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First Fortune Investments Inc. is a publicly traded company with active interests in gold exploration. It was incorporated in 1980 and has a registered head office in Vancouver, Canada.
First Fortune is a leading gold explorer in the mining districts of Sweden. It holds large tracts of under-explored gold projects and controls a large area of under explored gold claims and dominant position on the Skellefte Gold Line in Northern Sweden.
First Fortune’s total property holdings in the historic Skellefte gold district are eight permits covering more than 53,197 hectares. Its gold projects are: Duobblonbдcken project, which is tested by the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) in 1984-5 with eight holes over an area of 200m x 100m, that intersected mineralization in most holes including 37m @ 0.52 g/t Au; Lеngtjдrn project, which lies 4.5km south and along strike from Duobblonbдcken and is characterised by a (maximum 0.5 g/t Au) 700m long deep till gold anomaly; Kyrkviken project, which lies 2.5 km south of Lеngtjдrn and covers a three km long gold-bearing boulder field with many large and angular locally sourced boulders of gold-arsenic mineralized diorite and metasediment; Eriksmyran prospect, which covers the source of a strong arsenic anomaly in regional till sampling data with gold in boulders to 10.3 g/t gold; Smilaliden prospect, which lies 2.5 km west and along strike from the Blaiken gold-zinc mine; Brokojan prospect, the source of the strongest arsenic in surface till anomaly along the Gold Line and covers the immediate southern strike extension of the Stortjдrnhobben gold prospect where third party drilling has intersected gold mineralization (including 7m @ 9.8 g/t gold) 700 metres from the Brokojan claim boundary; Myrtrдsk prospect, which is interpreted to lie within a pressure shadow on north end of a granite intrusion, corresponding to the host position for the Svartliden gold mine at the southern end of the same intrusion; Angesdal prospect, which lies seven km immediately along strike from the Fдboliden 1.9 million ounce gold deposit which is undergoing a pre-feasibility study by Lappland Goldminers AB; and Vinliden project, which is located on a major west-northwest trending structure that marks the northern Skellefteе Basin Margin.
First Fortune’s corporate objective is to deliver value to its shareholders through the rapid discovery, acquisition and development of gold deposits in Europe. First Fortune aims to achieve its objective via: exploration of under-explored portions of the gold endowed greenstone belts of the Skellefte district, and to review and acquire small to medium size deposits to create a major European gold producer.
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The Company is in the business of acquiring, exploring and evaluating mineral properties.
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The Company is in the business of acquiring, exploring and evaluating mineral properties, and either joint venturing or developing these properties further or disposing of them when the evaluation is completed.

The operations of the Company have primarily been funded by the issuance of common shares. Continued operations of the Company are dependent on the Company’s ability to complete equity financings, generate profitable operations or through the sale of its long-term investment. Management’s short-term plans in this regard is to secure additional funds through future equity financings, which may be unavailable or unavailable on reasonable terms.

The “Company was incorporated on October 27, 1989 under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act and its common shares are listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSX”). On August 15, 2007 the Company changed its from First Fortune Investments Inc. to Hansa Resources Ltd.

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Active interests in gold exploration

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