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Intelligent Wave Inc. is an independent software company that provides high-performance software products related to credit card processing and data security for companies active in the financial services and other industries. The company was established in 1984. It is a public company with head office located in Tokyo, Japan.
Intelligent Wave specializes in retail banking online systems, systems solutions and securities trading systems. Retail banking online systems develop a system that uses the NET+1 product, a basic software package for establishing uninterrupted credit card network connections and controlling transactions. System solutions provide services to modify trading and dealing systems and develop additional functions for the systems as well as sells network connections for credit payments. Security systems markets CWAT, a system for combating in-house data extrusion by monitoring both network and terminal operations as well as conducting centralized monitoring and control.
The company serves a broad range of client companies that range from banks, distribution and credit company related cards to overseas banks, post offices, e-commerce firms and consumer finance firms.
The company’s mission and vision is to innovatively manage and develop new technologies, to provide society with excellent and reliable products at reasonable prices in a timely manner, and to contribute to the building of excellent infrastructures.
Intelligent Wave’s overseas partners include RSA Security Inc. (U.S.A.) and SafeNet,Inc. (U.S.A.).
Business Summary
The Company’s principal activity is to develop software specially for financial institutions, such as credit card settlement system. The Company is also engaged in the sale of hardware related to systems integration. The Operations are carried out through the following divisions: Card front network systems; System solution and Security systems.
Description and history
The Company is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the software business. The Company has three business segments. The Card Business Front segment is engaged in the provision of credit network systems and distributing systems based on self-developed software package under the name NET + 1. The System Solution segment builds trading and dealing business systems for banks and broker houses, as well as the provides sales method support services for self-developed package RIX and imported packages. The Security System segment sells the inside information leaking countermeasure system CWAT, as well as universal serial bus (UBS) memory C stick series with built-in coding and antivirus programs. The Company was established on December 27, 1984. It’s Shares were registered as an over-the-counter stocks by Japan Securities Dealer Association on June 15, 2001 and later listed in JASDAQ market in December 2004.

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Provides high-performance software products related to credit card processing and data security

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