bound up in the Corporation’s own industrial activities.
Description and history
Dyno Industrier AS is a Norwegian-based international chemicals corporation with operations in over thirty countries all over the world. Dyno is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial explosives. Its explosives business also includes the sale of technology, defence products, and the manufacture of technical grade ammonium nitrate. Dyno’s Chemicals Group manufactures adhesives for the wood-processing industry, resins for the paint and varnish industries, and various speciality chemicals. A new business area, based on microscopic plastic spheres, consists of products for the medical and
pharmaceutical industries, and for use in biotechnology and microbiology. Dyno is one of the largest plastics processing concerns in the Nordic countries. The plastic group concentrates on packaging, technical products for the automotive and electronics industries, and products for the finishing and aquaculture industries. The Finance and Real Estate Group is responsible for Dyno’s financial investments and borrowing, and for the development and management of real estate which is not bound up in the Corporation’s own industrial activities. Dyno is organised as a number of separate business areas.
Dyno’s explosives business, Dyno Nobel, represents just over half of the corporation’s total turnover worldwide. Together, Dyno’s six chemicals business areas account for around a third of the corporation’s total turnover. Dynoplast accounts for 14% of the corporation’s total turnover. Dyno Nobel, the name of Dyno’s global explosives business, is one of the world’s two leading manufacturers of commercial explosives and initiation systems. The explosives business also includes defence products. Dyno Nobel is organised in three business areas: Dyno Nobel Americas, Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific and Dyno Nobel Europe.
Dyno Nobel represents just over half of the corporation’s total turnover worldwide. Dyno Nobel supplies a range of manufactured packaged explosives, bulk explosives, initiation systems, accessories and services to the customer, as well as technical grade ammonium nitrate. Packaged products include dynamite, emulsions and watergels. Bulk explosives include emulsions, ammonium nitrate prills and ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil blend). Dyno Nobel manufactures electrical and non-electrical (NONEL?) detonators and connector systems. Among the main customer groups are minerals and metals mining, quarrying and the building and civil engineering industries. Dyno Nobel Europe has its strongest foothold in Scandinavia. It also has extensive global export activities, including joint ventures serving Eastern Europe. Dyno Nobel Europe has its head offices in Oslo, Norway. Its main production units are in Norway and Sweden. Dyno Nobel Americas has an extensive network of distributors who provide products and services. Production takes place in the USA, Mexico, Chile and Peru. Its main market is North America, though activities in South America are increasing. Dyno Nobel Americas has its head offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific has operations throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, with production units in Australia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific has its head offices in Sydney, Australia. Dyno Coating Resins develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high performance alkyds and saturated polyesters for the coatings industry. Dynoadd, the range of unique polyester based additives, is manufactured by DCR and marketed globally through a network of distributors. Main markets are in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and North America. A wide range of unsaturated polyesters is made in the Asia Pacific region. Backbone resins – DYNOTAL?. Dyno specialises in alkyds and saturated polyester resins, two of the most common backbone resins used by the coatings industry. Dyno’s roots are in Scandinavia where wood is widely used for building and structural purposes. Many of our products have therefore been developed to cope with extreme weather conditions. Over 20 years of production in Asia has also given us extensive experience of the challenges that a tropical climate can pose for coatings. The company saturated polyester resins are specifically designed to meet the stringent demands for high quality made by the can, coil and general metal industry. Since the 1970s Dyno hs been a pioneer in the field of alkyd emulsions and is today among the market leaders in this area. More recently we have developed alkyd emulsions which are not only solvent-free, but also amine and nonylphenol free. Lifecycle analyses confirm that these products are among the most environment-friendly paint binders available. The following is a brief description of our most important product groups. Other products can be tailor-made to individual customer requirements. Its product range includes: PRODUCT APPLICATION Alkyd emulsions Environment-friendly decorative coatings and industrial primers ; Thixotropic alkyds Exterior and interior paints and stains ; Medium and long oil alkyds Wood, marine and container coatings ; Short and medium oil alkyds Industrial wood finishing and industrial coatings ; Modified alkyds Industrial coatings ; Saturated polyesters Can, coil and general industrial coatings; Additives – DYNOADD? Dynoadds are hydrophobic polyester based additives that have been carefully designed to provide optimal surface tension control throughout the film formation process. Dynoaddds work by migrating to the surface of the film during film formation, which ensures that the film surface is composed of only one material. Dynoadds have lower surface tension than the most commonly used binders and migrate to the surface so films containing these additives exhibit low, even surface tension. The unique properties of Dynoadds effectively eliminate the surface flow that results in film defects. Unsaturated polyesters – DYNOPOL? Many years of experience in the Asia Pacific market is built into our extensive range of unsaturated polyester products.
