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HAL Trust NV is a Dutch holding company based in the Netherlands Antilles. HAL Trust’s shares are quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The company holds all the shares of HAL Holding N.V., which acquires shareholdings in other companies. It concentrates mainly in investments in North America and Western Europe.
The company’s consolidated holdings are mainly based in the Netherlands, are of a diversified nature and include cargo shipping companies, hotel management and technical module and laminate panel manufacturers. Beside its industrial holdings, the company also invests in real estate, fixed income instruments and shares.
HAL was founded and incorporated in 1873 as Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart-Maatschappij (N.A.S.M.). It has its head office mainly located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The company’s subsidiaries primarily operate in the Netherlands and the United States of America. One of its subsidiaries include HAL Investments BV, an investment company, which is actively seeking investments opportunities in Europe, emphasizing acquisitions and significant stakes in companies in a wide variety of industries.
Business Summary
The Company is an international investment company based in the Netherlands Antilles.
Description and history
HAL Holding N.V. is an international investment company based in the Netherlands Antilles. All shares of HAL Holding are held by HAL Trust and form the Trust’s entire assets. HAL Trust’s shares are quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Ticker symbols: HLAN and HLANb).
The Company’s roots date back to April 18, 1873, when the Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart-Maatschappij (N.A.S.M.) was founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For most of its history, the Company operated ocean shipping and travel business. In 1989, the Company sold its principal operating unit, Holland America Line, to Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc. Since then, the Company has embarked on a strategy to build an active diversified international investment company.
The Company’s Organization:
The Company’s strategy is to acquire significant shareholdings in companies. The Company concentrates its attention on North America and Western Europe. This strategy is implemented out of offices in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam) and the United States (Palo Alto, California).
Next to its private equity investments, the Company invests funds in real estate in the Pacific Northwest of the United States; these funds are managed from its office in Seattle, Washington.
In anticipation of further investments in companies, the liquid assets are temporarily invested in such a manner as to maintain a high degree of flexibility. The offices in Palo Alto and Amsterdam manage a portfolio of publicly traded securities.
The Company’s Investment Philosophy:
The Company’s private equity group solely invests its own capital, not temporary funds from institutional investors. It does not operate within limited time horizons, nor is it subject to other restrictions common to most private equity limited partnerships.
The Company distinguishes itself from other equity groups by offering the following:
-Flexibility to invest as controlling or minority owner, in public or private companies, in acquisitions, recapitalizations, or expansion financing, and in common stock as well as other forms of junior capital.
-Ability to provide continuing financing for leveraged buy-outs, acquisitions and growth strategies.
-Emphasis on long-term business fundamentals rather than short-term financial engineering.
-Interest in companies with international operations and expansion opportunities.
-Backing and consulting the management of companies invested in.

Description in Dutch
De geschiedenis van de onderneming gaat terug tor 18 april 1873, toen de Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart-Maatschappij in Rotterdam werd opgericht. De onderneming ontwikkelde activiteiten onder verschillende namen en is thans gevestigd op de Nederlandse Antillen onder de naam HALL Holding N.V.
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Holding company
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