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IVU Traffic Technologies AG, headquartered in Berlin, is a leading supplier of IT systems for planning, operating and optimising transport and logistics processes. The company was established in 1976. Its approximately 30 years of experience in developing hardware and software systems for more than 300 public transport companies has also made IVU the market leader for IT solutions in other segments, including monitoring truck fleets, setting up retail networks in geo-marketing (GIS), election processing.
The company’s product range comprises services in public transport, transport logistics, e-Government and chain store companies. In the public transport range, the company’s IT Platform with software and hardware covers the entire spectrum from planning, management quality assurance for public transport systems. Its solutions plan routes, inform passengers, provide convenient connections, control traffic lights, draw up duty rosters for drivers, collate data, ensure operational efficiency. The transport logistics range contains Combitour, the leading system for waste handling logistics and Contour Web, an innovative system for fleet management. Its e-Government (easyGovernment) range offers solutions that mark the beginning of the future for government functions such as election systems, public services and timeBASE, a very flexible system which can be used in almost any sector for personnel planning (service rosters or shift planning) or for planning the allocation of resources, or even for both at once, and is already being used by a number of German radio stations. While in the chain store companies range, the company develops analysis and planning systems for major companies operating a local branch network.
Aside from its headquarters, the company also operates from its branch offices in Aachen; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Rom and Veenendaal, the Netherlands.
Business Summary
The Company is a Germany-based supplier of information technology (IT) software and hardware systems for planning, operating and optimizing transport and logistics processes. Its core business is public transport, including municipal public transport utilities, regional bus companies, transport associations and railway companies. The Company operates through two business segments. Firstly, the core segment Public Transport provides hardware and software systems for operational requirements of businesses such as timetable planning, vehicle; as well as, personnel dispatching, fleet management, passenger information and ticketing. Secondly, Logistics segment uses waste service logistics, building materials and rentals; as well as, software products for the provision of integrated presentations of business processes and optimization of transport procedures.
Description and history
The Company analyzes and optimizes IT processes and their potential effects for its customers, whereby it concentrates on business processes for passenger and goods transportation. The Company places particular emphasis on the integration of innovative information and communication technology. Also, the Company implements innovative applications based on telematics solutions, geographical information systems or Internet/Intranet services. Apart from software development, the Company also provides advice and application services.
The Company’s shares were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on July 7, 2000 under the code of 744850.

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Supplier of IT systems for planning, operating and optimising transport and logistics processes
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