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ELVAL Hellenic Aluminium Industry SA (ELVAL) is the sole Greek manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium products, distinguished as much for world-class quality and service as for excellence in human resource management and environmental protection. The company was established in 1973 and has its registered business address located in Oinofita, Greece.
The company’s range of products includes thin foil for flexible packaging, used in beverage and food cans and closures; high magnesium alloy sheets and plates; aluminum bright tread plates used in toolboxes, fire trucks and trailers; packaging foil, household and container foil, converter foil and foil for building and construction applications; plain and coated sheets and coils used in building facades, curtain walls and roller shutters; aluminum for automotive and shipping applications, and also lithographic products.
Its production sites are located in Oinofita, Greece with capacity of more than 200,000 tonns per year; and in Bridgnorth, England with capacity of more than 65,000 tonns per year.
ELVAL’s subsidiaries include Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, a manufacturer of aluminum extrusions; Symetal, a manufacturer of aluminum and paper packaging products; Viomal, a manufacturer of doors and windows; Eviep, which is involved in the coating of metal coils and strips; and Vector, a metal trading company.
ELVAL has strategic alliances with Metal Agencies in United Kingdom and Ireland; Tepro Metall in Germany and Benelux; Genecos in France; Alurame in Italy, Bengtgreinert AB in Sweden and Finland; Taf in Austria and Switzerland; Steelmet Romania in Romania; Steelmet in Bulgaria; and Metal Globe in Serbia and Montenegro.
ELVAL’s business strategies are: in-depth market analysis to identify threats and opportunities on an ongoing basis; continuous investment in new production facilities to maximise flexibility and profitability; and optimisation of raw material sourcing and product logistics.
Business Summary
The principal activity of the Company is manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum products.
Description and history
The principal activity of the Company is manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum products.

The Company was founded in 1977 as a limited company (No. GG 2965/27.9.1977). In 1981 turned into a public limited company (No. GG 2990/9.7.1981) and then subject to laws governing limited companies. Entered in the Register SA in the prefecture Athens number 3954/06 / B/86/13. The Company was listed on athens stock exchange on June 10, 1996.

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Business Line
Manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium products
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57km, Lamia Road

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Phone: +30 22620 31503
Fax: +30 22620 32236
Country address: GREECE
Website url: www.elval.gr