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The company, based in Denmark, is engaged in the design and manufacture of memory upgrades and Personal Computer (PC) card products. It was set up in the 1992 by John Trolle. The company has its registered business headquarters located in Viby J, Aarhus in Denmark. This location houses its corporate offices, design center, and primary manufacturing facilities.
Since its establishment, the company has grown to be recognized as the leading European designer and manufacturer of memory upgrades and PC card products. Its product portfolio includes modules, memory cards, expansion boards, and PC card products for notebooks, desktops, servers, systems, x-stations, terminals, workstations, digital cameras, digital copiers, laser printers, image processors, print controllers, multi-function centers, fax machines, routers, and video cards. It also has a range of dram modules/boards, dram cards, flash memory modules, video memory modules, cache memory modules, and expansion boards. The company’s clients are active in the mobile computing, industrial, consumer, telecommunications, and data processing sectors.
Business Summary
March 23, 2001 Memory card Technology A/S has been acquired by Dataram Corporation (NASDAQ:DRAM) , assets for approximately $30 million, including transaction costs. The acquisition was funded with cash and credit facilities.
Description and history
Memory Card Technology, a publicly held company listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, is the leading European designer and manufacturer of Memory Upgrades and PC Card products, Our corporate offices, design center, and primary manufacturing facilities are in Aarhus, Denmark.
Memory Card Technology was founded in 1992 by John Trolle, President and CEO. He has combined the best of American management technique with a European style of doing business; a unique and proven winning combination.
Sales turnover has grown dramatically every year since the company started. Our level of commitment has increased with each new challenge, and today MCT enjoys a major share of the international memory upgrade market.
Since it’s founding, Memory Card Technology has been going through a constant process of evolution to enable it to successfully adapt to the ever changing needs of the market. Two of the latest exciting developments involving MCT are the establishment of a manufacturing operation in the USA and the addition of a division which will offer Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).
Memory Card Technology’s American manufacturing operation located in Carlsbad, California, allow us to meet the just-in-time delivery requirements our North and South American business partners expect of us. This throughly modern manufacturing facility will mirror the highly automated Fuji Pick and Placement system and Advantest test system used at the main Corporate manufacturing facility in Denmark.
Memory Card Technology offers electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for the electronics and IT industry. MCT has duplicated the great success we have had with our 3rd-party memory business to this exciting new aspect of our business by applying our Environment of Ease concept to industrial contract manufacturing. We offer a complete range of services to our EMS partners including design, purchase, prototyping, assembly, testing, international distribution and comprehensive after-sales support.
Memory Card Technology creates an ‘Environment of Ease’ for the customer. We make it easy and trouble-free to work with us, from the 15 different languages spoken by our nine sales offices, to the customer specific service and support we offer from our fully staffed international sales offices. We maintain adequate inventory in four different locations around the globe allowing us to offer overnight shipments to our customers in Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia.
The care and attention given to each individual customer translates into a business ‘comfort zone’. From before sale quotation to after sales follow-up, Memory Card Technology is there with all the resources and the relationships that you deserve.
Memory Card Technology has fully staffed sales offices at 21 locations in 16 countries.
Memory Card Technology’s philosophy is to be as close as possible to its customers, geographically, culturally and linquistically, in order to be perceived by customers as a ‘local choice’.
Memory Card Technology manufactures the widest range of memory products in the industry. We provide solutions for the office and for the road. Whatever you want, wherever you are, we have it!
Memory Card Technology stocks and ships more than 3500 different modules, memory cards, expansion boards and PC card products for:
Notebooks, Desktops, Servers, Systems, X-Stations, Terminals, Workstations, Digital Cameras, Digital Copiers, Laser Printers, Image Processors, Print Controllers, Multi-function Centers, Fax Machines, Routers, Video Cards.
DRAM Modules/Boards, DRAM Cards, SRAM Modules, EDO Memory Modules, SDRAM Modules, RAMBUS Modules, Flash Memory Modules, Video Memory Modules, Cache Memory Modules, Expansion Boards.
Memory Card Technology is on the leading edge of this exciting technology. In an increasingly mobile society, and travel oriented business environment, MCT is there with the answers:
Flash Cards
68-pin Type I card in ATA format, complying with PC Card standards. Attribute Memory on request.
Compact Flash Cards
MCT is a member of the Compact Flash Association (CFA). We supply Compact Flash cards and adapters for use in mobile computing, industrial and consumer applications.
SmartMedia Flash Cards
SmartMedia Flash cards, which are also known as SSFDC (Solid State Floppy Disk Card) cards, are now widely used in a variety of industrial, telecommunication, data processing and consumer applications.
SRAM Cards
68-pin Type I card complying with PC Card standards. With dual back-up battery design and built-in write protect switch.
Ethernet Card
MCT’s Ethernet Card supports all PC Card Type I compliant laptop and notebook computers.
PC Card Hard Drives
PC Card hard drives in Type III PC Card format are the ideal removable devices for portable, mobile and desktop solutions.
To maintain our position as the European standard of memory Products, we at Memory Card Technology extend our focus to include all aspects of quality control and service.
Total antistatic environment in all manufacturing, warehouses and test areas.
100% testing of all memory products before shipment.
Full Ten-Year Replacement Warranty on MCT memory products.
CE approval on all products
MCT’s in-house design engineers work with the latest chip technology available, including the latest in SDRAM and RAMBUS developments. Commitment to excellence begins here. All MCT designs meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. Custom design services for special needs are also possible.
Memory Card Technology is deeply committed to in-house production growth. MCT currently has twenty-four hour production with three manufacturing shifts.
Current production capacity is over 30,000 modules per day and growing as our customers’ requirements grow.
As the only European broadline manufacturer of memory upgrades, Memory Card Technology has a fully automated facility with state of the art, fully automated, Fuji Pick and Placement Systems and multizone reflow ovens.
MCT’s manufacturing system allows the use of leading edge chip technology, and assures customers the best quality and workmanship in the industry.
The production process is extremely detailed, careful and complex at Memory Card Technology with quality built into each phase.
From PCB (Printed Circuit Board) set up, to component Pick and Placement, to Laser Scanning, to Reflow oven, MCT ensures that the customer has the highest quality memory products that are built in the industry.
This is what MCT customers expect, and this is what they deserve!
MCT’s product testing procedures, centered around the Advantest test system, are among the finest in the industry. Each MCT memory product is 100% tested for form, fit and function. Only afterward is every tested module individually serial numbered and sent to packaging for shipment.

Set up by John Trolle

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Engaged in the design and manufacture of memory upgrades and Personal Computer (PC) card products

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