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Evialis SA, headquartered in St. Nolff, France, develops, produces and sells complete feed for breeders; supplies premix and other specialities associated with advice for intensive farmers, manufacturers and the farm as well as manufacturing and distributing health, hygiene and dietary products. Developing from a family-based company founded by Jean Guyomarc’h in 1954 in Vannes, Evialis is present in all livestock farming sectors in France.
Evialis’ teams of formulators develop mixtures tailored to the precise nutritional requirements of each species, both for large-scale livestock production (poultry, cattle, pigs, rabbits, etc) as well as regional specialties (e.g. ducks for foie gras), and niche products (piglets, game), feeds for the consumer market (horse feed, pet food, farmyard animals) or even for more exotic animals in some foreign countries such as songbirds in Indonesia or shrimps in Brazil and Vietnam. Each feed mixture also takes account of specific needs related to the animal’s physiological development, i.e. according to their age. It also takes account of the farmer’s technical and economic objectives depending on the market that his production is intended for.
Experts in the Evialis group’s services business provide both industrial or farm-based feed manufacturers with an advisory service associated with the supply of premix and nutritional specialties: compounding, nutritional advice, design of specific feed programs, operational marketing support and sales action support, overview of control procedures via periodic quality assessments, diagnosis and recommendations on plant technology, zootechnical and health monitoring in farms, etc. These specialists, vets and agronomists, formulators and product managers, offer a whole array of services that are tailored to the requirements of compound feed production: premix, nutritional and medical premixes, minerals, specialties, micro-ingredients and feed additives.
Evialis has manufacturing sites in 12 countries worldwide, and maintains 52 industrial sites. Its products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Evialis has set itself the priority of rationalizing its business/country portfolio and focusing its resources on high potential growth centers. The company is focussing its development efforts on the most promising markets such as South Africa, Brazil and Vietnam.
Business Summary
The company is a producer of animal food and health product manufacturers. Sales by product family are distributed as follows:
– complete and concentrated foods (85%);
– veterinary, hygiene, and dietetic products (5%): medicated pre-mixes (No. 1 in France), oral powders and solutions for preventing and treating diseases, hygiene products, dietetic specialty items, etc.
The remaining sales (10%) include vitamins, trace elements, and nutritional specialty items used in making complete foods, as well as services intended for processors and livestock producers (feed mixing, livestock veterinary monitoring, quality control services, etc.).
At the end of 2006, the group had 57 production sites throughout the world.
Sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (76%), Europe (8.9%), Asia (6.6%), America (6%) and Africa (2.5%).
Description and history
The Company is a producer of animal food and health product manufacturers.

1954: Jean Guyomarc’h founds a family business specialising in animal feed
1960: Guyomarc’h extends its activity to poultry farming-slaughter, jointing and preparing ready meals and the use of slaughter by-products to become a vertically integrated group in the poultry sector.
1968: Opens a base in Madrid, Spain
1974: Opens a base in Brazil
1976: Creation of Sipra, in the Ivory Coast (Sociйtй Ivoirienne de Production Animale)
1978: Opens a base in Spain, at La Coruсa, Galicia
1982: Opens a base in Indonesia
1988: Hiving off of the animal feed business subsidiary with the name Guyomarc h Nutrition Animale
1990: Acquires Cofna. Takeover by Paribas Affaires Industrielles
1992: Acquires Deltazur
1993: Acquires Rouergue Aliments and Rental.
Opens a base in eastern European countries
1995: Acquires Novaliment.
Opens a base in China
1996: Acquires Oftel.
Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange, second market listing
1997: Acquires Mesny in France and of Ilpasz in Poland
Opens a base in Hanoi, Vietnam and Bombay, India
1999: Acquires Cavaignac, in the south west of France, and SN2A.
Invests in Agro 01 (feed manufacture service France).
Acquires animal nutrition businesses from Cargill in Brazil
2000: Acquisitions :
– in France: Franvet, animal health laboratory (Segrй, Maine et Loire); the UAR company, specialized in equine nutrition (Villemoisson, in the Essonne) and Gheerbrant, regional brand in the north of France
– in Portugal: acquires Iberil & Zoon (premix and specialties), in Lisbon
2001: Guyomarc h becomes EVIALIS and is organized into 3 activities branches: EVIALIS NUTRITION, EVIALIS INTERNATIONAL and EVIALIS SANTE.
Founding of Prisma, combining all services businesses in France.
Acquisitions :
– Coprex, in South Africa;
– INVE in Galicia, in Spain
– of Agribrands Europe France (AEF, Purina brand), Prйvital Nord and Prйvital Normandy in France;
– Iza, in Italy
2002: Selling off of majority shareholding in Sipra, in the Ivory Coast.
Global integration of Agro 01
2003: Acquisitions :
– Progress Feed, in South Africa;
– a new factory near to Ho Chi Minh – Town, in Vietnam
– in France, Extral, a company specialized in equine nutrition.
Global integration of Nutech (India)
2004: Creates EVIALIS POLSKA-3 polish subsidiaries
New plant for premix in Qingdao, Shandong Province (China)
2005: Partnership with Unicopa in west France to become regional leader in animal nutrition
Euronext specifies that the EVIALIS shares will be cancelled from Euronext Paris on June 4, 2009.
Reason: squeeze out

