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Company Overview
Laboratoires Arkopharma is a French-based publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture of natural medicines and related pharmaceutical products from plant extracts. The company has its registered office situated in Carros Cedex, France. The company was established in 1980.
Laboratoires is a European leader in developing, producing, and selling pharmaceutical products and homeopatic medicines based on natural ingredients. The company’s activities are carried out in the following areas: phytotherapy, which comprised of drugs derived from plants and tobacco and nicotine free ingredients used for fatigue, circulation, slimming, insomnia, stress, beauty treatments for dermal appendages and urinary problems; nutrition therapy, deals with diet products, vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements; skin care, which are plant derived products for skin care and treatment, such as sun-screens creams and treatment for acne and hair loss; homoeopathy, comprises treatment for colds, flu, digestive problems, etc.; and veterinary pharmacy, which offers treatments for domestic animals. Some of the company’s product brand names include Arkocaps, Nova Slim, Nova Draine, Phyto Soya, Mincifit, Bakol, Pectifibre, Chondro-Aid, Cheveux Plus, Mega 65, Sokoja and Minciflash.
The company is active in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas particularly in Spain, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.
The company views its mission as a pharmaceutical company with the greatest respect for nature and basic ethical principles. The company aims to meet consumers’ expectations by providing natural medicines, designed both to cure and to prevent.
Business Summary
The company is a leading international manufactrurer of Homeopatic medicines.
Arkopharma is a European leader in developing, producing, and selling pharmaceutical products and Homeopatic medicines based on natural ingredients.
Its products break down as follows :
– phytotherapy products
– nutritional supplements : mainly vitamins, trace elements, and minerals;
– body care products ;
– dietetic products;
– veterinary products;
– homeopathic products
Geographically break down as follows: France, Europe, America, Australia, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific
Company has been takenover by IMARKO on July 18, 2007. Now, their ordinary sheres were delisted on Euronext paris. The company is no longer with account.
Description and history
Established in 1980, Laboratoires Arkopharma SA is a leading international manufactrurer of Homeopatic medicines. Its activities are carried out the following areas:
– PHYTOTHERAPY: drugs derived from plants and tobacco and nicotine free cigarettes;
– NUTRITION THERAPY: diet products, vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements;
– SKIN CARE: plant-derived products for skin care and treatment, such as sun-screens creams and treatment for acne and hair loss;
– HOMEOPATHY: treatment for colds, flu, digestive problems etc;
– VETERINARY PHARMACY: treatments for domestic animals.
ARKOPHARMA displays its lively international ambitions through its 11 subsidiaries established in countries regarded as strategic and also through an active distribution contract policy.

History :
3000 B.C : The first known compilation, on clay tablets, of plant formulas listing up to 250 plant species (discovered in 1948 – Mesopotamia).
1500 B.C : The Ebers papyri of the Pharaonic civilisations mention several hundred medicinal plants.
400 B.C : Hippocrates, the illustrious Greek physician, seeks to explain the virtues of plants and writes the ‘Corpus Hippocratum’, which deals with about 250 ‘simples’ (the first plants traditionally used).
1st century A.D : Dioscorides, another Greek physician, writes his famous ‘De Materia Medica’, listing 600 ‘simples’, destined to remain, for centuries, the reference work on plants.
During the 2nd century : Galen, yet another Greek physician, codifies the use of plants and develops a large number of magistral formulations.
15th century : Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama bring medicinal plants back from their voyages. People talk about the ‘Plants of the Discovery’.
16th century : Paracelsus defines the notion of an active principle. Research into plant morphology is performed in order to explain their therapeutic activity. People talk about the ‘Theory of Signatures’.
As early as 1967, Dr. Max Rombi a successful business entrepreneur took part in the creation and development of France’s N° 3 veterinary company, VIRBAC Laboratories. In 1980, he sells his shares in order to devote his time to his consuming interest: natural medicines and dietetics. He then set up ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES.
ARKOPHARMA obtains status as a pharmaceutical company and markets a new galenic form of phytotherapy: the whole plant powder capsule. This is the start of the ARKOCAPS range.
The company adopts a policy of diversification by marketing vitamins, minerals (creating the Azinc range) and its first dietetic products. ARKOPHARMA continues its expansion and becomes the incontestable leader in the field of phytotherapy in France.
1986 : In France, the Ministry of Health suggests regulations to cover Product Licences for plant-based patent medicines.
