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EQiTX Limited is a publicly-traded biotechnology investment and management company with interests in the areas of chronic diseases and age-related conditions. The company was incorporated in 1986 and has its registered business address located in Hawthorn East, Australia. The company was formerly known as Cybonet Limited and was renamed as EQiTX Limited in May of 2001.
The company primarily operates in the management, funding and commercialization of biotechnology research and development projects. The company continues to develop a portfolio of technologies to generate new therapeutics or theranostics to a stage where the products will be commercially attractive to multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
The company invests in two main programs, including the ZingoTX project, which develops pharmacologically active compounds for pain management; and the VacTX project, which develops and commercializes novel synthetic vaccines to prevent or treat a range of human conditions, including infectious diseases, cancer, allergies, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.
EQiTX has established partnership with international pharmaceutical companies including the University of Sydney and TP Health Pty Ltd. for its ZingoTX project, and Brisbane-based CRC for Vaccine Technology (CRC-VT), for its VacTX project.
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The principal activities of the Company is exploration, appraisal and development of coal.
Description and history
EQiTX Limited (ASX Code : EQX) is an Australian public biotechnology company dedicated to the commercial research and development of new therapeutic drugs for chronic diseases and conditions affecting the aging population.

The company is acquiring and maturing a portfolio of technologies, with the potential to develop more than a single product that is commercially attractive to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The acquired technologies have passed a rigorous and selective review process, significantly increasing their likelihood of commercial success.

The EQiTX team ? comprising the Board, Executive, Advisory Panel and consultants ? have a wealth of domestic and international experience in technology transfer, management and science, law, corporate governance and financial management.

In particular, EQiTX has engaged people who have first hand industry experience spanning the in-licensing of technologies for multinational pharmaceutical and life-science companies, as well as the management of commercial Research and Development programmes.

This provides the company with a detailed knowledge about which technologies will be attractive to multinational pharmaceutical companies, and which commercial Research and Development activities should be supported.

EQiTX?s preferred business model is to place each acquired technology into a new company (?Newco?), holding 100% of the rights to exploit the intellectual property.

The ?Newco? ventures will have the capacity to either individually list on an appropriate stock market, or provide financial returns through licensing arrangements or a trade sale to a large biotechnology or pharmaceutical company.

EQiTX Limited is a company limited by shares that is incorporated and domiciled in Australia. The company shares were listed on Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) on May 14, 1987.

On August 23, 2010, the Company had changed its name from EQUATORIAL COAL LIMITED (ASX Code: EQX) to EQUATORIAL RESOURCES LIMITED (ASX Code: EQX).

Formerly known as Cybonet Limited and was renamed as EQiTX Limited in May of 2001

Business Line
A publicly-traded biotechnology investment and management company with interests in the areas of chronic diseases and age-related conditions
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BGC Centre, Level 9
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Website url: www.equatorialresources.com.au