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Fugro NV collects processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface, soils and rocks beneath and provides advice, for purposes related to the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, and the construction industry, including infrastructure projects.
Fugro was founded in 1962 as Ingenieursbureau voor FUnderingstechniek en GROndmechanica Fugro. The company has been listed on Euronext N.V. in Amsterdam since 1992 and has been included in the Amsterdam Midkap Index since March 2002. The company’s headquarters is located in Leidschendam, Netherlands.
Fugro operates under three divisions namely: Geotechnical, Survey, and Geoscience services. Geotechnical division investigates and advices regarding the physical characteristics of the soil and construction materials both onshore and offshore. Survey division provides services such as precise positioning, topographic, hydrographic and geological mapping, support services for construction projects, geo-spatial data management services. Geoscience division gathers and interprets geophysical data, estimates of oil, gas, mineral and water sources and the optimisation of their production.
Fugro operates around the world at sea, on land and from the air, using professional, highly specialised staff supported by advanced technologies and systems, many of which have been developed in-house. The equipment Fugro uses to carry out its work includes more than 30 vessels, several hundred CPT (Cone Penetration Test) and drilling units, and approximately 40 aeroplanes and helicopters as well as some 60 ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). The major customers of the company include government, industry, and construction contractors; oil and gas companies; agriculture, mining, and construction contractors; mining and oil and gas companies.
Fugro’s mission is to be the world’s leading company in the offshore, onshore and airborne collection and interpretation of data related to the earth’s surface and the soils and rocks beneath, primarily aimed at providing advice to the: oil and gas industry; mining industry; and construction industry.
Fugro operates in more than 50 countries. The company operates in the United States, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.
Business Summary
The Company specializes in benefits of collection, processing and interpretation of geological data for basically the oil and gas industries, the BTP and the mining industry. The turnover by activity is distributed as follows:
– The provision of geodetic and topographic services (47.2%) studies and land and underwater positioning, geological mapping, hydrographic and topographic surface of the earth;
– Geotechnical services (28.2%): sampling and analyzing soil samples, analysis of the adaptation of works to the geotechnical conditions of the site or help create the design of foundations and works, etc..;
– The provision of geophysical and geological services (24.6%): collection and interpretation of data, qualitative and quantitative estimate of resources (oil, gas, water and minerals).
The geographical distribution of turnover is as follows: Netherlands (6.9%), Europe and Africa (47.5%), Americas (26.1%) and Near East / Middle East / Asia / Australia (19 , 5%).
Description and history
The Company specializes in benefits of collection, processing and interpretation of geological data for basically the oil and gas industries, the BTP and the mining industry.
1962 :foundation of Ingenieursbureau voor FUnderingstechniek en GROndmechanica Fugro .
1987 :acquisition of McClelland Engineers, Inc. (offshore geotechnical) .
1991 :acquisition of John E. Chance & Associates, Inc. (offshore survey) .
1992 :7 April flotation on the Amsterdam Stock exchange .
1994 :issue of 2,400,000 new ordinary shares and acquisition of several offshore survey companies .
1999-2000 :acquisition of several airborne survey companies .
2001 : issue of a EUR 100 million subordinated convertible loan .
2002 : issue of 1,260,000 new ordinary shares, acquisition of Robertson and Jason .
2003 :introduction Geoscience division, included into Midkap index, private placement of EUR 156 million .
2003 :acquisition of Thales GeoSolutions (offshore survey), the largest acquisition in the history of Fugro .
2005 :a number of strategic acquisitions in China, India and New Zealand;Klaas S. Wester appointed as CEO and President, after the retirement of his predecessor Gert-Jan Kramer .
2006 :The Company announces the modernisation and expansion of its fleet of vessels in the period 2006-2008 with five seismic vessels and five multi-purpose vessels;strategic important acquisitions in United Kingdom and Germany .
2007 :
In 2007 three seismic vessels ware added tot the fleet: ‘Geo Barents’, ‘Seisquest’ and ‘Geo Celtic’. . Four other vessels were brought into service for other offshore activities.
At the end of 2007 The Company fleet comprised a total of approximately 50 vessels of which 28 are owned by The Company.

In 2007 The Company combined several existing onshore survey and positioning activities to form ‘Geospatial Services’ to which the newly acquired businesses of EarthData (US) and MAPS Geosystems (UAE) were added. A number of other acquisitions were completed in 2007.

Founded as Ingenieursbureau voor FUnderingstechniek en GROndmechanica Fugro

Business Line
Collects processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface, soils and rocks beneath and provides advice
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