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Gordon Auto Body Parts Company Ltd. is a publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture and sale of metal replacement crash parts. The company’s main products include fenders, engine hoods, lamps, side panels and steel bumpers, radiation support, fender, door, inner fender, tailgate, air conditioner condenser and lamp. Gordon Auto Body Parts was founded in 1986. Its registered office is located in Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan.
Gordon Auto Body Parts, with two automated plants in Taiwan, is one of the largest manufacturers of metal replacement crash parts in the world. It is also recognized as a pioneer in the collision replacement parts industry. The company distributes its products in the domestic and international markets, including North and South America, the Middle East and Europe. Its mission is to provide the best service and high quality products to its customers, meet the needs of all those in the channel of distribution, and maintain a leadership role in its industry.
Business Summary
Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of metal replacement crash parts for automobile.
Description and history
Established in 1986, Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of metal replacement crash parts in the world. Company has two automated plants in Taoyuan, Taiwan and employ more than four hundred people. The products cover fenders, hoods, bumpers, doors, radiator supports and so on. During past years, Company has acquired accreditation from international organizations, such as CAPA, MQVP, and Thatcham. In addition to the North America, which is biggest market, Company was also expanding new markets in South America, Europe, and Middle East. Based on our management philosophy: Quality, Technology, Innovation, and Customer Service, Company was dedicated to provide the best service and high quality products to customers. The Company was listed on TSEC on October 30 1998.

History of Company are as followed:
March 1986
The Company was established in Taipei County with $300,000 USD capital.

December 1986
Moved into Taoyuan County factory.
Successfully expanded production line for future growth.

February 1989
Earned CAPA approval to make certified aftermarket crash parts for the US marketplace.

December 1989
Authorized by GM Holden Australia to make service parts for OEM.

January 1994
Named by Lockheed as a qualified prime source for impact forming tooling, thus opening the door to the aviation and aeronautics industry.

April 1994
Awarded CAPA s prestigious CTQM (Total Quality Manufacturer) honor.

October 1995
Earned the internationally recognized ISO 9002 certification from Dutch DNV.

December 1996
Named CAPA manufacturer of the year for commitment to innovation and quality.
Earned the international OEM designated QS9000 certification from Dutch DNV.

January 1997
Listed on OTC securities market with approval of SEC.

June 1997
Certified by Aerospace Industrial Department Corporation.

October 1998
Publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.

December 1998
Participated in US Collision Industry Conference (CIC) to better understand end user issues and improve communication.

January 1999
Joined Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) to show support of collision repair industry and desire to work with end users.

August 1999
Opened second factory, equipped with robotics & automated production line.

December 1999
Established an international toll free fax line to enhance end user communication.

March 2002
Earned MQVP quality Accreditation.

August 2004
Earned Thatcham Parts Accreditation.

August 2005
Established the first office in California.

October 2005
Earned the internationally recognized TS16949 certification from Dutch DNV.

December 2005
Earned CAPA 201 and CAPA CAPA 301 certifications.

November 2006
Earned the internationally recognized ISO14001 certification from the United Kingdom UKAS.

June 2007
Earned both Assured Quality Replacement Parts (AQRP) and AQRP-LAB certifications from NSF-ISR.

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture and sale of metal replacement crash parts
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48, Nieh Hsi Road

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Phone: +886 03 324 4011
Fax: +886 03 324 4259
Country address: TAIWAN
Website url: www.gordon.com.tw