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Royal Vopak (Koninklijke Vopak N.V.) is a Dutch company engaged in the provision of independent tank terminal services to the chemical and oil industries. These services are intended for the purpose of storing and handling liquid and gaseous chemical and oil products. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The company was created by the merging of Van Ommeren and Pakhoed in 1999. In 2002, the company’s distribution of oil and natural gas related products was split off; a new company Univar was created for that purpose. The company is publicly traded on the Euronext Amsterdam under the trading symbol VPK.
The company is organized into five divisions: Chemicals Europe, Middle East & Africa (CEMEA); Oil Europe, Middle East & Africa (OEMEA); Asia; North America; and Latin America. Each division is responsible for the tank terminal services in its region.
The company operates industrial terminals at various locations. These terminals are integrated into chemical complexes or refineries and support local logistics activities, as well as import and export activities.
The company is the global market leader for the independent storage and handling of liquid oil products, chemicals, vegetable oils and liquefied gases. It has terminals in the world’s most strategic ports, with specialized facilities such as product tanks, jetties, truck loading stations, pipelines and access to road and rail networks.
The company aims to be the greatest global independent tank terminal operator, for storage of liquid oil and chemical products. Its operations outside the Netherlands primarily include the United States, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Finland, the UK, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, and South Africa.
Business Summary
The Company specializes in the storage and handling of liquid chemicals, oil products and gasses.
Description and history
The Company specializes in the storage and handling of liquid chemicals, oil products and gasses. Net sales break down by activity as follows:
– chemical and petroleum product storage (88.8%): at the end of april 2006, was operating 74 terminals (total storage capacity of 20.8 million m3) located in Europe (30), Asia (16), Latin America (13), United States (9), Middle East (3), Australia (2) and South Africa;
– other (11.2%): primarily complimentary logistics services.

The activities of the Company are divided into four business segments:
– Oil and Gas Logistics
– Chemicals Logistics
– Chemical Distribution
– Logistic Services


1616 Blauwhoed established in 1616 in Amsterdam, by a group of porters who decided to join forces to carry loads from ost-Indische Compagnie ships to and from the city weighhouse.

1818 Pakhuismeesteren established in 1818 in Rotterdam. Specialized mainly in the loading, unloading and storage of products from the Dutch colonies, such as tea, coffee, spices. Later started to offer storage facilities for oil and oil products, initially in barrels, but as of 1888 also in bulk tanks.

1839 Van Ommeren began its activities as a shipping and forwarding agent. In the ensuing years, interests were built up in deep sea shipping, inland shipping, tank storage, stevedoring companies and distribution centres.

1967 Pakhoed created through the merger of Pakhuismeesteren and Blauwhoed. Main activities: port activities, stevedoring, shipping agencies, freight forwarding, warehousing, oil and chemical storage.

1986 Pakhoed acquired a 28% interest in US company Univar Corporation, parent company of Van Waters & Rogers, the largest chemical distributor in North America.

1990 Van Ommeren decided to concentrate on two core activities: shipping and tank storage.

1991 Pakhoed enters the European chemical distribution market through Univar Europe.

1995 Pakhoed acquired chemical distribution company Lambert Riviere.

1996 Pakhoed became the sole owner of Univar Corporation.

1998 Van Ommeren combines the deep sea tanker shipping activities in Brostrom Van Ommeren AB (Brovo) in which Van Ommeren took a 50% interest. The three ‘Brovo’ shipping companies are Van Ommeren Iver Ships, Van Ommeren Tankers and United Tankers.

1999 Royal Vopak formed through the merger of Pakhoed and Van Ommeren.

2001 Acquisition of Ellis & Everard. Consolidated on 1 January 2001.

2001 Purchase of two terminals in Finland. Consolidated on 1 April 2001.

2001 Acquisition of an 83.3% interest in Jurong Terminal, Singapore. Consolidated on 1 July 2001.

2001 Sale of Theodora Tankers. Consolidated on 1 May 2001.

2001 Sale of dry-cargo terminals in the U.S. Consolidated on 1 July 2001.

2002 In accordance with the resolution passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 17 June 2002, the assets and liabilities of the chemical distribution activities were split off to Univar N.V. effective 1 January 2002, by the deed of split-off passed on 28 June 2002.

Created by the merging of Van Ommeren and Pakhoed

Business Line
Engaged in the provision of independent tank terminal services to the chemical and oil industries
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