Dyno Industrial Resins supplies a wide range of panelboard resins, impregnating resins and resins for insulation material. Plywood and particleboard are the most familiar applications for Dyno’s panelboard resins. However, medium density fibreboard (MDF), which is used in furniture production, and oriented strand board (OSB), a relatively new substitute for plywood, are steadily gaining in importance. Main markets are in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Dyno’s particleboard resins comply with customers’ technical and environmental requirements. Dyno’s product range includes systems for low formaldehyde emissions, fast curing, high tack, different pressing processes, different wood species and processing of boards under different climatic conditions.Particleboard is the most common type of panelboard and is used in a wide variety of applications by the construction and furniture industries. Dyno’s MDF (medium density fibreboard ) resins are strong, easy to apply and have low swelling characteristics. Among the benefits provided by Dyno’s MDF resins are extremely low formaldehyde emissions, moisture resistance, fast cure, tolerance to different species and variations in fibre humidity.MDF is a newcomer to the furniture and wood products industries. Its homogenous structure with good bending strength, smooth surface and good screw retaining properties make it suitable for many different applications. Dyno’s plywood resins meet any national or international board specification cost-effectively. Urea formaldehyde and phenolic resins with specially formulated filler-hardeners are used to make high performance interior and exterior plywood from many species of timber. Dyno supplies a number of special melamine fortified systems for water resistant plywood. In addition to resins, Dyno offers recommended application methods.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) resins are supplied in PF and MUF formulations and can be delivered in powder or liquid form. OSB is a relatively new substitute for plywood. It is mainly used for sidings and as a building material. For surface enhancement pruposes it can be overlayed with one of Dyno’s many paper overlays. Dyno Oil Field Chemicals’ business mission is to manufacture and sell specialty chemicals used to solve problems in the production, processing and transportation of oil and gas. The most important products are corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, bactericides, emulsion breakers, hydrogen sulphide scavengers, water treatment chemicals, oxygen scavengers, defoamers and wax inhibitors. Main markets are in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. Dyno Oil Field Chemicals can offer a high level of chemicals experience and know-how. Combined with our extensive R&D programmes, this enables us to tailor-make highly effective oil field chemicals. Our success is based on our ability to listen to our customers’ requirements, come up with innovative solutions whose properties we can fully document, and ensure effective distribution. Quality is one of the most important factors in oilfield activity. Investments are enormous, with a high risk potential. Safety is critical and the environment must be protected. As a long-term supplier in this dynamic business we take our responsibility in this area very seriously. Dyno Oil Field Chemicals believes its ISO 9001 certification is just a minimum. Environmental care. As a leading supplier of chemicals to the offshore oil and gas industry we pay strict attention to the environmental impact of our end products. Even more, we are focused on the entire lifecycle of each raw material used; from production to the end user and waste disposal. Dyno has its own GLP accredited ecotoxicological laboratory to help improve the development of environmentally safe products. This facility is well equipped for testing acquatic organisms and for implementing the Paris Commission’s (PARCOM) biodegradation, bioaccumulation and toxicity tests. Dyno Paper Overlays produces resin impregnated paper, which is bonded onto a variety of wood-based panels to provide enhanced surface properties. Among the most common applications are concrete shuttering boards, signboards, exterior house cladding, furniture, laminated flooring, truck beds and container flooring. Main markets are in Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific Region. Dyno’s paper overlays producers are well known for their strong technical service, competitively priced products and clear customer orientation. We are strategically located internationally and enjoy close long-term cooperation with many of our major customers. We also work closely with suppliers of impregnating lines and pressing equipment. Among Dyno’s industrial overlay products are:
– Phenolic surface film ; – Paint base overlays ; – Medium density overlays; – High density overlays; – Glue films; Decorative overlays. Thermosetting melamine impregnated decorative papers are used to overlay particleboard, fibreboards and plywood for the furniture and construction industries. The decorative overlays are pressed on to the substrate at high temperatures without using any additional adhesives. They provide an enduringly attractive, high performance panel surface that requires no further finishing or protection.
Dyno’s range of decorative overlay products consists of: Furniture grade melamine paper overlays & Laminated flooring paper overlays. Dyno Specialty Polymers bases its business on patented technology for the manufacturing of polymeric microparticles. The main applications are in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries (Dynospheres?) and in industrial applications like seeds for the manufacturing of expandable polystyrene (Dynoseeds?). Main markets are in Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific region. Dyno Specialty Polymers consists of the wholly-owned subsidiary Dyno Particles AS, a newly established department, Industrial Applications, and two 50/50 joint ventures, Dynal As and Dyno-Radnor AS. In addition to producing basic particles, Dyno Particles develops new applications to a stage where they can be commercialised in cooperation with one or more strategic partners. Dyno Particles’ products are used in a wide variety of applications in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors. The largest market segments are currently covered by Dynal (biomagnetic separation) and Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (liquid chromatography). Industrial applications form a new focus area for Dyno Specialty Polymers. The joint venture company Dyno-Radnor AS uses the newly developed Dynoseeds to produce large polymer particles for sale to producers of expandable polystyrene (EPS). Dynal develops and manufactures a range of magnetisable microparticles, Dynabeads? , that are used in medical research, diagnostics and OEM applications. Dyno Wood and Specialty Adhesives manufactures adhesives used by woodworking industries, and for packaging, labelling, bookbinding, electronic assembly, shoe production and a host of other applications. Main markets are in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Dyno supplies a complete range of adhesives for structural and non-structural applications which make it possilbe to convert all types of timber and composite boards into such products as laminated beams, I-beams, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), furniture and other building components. Dyno offers both adhesives and hardeners, developed according to customers’ specific operating conditions. We also provide technical service, application testing and advice on a range of subjects from mixing and application to environmental issues. Dyno’s range of adhesives to cover all gluing requirements includes: Urea formaldehyde (UF); Melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF); Melamine formaldehyde (MF) ; Phenol formaldehyde (PF); Phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF); Polyvinyl acetate (PVAc); Hot melt ; Solvent-based & Structural wood adhesives.
