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Kinex, a.s. is a publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements. The company was incorporated in May 1992. It is headquartered in Zilina, Slovakia.
Kinex is also involved in the production of fabricated metal products. The fabricated metal processes include stamping, bending, forging, and machining, used to cut, shape and assemble components made from raw materials.
Business Summary
The Group is involved in the production of ball and cylindrical roller bearings as well as their components.
Description and history
The Group (also known as KINEX bearing division) is involved in the sales and production of ball and cylindrical roller bearings as well as their components. The KINEX bearing division is a part of the group of companies HTC Holding, a.s.. The bearings division of HTC Holding is represented by manufacturing facilities in Bytca, Skalica and Kysuckй Novй Mesto.

Bearings from the production are designed for the rolling arrangement in machines, devices and equipment in various industrial areas as follows:-
a) Automobile industry – bearings for water pumps, gears and transmissions, fixingofaxlesandwheelsonautomobiles
b) Bicycle industry – bottom bracket bearings for all types of bicycles with a frame width of 64mm – 68mm and 68mm – 72mm
c) Textile industry – bearings for forming machines such as spindles of spinning units, fixing the measurement disk, textile spindles, spindle-free post-spinning machines for locating the spinning chamber and combing disk
d) Railway industry – bearings for axles of rail vehicles, traction engines, gearboxes and supporting drives
e) Aircraft industry, machines and mechanisms – bearings for highly precise applications, machine tools and turbo air blowers, aircraft engines, ignition units, drive boxes, supporting energy units, gyroscopes, main rotors, turbo-cooling units
f) Catalogue assortment – bearings for spare use and various industrial applications

1906 – foundation of the plant in Bytca beginning of the engineering production Povazsky zelezopriemysel”. 1965 – beginning of the production of one-row bearings
1948 – foundation of the plant in Kysucke Nove Mesto. 1950 – beginning of the production of balls and ball bearings
1952 – foundation of the plant in Skalica. 1953 – beginning of the production of roller bearings of the VL type
1965-1990 Group ZVL Povazska Bystrica
1996 – 2000 all 3 plants were consolidated under HTC holding, a.s.

On 1st January 2006, the business company ZKL KINEX a.s. was established with its location in Bytca, which integrates the areas of business and marketing with the aim of providing quality services based on good logistics and availability of a complete assortment of rolling bearings produced in individual plants of the group, to its customers. The group gradually focuses upon completion of a portfolio of delivered bearings and accessories.

As of 30 May 2008, it changed its corporate name from ZKL Kinex, a.s to Kinex Bearings, a.s.

Since Aprнl 2008, they have produced a wide variety of bearings solely under the KINEX brand. The product range includes more than 8,000 types and more than 40,000 modifications, from singlerow to special precise bearings. KINEX BEARINGS has recently added barrel roller bearings to its range.

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements

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014 83, BYTCA
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