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International Textiles Associes ‘INTEXA’ SA is a French company engaged in the design and manufacture of printed and stitched fabrics. It is a publicly held company whose headquarters is located in Roanne, France and its shares are listed in the Paris Stock Exchange.
The company specializes in fabrics for clothing children, teenagers and young girls, women and unisex clothing (jeans and sportswear). Its color research department, its graphics workstations, its automated color brewery and its sampling table give the company a technological and artistic edge geared towards the evolution of the market and customers needs. Its designers and team transform, dye, create and alter more than 300 designs each year. These designs are then fitted to the most diverse types of fabric in order to comply with the long and short term needs of the children’s, women’s and men’s markets. The designers combine natural and dyed fibers to create harmonious and marketable lines.
The company’s product range includes the Booster, Chantilly, Dupont, Etoile, Gazelle, India, Jonquille, Lima and Vogue fabrics. The company uses pigment prints which can be applied to any material, especially for blended fabrics. Further, the company’s fabric products are used by various brand names including Chipie, Camaieu, Promod and Zara.
Business Summary
The Company is specialized in the production of fabrics (solid-colored, flowered, striped or gusset fabrics). It is present at every stage of the process of the production of fabrics, from knitting and dyeing of cloth to delivery.
Description and history
The Company is a designer and manufacturer of printed and stitched fabrics (solid-colored, flowered, striped or gusset fabrics).
The Company specialises in fabrics for clothing children, teenagers and young girls, women and unisex clothing (jeans and sportswear). These fabrics are used by various brand names including Chipie, Camaieu, Promod, Zara.

The Company was founded in February, 1987.
The Company was listed on EURONEXT PARIS – Euronext – Valeurs locales on July 7, 1998, code isin : FR0000064958 Mnemo : ITXT.
The Company was registered in the RCS on August 27, 2008 under the the number: 340 453 463 R.C.S. ST ETIENNE.

Description in French
La Sociйtй est spйcialisйe dans la conception, la fabrication et l’impression de tissus (tissus unis, fleuris, rayйs ou а carreaux). L’activitй de La Sociйtй s’organise essentiellement autour de 2 pфles :
– tricotage et tissage de matiиres textiles : polyamide, йlasthanne, polyester, jersey, coton et viscose ;
– impression de tissus blanchis.Elle fabrique et distribue tous types de materiaux destines a l’industrie du vetement. La Sociйtй vend ses produits aux gorssises et aux detaillants dans le monde entier. Elle dispose de quatre chaines de production : les vetements pour enfants, les vetements pour adolescents, les vetements pour femmes, les vetements de sports et les jeans. Parmi les clients de La Societe, on trouve Kiabi, Auchan, Chipie et Marks and Spencer.

La Sociйtй a йtй crййe en Fйvrier 1987.
La Sociйtй a йtй Immatriculй au registre du commerce et des sociйtйs de ROANNE le 27/08/2008. Son siиge social a йtй radiй le 29/08/2008 par suite de transfert vers le greffe de ST ETIENNE.
sous numйro:340 453 463 R.C.S. ROANNE
La Sociйtй a йtй introduite le 7 Juillet 1998 EURONEXT PARIS – Euronext – Valeurs locales.
Mnйmonique: ITXT Code ISIN :FR0000064958 Compartment C.

Business Line
Design and manufacture of printed and stitched fabrics

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42300, MABLY
Phone: +33 4 77440770
Fax: +33 4 77703365
Country address: FRANCE
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