ARKOPHARMA sets out immediately along this path, investing mainly in tachnicians and equipment in its Research & Development Department and from the very first year, it files 45 requests for Products Licences. Currently, ARKOPHARMA has 414 Products Licences in France and 650 in international markets.
ARKOPHARMA creates four subsidiaries abroad: Spain, Italy, USA, United Kingdom.
ARKOPHARMA gains a position in the homeopathic market by buying up LABORATOIRE D’HOMEOPATHIE FERRIER. It also takes over LABORATOIRES PHYTODIF, one of its main competitors in the field of phytotherapy and builds an additional 15,000 m2 production unit. In March 1991, it buys up ARKOPHARMA GmbH a German company distributing natural products.
ARKOPHARMA becomes n°2 in the French slimming market with Arkoline dietetic range.
A further external growth operation with the purchase of the ICC veterinary company.
ARKOPHARMA opens its capital to keep pace with its growth. Introduction on the Stock Exchange is a great success with investors. Take-over of LABORATORIES HOMEOPATHIE COMPLEXE (LHC). Builds 15,000m2 industrial premises and logistic equipments.
ARKOPHARMA is the first pharmaceutical company to launch the 100 % plant-based capsule. Very substantial increase in business on international markets (+ 50 %). Sales abroad account for 31 % of consolidated net sales.
Take-over of FRERE in Belgium. New subsidiaries:
– Arkopharma Nederland
– Arkopharma Ireland Ltd.
A new policy of clinical development and communication with doctors, propels two of the Group’s products to the forefront: PHYTO SOYA, based on soya isoflavones, for the treatment of menopausal symptoms and EXOLISE, a patented tea extract for the treatment of excess weight. The company becomes a company with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.
Dr. Rombi assumes direction of the Supervisory Board and entrusts the Chairmanship of the Management Board to Colette Robert, who took part in the Group s creation and development.
Take-over of OAKMONT in the USA (net sales = 46 Meuro in 1998), a company well-established at the 6000 American points-of-sale the Health Food Channel and US leader in the polyunsaturated oils market.
2000 : ARKOPHARMA reaches its 20th ‘ birthday’.
Purchase of NUTRASENSE AUSTRALIA Pty. Ltd. (Net sales = 2.7 m). This very well-known company, NUTRASENSE, will make it possible to hasten growth of the Group’s sales in Australia, New Zealand and also in South-East-Asia. Confirmed success for the Group’s leading products: PHYTO SOYA.
2001 : ARKOPHARMA set up a new pharmacy sales network in France. The aim is to market major launches in coming years, such as PLANTE SYSTEM phytodermocosmetics in 2002.
2002 : Launch of PLANTE SYSTEM Laboratories and the range of 16 phytodermocosmetic products.
2003 : Purchase of two new subsidiaries in Switzerland: PAD and Phyto Pharma Medica. Establishment of Arkopharma Canada.
Success in France for Minceur, a slimming drink based on 10 plants.
2004 : Mrs. Colette ROBERT is awarded the Veuve Cliquot prize for Businesswoman of the year 2004.
International success for Minceur, which becomes Group n°1 product.
2005 : New production unit in Italy goes on line.
OPTIMAL NUTRITION range launched, a new and original range of food supplements
2007: Company has been takenover by IMARKO on July 18, 2007. Now, their ordinary sheres were delisted on Euronext paris. The company is no longer with account.

Description in French
Fonde en 1980, Laboratoires Arkopharma SA fabrique et distribue des medicaments a base de plantes, des vitamines et des sels mineraux, des medicaments dietetiques, dermatologiques et homeopathiques, ainsi que des produits destines aux animaux. Comptant des filiales en France mais egalement en Espagne, en Italie, au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne et aux Etats-Unis.
Arkopharma realise 75% de son CA en pharmacies et para-pharmacies. Le solde du CA (15%) correspond a une activite de faconnage pour le compte de tiers (notamment pour la VPC). Au plan geographique se repartit comme suit : France, Europe, Amerique du Nord et autre
Histoque :
1980 – 1982 :
Naissance des Laboratoires ARKOPHARMA, laboratoires pharmaceutiques. ARKOPHARMA met sur le marche les ARKOGELULES, gelules de poudre totale de plantes.
Chiffre d’affaires : 8,2 Meuro, effectif : 166 personnes.
1985 :
ARKOPHARMA innove dans les procedes de fabrication des poudres de plantes et installe industriellement, le Cryobroyage qui permet de conserver dans le produit fini l’integralite et
l’integrite des principes actifs de la plante.
