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Nice People Co.,Ltd.
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Good People Co., Ltd. is a public company engaged in the manufacture, wholesale distribution, retail, export and import of underwear and lingerie for men and women. The company was established in May of 1993. It was formerly known as Nice People Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Good People Co., Ltd. in March of 2002. The registered head office of the company is located in Seoul, Korea. It is listed on the KOSDAQ with stock code 033340.
Good People offers a wide range of underwear and lingerie for men and women. Its products are traded under the brand names J, Bodyguard, SexyCookie, YEScode, Jamesdean, Don&Dons, Sugarfree, and Softcafe.
The company has its factories located in Jeonjoo City and Gaeseong City of North Korea. It markets its products through specialty stores, department stores, wholesale and retail stores, and outlets in South Korea, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and China.
Good People aims to be the world’s best underwear company.
Business Summary
Firm’s sales rose compared to last year, thanks to rapid increase in sales thru discount stores, stemming from distribution channel change, and growth of new brands, Sexy Cookie, and Sugar Free. Firm’s operating and net profits rose 27.9% and 11.3%, due to fixed cost savings, according to biz revenue expansion. Firm established a company in Shanghai to take charge of brands and raw and supplementary materials biz, and added it to its affiliates, and a full swing operation of Gaeseong Factory is slated to be operated in March 2007 in full swing. Firm’s continuous biz revenue growth is expected, thanks to growth of Sexy Cookie and Sugar Free and renewal effect of Body Guard. Firm’s profitability improving trend is likely to go up thru various expense efficiency except for advertising expenses thru production base expansion. Firm has competitive edge by promoting growth thru distribution channel diversification and age diversification in the underwear market, whose growth is stagnant.
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Formerly known as Nice People Co., Ltd

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Engaged in the manufacture, wholesale distribution, retail, export and import of underwear and lingerie for men and women

Korea CITI Bank
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MAPO-GU, SEOUL 121-755
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