Dyno entered the structural wood adhesives market more than 30 years ago and is today the leading supplier to the laminated timber industry worldwide. Our PRF, MUF, UF and PF adhesive systems are approved according to BS, ASTM, DIN, EN and JAS standards for load-bearing structures. Dyno’s PRF and MUF adhesive systems give weather-resistant bonds. They are therefore suitable for laminated timber structures as well as for boat building and for products exposed to high humidity levels, such as windows, outer doors, garden furniture, playground equipment, etc. Dyno pioneered the development of melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) adhesives which give a white or light coloured glue line. These adhesives are available as powders or liquids. Both systems have superior storage stability. In addition to traditional timber laminating operations, Dyno is working to develop improved adhesive systems for the fast-growing laminated veneer lumber (LVL) market and other engineered wood applications. Non-strucutural wood adhesives. Dyno is a major producer of non-structural wood adhesives. We offer a complete range of products and services for such applications as furniture and building components. Our range of adhesives includes UF, MUF, PVAc, hot melts and solvent-based adhesives. We also supply appropriate hardener systems. Furniture made using our adhesives includes kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, form-pressed products, office furniture, edge bonded products and table tops. Examples of typical building components are doors, windows, door frames and parquet flooring. Dyno has long been associated with designing fast production methods for flush doors by a combination of adhesives and application know-how. We aslso supply adhesives for fire-resistant doors. Dyno’s adhesives are used in veneering processes and Dyno’s thermoplastic and thermosetting adhesives are idealf or producing wooden window frames that meet the strictest requirements for moisture resistance. Specialty adhesives. This is a fast growing sector for Dyno. Dyno is especially active in the specialty adhesives markets of the Asia Pacific region and are market leader in several product segments. Our success is based on high quality products, strong technical service and a good distribution system. Among the specialty adhesives offered by Dyno are: Water-based adhesives, mainly PVAc and acrylic dispersions. Markets include woodworking industries, packaging, printing and cigarette production, bottle labelling and the production of paper overlays, tubes and bags as well as stationery. Hot melts include ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) based products, block copolymer rubber-based pressure sensitive products, polyurethane-based reactive hot melts and polypropylene-based hot melts. Industrial applications include wax paper laminating, sanitary napkins, electronic assembly, packaging, cigarettes and automotive components.
Dextrine and casein adhesives, whose main applications are labelling of cans as well as glass and plastic bottles, paper laminating and the production of cigarettes and paper bags. Solvent-based adhesives are made from polychloroprene, polyurethane, grafted polychloroprene, PVC, and polyesters dossolved in a variety of solvents. One important market is the shoe industry. Others include furniture producers, authomotive and laminating industries as well as trade and household applications. Dynoplast designs and manufactures a wide range of plastic products for various customer segments. Main products are food and non-food packaging, materials handling products, components for the automotive and electronic industries as well as buoys and fenders. Main markets are in Europe. The Dynoplast Group of companies is currently in the process of being spun off as a separate entity. Dyno will retain a 25% stake in the new company, while Dynoplast’s senior management will hold around 5%. Funds advised by CVC Capital Partners Europe Limited will hold the balance of the shares. The Dynoplast Group consists of three business areas: Packaging, Food Packaging & Logistics Systems, and Components & Systems. Other. In addition to Dyno’s core business areas, the corporation has a 40% stake in Methanor, Europe’s largest producer of methanol. Methanor is located at Amersfoort in the Netherlands. The company is Europe’s largest producers of methanol, with an annual production capacity of 840,000 tonnes. Dyno has a 40% stake in Methanor, while the Dutch chemicals companies Akzo Nobel and DSM each have a 30% shareholding. Methanol is made from natural gas and is an important raw material for the chemicals industry. Around 35% of the world’s methanol is converted into formaldehyde, which is in turn converted into a wide range of products including Dyno adhesives and resins. Another important product made from methanol is MTBE, used as an additive in gasoline.

Industri Kapital acquired Dyno ASA (formerly Dyno Industrier ASA) in December 1999, delisting it from the Norwegian Stock Exchange. The acquisition was completed in August 2000 and the newly privatized company renamed Dyno Nobel ASA.

The stock was delisted effctive 10/18/2000.

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Engaged in the manufacture of glue and adhesives for industrial applications
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