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IWKA AG is a holding company for a mechanical and plant engineering automation group consisting of 83 consolidated companies. The company, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, was established as Patronenhlsenfabrik Henri Ehrmann & Cie in 1872.
The company focuses on the automobile and consumer goods industry markets. Its core competencies are consolidated into three business segments: Automotive Technology, Robotics Technology and Packaging Technology. Automotive Technology designs and builds turn-key equipment, forming tools and systems for car-body production and supplies machinery and systems that are used to manufacture, assemble and test automobile power trains. Robotics Technology manufactures industrial robots for the European automobile industry. The key concepts include robot applications in the low-temperature sector, in medical technology and logistics, as well as the wide world of entertainment. Packaging Technology offers machines for bottling, filling, closing, picking and packing plastic containers, tubes and boxes for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemicals, beverage and electronics industries.
IWKA AG is one of the world’s leading packaging machinery and systems suppliers. The global customers of the company use their network to put together packages of products and services for their complex production systems. This strategic positioning makes the company not only a global supplier with technological expertise, but also a profitable, value-adding company. The company is active in China, France, Thailand, South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea, Slovakia and the United States.
Business Summary
The Company, formerly known as IWKA AG, is a Germany-based mechanical and plant engineering automation group. It focuses on automobile and consumer goods industry markets. The Company is operational through two business divisions. Firstly, the Robotics division develops, manufactures and sells robots, which are used in a variety of industries such as medical, metalworking, plastics, electrical and electronics industries. The division’s product portfolio comprises six modular basic types with various mechanical and electrical in-feed options. Secondly, the Systems division is an application engineering services provider for the automation of manufacturing processes. In addition to utilizing its application-oriented robotics, the division employs other metal forming and joining processes in its designs. KUKA Roboter GmbH and KUKA Systems GmbH operate as management companies for the divisions. The Company has subsidiaries in 27 countries worldwide.
Description and history
In Augsburg in 1898, Johann Josef Keller and Jakob Knappich found the Augsburg Acetylene Factory for the production of cost-effective domestic and municipal lighting. In view of the development of a succession of new sources of light, however, combined with a drastic fall in prices, production was extended to include the new invention of oxyacetylene welding just seven years after the Company was founded. The Company later turns to electrical resistance welding and constructs the first electric spot-welding gun in Germany. Two firms in the Quandt group, KUKA GmbH and Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe AG, merge to become Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe Augsburg Aktiengesellschaft, or IWKA AG for short, with its headquarters in Karlsruhe. On March 27, 2007, the Company is then renamed KUKA. Aktiengesellschaft and the headquarters were transferred to Augsburg. The Company’s shares were listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange on November 28, 1997 under the code of 620440.

Established as Patronenhlsenfabrik Henri Ehrmann & Cie

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Die Firmen der IWKA Gruppe sind weltweit operierende Anbieter von Anlagen und Maschinen fur die Automobil- und die Konsumguterindustrie. Ihre Kunden sind Hersteller konsumnaher Erzeugnisse. Deshalb steckt hinter vielen Markenartikeln des taglichen Lebens eine Fertigungskette, die IWKA realisiert. Angefangen von Automobilen uber Lebensmittel, Kosmetikartikel, Pharmazeutika, Chemie-Produkten bis hin zu Energietragern wie Gas und Wasser. Dabei treten die IWKA-Unternehmen immer mehr als Systempartner ihrer Kunden in Erscheinung. Denn die Kunden von heute erwarten zunehmend komplette Losungen fur ihre Produktionsaufgaben aus einer Hand.
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Holding company for the mechanical and plant engineering automation group consisting of 83 consolidated companies
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