Founded by Jean Guyomarc’h

Description in French
La Sociйtй figure parmi les fabricants europйens de produits destinйs а l’alimentation et а la santй animale. Le CA par famille de produits se rйpartit comme suit :
Aliments complets et concentrйs (85%) ;
Produits vйtйrinaires, d’hygiиne et de diйtйtique (5%) : prй-mйlanges mйdicamenteux (n° 1 franзais), poudres et solutions orales destinйes а la prйvention et au traitement de pathologies, produits d’hygiиne, spйcialitйs diйtйtiques, etc.
Le solde du CA (10%) concerne notamment la vente de vitamines, d’oligo-йlйments et de spйcialitйs nutritionnelles utilisйes dans la fabrication d’aliments complets ainsi que des prestations de services destinйes aux industriels et aux йleveurs (formulation d’aliments, suivi vйtйrinaire d’йlevages, prestations de contrфle qualitй, etc.).

1954:Creation parJean Guyomarc’h d’une affaire familiale specialisee dans l’alimentation animale.
1960:Elargissement de l’activite a l?elevage-abattage de volailles, a la decoupe, a l?elaboration de plats cuisines et a la valorisation des coproduits d’abattage. Guyomarc’h devient ainsi un groupe integre verticalement dans le secteur de la volaille.
1968:Implantation en Espagne (Madrid)
1974:Implantation au Bresil
1976:Implantation en Cote d’Ivoire
1978:Implantation en Espagne (La Corogne)
1982:Implantation en Indonesie
1988:Filialisation de l’activite alimentation animale sous le nom de Guyomarc’h Nutrition Animale.
1990:Acquisition de Cofna Prise de controle par Paribas Affaires Industrielles
1992:Acquisition de Deltazur
1993:Acquisition de Rouergue Aliments et de Rental Implantation dans les pays de l’Est
1995:Implantation en Chine et acquisition de Novaliment
1996:Acquisition d?Oftel Introduction au Second Marche de la Bourse de Paris
1997:Acquisition de Mesny en France et d’Ilpasz en Pologne.
Acquisition de Paszutil (Pologne) Implantation au Vietnam et en Inde
1998:Acquisition de Cavaignac et de SN2A
Prise de participation dans Agro 01 (firme-services France)
Acquisition de Cargill au Bresil
2000:Acquisitions:-En France : Franvet (laboratoire de sante animale), UAR (nutrition equine) et Gheer -Au Portugal : Iberil & Zoon (premix et specialites)
2001:Guyomarc?h devient EVIALIS
Fusions des activites de firme-services en France au sein de Prisma
Acquisitions :-En France : AEF(Agribrands Europe,France, marque Purina), Prevital Nord, PrevitalNormandie
-En Espagne : fonds de commerce INVE
-En Italie : IZA
-En Afrique du Sud : COPREX
-Au Vietnam : usine de Sa’gon
2002:Cession de la SIPRA(Cote d?Ivoire)
Integration globale d’Agro 01
2003:Acquisitions :-Extral (France)
-Progress Feed (Afrique du Sud)
-Integration globale de Nutech(Inde)
2004 : Crйation d’EVIALIS POLSKA, fruit de la fusion des 3 filiales polonaises.
Dйmarrage d’une nouvelle usine de prйmix а Qingdao, province du Shandong (Chine).
2005 : Partenariat avec Unicopa dans l’Ouest de la France pour constituer le leader rйgional de la nutrition animale.
En consйquence, les actions de La Sociйtй seront radiйes d’Euronext Paris le 4 Juin 2009.
Business Line
Develops, produces and sells complete feed for breeders; supplies premix and other specialities associated with advice for intensive farmers, manufacturers and the farm as well as manufacturing and distributing health, hygiene and dietary products
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