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The company specializes in system sales and leasing/financing of computer systems with optimal hardware and software, education, application and systems development, products and services within open systems and computer communication. The company works in close cooperation with producers of both hardware and software. Hardware and software vendors include Apple, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, Siemens-Fujitsu and Toshiba. The company works with major corporations, local and federal governments, public administrations and organisations and operates in Sweden and Norway.
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IMS Data takes total responsibility for its customers’ IT-investments; which includes evaluation and platform selection, development, delivery, installation, support, education and service. The company specialize in: System sales and leasing/ financing of computer systems with optimal hardware and software. Education. Application and systems development. Products and service within open systems, computer communication and networking. IMS Data effectively covers 85% of the Swedish IT-market with offices located in Eskilstuna, Goteborg, Helsingborg, Linkoping, Malmo, Skara, Skellefte?, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Sveg, Ume?, Uppsala, Orebro, Ostersund and Oslo, Norway. IMS Data is one of Sweden’s fastest growing IT-companies. As of September 1997, we consist of around 600 employees; of which about 400 are technicians, system developers, consultants and educators. Through the continuous education and development of the company personnel, IMS Data is able to offer its customers the most competent organization on the market; with everything from basic service to specialization within its fields of business. IMS Data AB was founded in 1985 in Stockholm and quickly established itself as one of the leading Network Providers in Sweden. In 1993 IMS Data opened an office in Gothenburg. In 1994 IMS Peridot AB was acquired in Orebro and IMS was introduced on the OTC-list of Stockholm’s Stock Exchange. A year later IMS established the office in Malmo. In 1996 the expansion continued with growing market shares and an ongoing increase of resources. In the autumn of 1996 IMS acquired offices in Eskilstuna, Goteborg, Helsingborg, Linkoping, Malmo, Skellefte?, Sundsvall, Sveg, Ume?, Uppsala and Ostersund. During the spring of 1997, offices in Norrkoping and Norrtalje were added. And in September that same year two more offices were opened in Skara and Oslo, Norway. Later that autumn we purchased Office Skovde AB Data and merged them with the office in Skara. IMS Data works with major corporations, local and federal governments, public administrations and organisations. Our customer list includes: SE-Banken, the Swedish Military Procurement Office, Arla, the Swedish Road Administration, Telia Megacom, Volvo, the Swedish Headquarters of Defense, Nyman & Schultz, American Express, Assi Doman, Praktikertjanst, Stockholm Energi, Dagab, Avesta Sheffield, AGA, Systembolaget, Tetra Laval, VAG, Andersen Consulting, Carnegie Fondkommission, Mitsubishi Motors, NCC, Securitas, Borealis, Akzo Nobel Chemicals, ABB Treasury, SCA, Coopers&Lybrand, among others. IMS Data works in close cooperation with leading world producers of both hardware and software. Our hardware vendors include Compaq, IBM, HP, AST, SUN, Toshiba, Digital, Apple, Intel, 3Com, Cisco, Siemens/Nixdorf
and others. Microsoft, Novell, Lotus and Oracle are our most important software vendors. These companies have selected IMS Data to be a partner in their top-level service programs, which in turn has enhanced our company’s mark of quality. We are also a part of Global Serve, an international organization which guarantees our ability to provide qualified service and uniform pricing to our customers with subsidiaries abroad.

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IMS Data AB acquired by Martinsson Gruppen and delisted with effective on May 31, 2002.
(Source: Stockholm Stock Exchange)

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