Le Ministere de la Sante reconnait la phytotherapie comme medecine, et propose une reglementation des A.M.M. (Autorisations de Mise sur le Marche) pour les specialites
pharmaceutiques a base de plantes.
1987 – 1988
ARKOPHARMA cree quatre filiales a l’etranger : Espagne, Italie, Etats-Unis, Royaume-Uni. Mise sur le marche des ARKOFLUIDES, gamme complete de gelules d’huiles faciles a absorber.
Chiffre d’affaires : 31,3 Meuro, effectif : 345 personnes.
1990 – 1991
ARKOPHARMA prend position sur le marche homeopathique en rachetant HOMEOPATHIE FERRIER.
Rachat des LABORATOIRES PHYTODIF, l’un de ses principaux concurrents dans le domaine de la phytotherapie. Construction d’une unite de production complementaire de 15 000 m2 .
1993 – 1994
ARKOPHARMA devient numero deux sur le marche ‘ minceur ‘ francais avec la gamme dietetique ARKOLINE.
Chiffre d’affaires : 78,4 Meuro, effectif : 681 personnes.
Nouvelle operation de croissance externe avec l’acquisition des LABORATOIRES VETERINAIRES ICC.
Introduction au Second Marche de la Bourse de Paris. Rachat des LABORATOIRES HOMEOPATHIE
COMPLEXE (L.H.C.). Construction de 15 000 m2 de locaux industriels et automatisation des expeditions.
Chiffre d’affaires : 97,1 Meuro, effectif : 865 personnes.
ARKOPHARMA est le premier laboratoire pharmaceutique a lancer la gelule 100 % d?origine vegetale. Tres forte croissance de l’activite a l’international (+ 50 %). La part des
ventes a l’etranger represente 31 % du chiffre d’affaires consolide.
Chiffre d’affaires : 111,9 Meuro, effectif : 916 personnes.
Rachat du distributeur belge, creation d’une filiale aux Pays-Bas. Implantation d’une nouvelle usine en Irlande. Transformation en societe a Directoire et Conseil de surveillance.
Chiffre d’affaires : 125,5 Meuro, effectif : 953 personnes.
Acquisition d’OAKMONT aux Etats-Unis (CA = 7 Meuo en 1998) societe bien implantee dans les
6000 points de vente americains du ‘ Health food channel ‘ et leader aux U.S.A. sur le marche
des acides gras essentiels. Creation de la societe BURGUNDY, specialisee dans la production
d’extraits de plantes et de produits naturels.
Chiffre d’affaires : 137,2 Meuro, effectif : 1 026 personnes.
ARKOPHARMA a ‘ 20 ANS ‘, acquisition de NUTRASENSE AUSTRALIA PTY Ltd (CA = 2,7 Meuro). Disposant d’une forte notoriete, NUTRASENSE va permettre d’accelerer la croissance des ventes du Groupe en Australie, en Nouvelle Zelande ainsi qu’en Asie du Sud-Est. Succes confirme des produits leaders
du Groupe : PHYTO SOYA (troubles de la menopause).
Chiffre d’affaires : 158,8 Meuro, effectif : 1 130 personnes.
ARKOPHARMA met en place un nouveau reseau de vente en pharmacie en France. L’objectif est de permettre la commercialisation de lancements majeurs dans les annees a venir comme les phytodermocosmetiques PLANTE SYSTEM en 2002.
Chiffre d’affaires : 183,6 Meuro, effectif : 1 236 personnes.
Lancement des LABORATOIRES PLANTE SYSTEM et de la gamme de 16 produits de phytodermocosmetique.
Chiffre d’affaires : 204 Meuro, effectif : 1 340 personnes.
Acquisition de deux nouvelles filiales en Suisse : PAD et Phyto Pharma Medika. Creation d’ARKOPHARMA Canada. Succes de MINCEUR en France, une boisson minceur a base de 10 plantes.
Chiffre d’affaires : 227,8 Meuro, effectif : 1 500 personnes.
Mme Colette Robert recoit le prix Veuve Clicquot de la femme d’affaires de l’annee 2004.
Succes international de MINCEUR qui devient le produit N?1 du Groupe.
Chiffre d’affaires : 246,9 Meuro, effectif : 1 600 personnes.
Mise en service d’une nouvelle unitй de production en Italie. Lancement de la gamme OPTIMAL NUTRITION, nouvelle gamme originale de complйments alimentaires.
2007: La sociйtй est absorbйe par la sociйtй IMARKO du 18 juillet 2007. les actions sont radiйes sur Euronext Paris.
Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture of natural medicines and related pharmaceutical products from plant extracts
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