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Mikron Holding AG, with registered office in Biel, Switzerland, is a publicly quoted holding company whose group is engaged in the production of equipment and components predominantly for the automotive, medical/personal care and office equipment industries. Mikron Holding AG was founded in Biel in 1961 and went public in 1983.
Mikron Holding, through its subsidiaries, is a global partner to industrial manufacturers and a world leader in providing highly productive machining and assembling solutions. Mikron’s customers also include manufacturers of writing instruments, as well as companies in the electrical, electronic and consumer goods industries. The company divides its operations into two business segments: Mikron Machining Technology and Mikron Assembly Technology. Mikron Machining Technology develops and manufactures machining systems for the production of metal parts ranging in size from medium to very small. The segment also supplies its customers with its own cutting tools. Mikron Assembly Technology develops and manufactures high performance systems for the assembling of small and medium-sized sub-assemblies. Mikron’s assembly systems also fulfill the FDA/GAMP validation requirements for the production in the medtech industry.
Mikron Holding AG has subsidiary companies and representatives in 11 countries worldwide, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States, Japan, India and Taiwan.
Business Summary
The company engaged in the provision machines and systems in the field of manufacturing technology and assembly automation mainly for the automotive supply, medical technology/pharmaceutical, electrical/electronic and writing instrument industries. The Company divides its operations into three business divisions. Mikron Machining Technology division comprises the segments Automotive, Various Specialties, Office Equipment and Electronics, offering machining systems and solutions, cutting tools and refurbished machines. Mikron Assembly Technology division is divided into the segments Medical/Personal Care, Various Specialties, Automotive and Electronics, providing assembly systems and test solutions. The third division, Automation Solutions, specializes in automation of process steps and assembly automation. The Company operates through subsidiaries and sales representatives in Europe, mainly in Switzerland, as well as America, Asia and Australia. The company is headquartered in Biel, Switzerland.
Description and history
Balance sheet The current balance sheet can not be compared with last year’s, since the sale of the Plastics Technology division has been completed in the meantime. As a result, the total assets fell by CHF 49.6 M to CHF 290.7M. Both current and fixed assets fell accourdingly.

Current asset containes considerable resources held either as cash or cash equivalents or as short-term financial assets. The Mikron Group is planning to use these to expand its business.

The property which continues to be used by the milling machine business, a former membet of the Mikron Gruoup, and by Plastics Technology is disclosed under fixed assets. This property generated a return in line with the market and will in future be disclosed as investment property.

The balance sheet shows an incread equity ratio of 67% ( 2004: 61%)

* Discontinued Operations on Dec 12 2005, the components segment was solde to a group of Swiss Investors as below detail. Through thsi transaction Kikron sold 9 companies, speciallized in the production of plastic components.

* Plastic Technology division was sold
The Board of Director has conducted a sle process for the Plastics Technology. The highest was determined by auction and comes from a group of investors organized around Anton Affentranger, which includes among others Johann N. Schnieider-Ammann and the current head of the Plastic Technology division Jorg P. Hotz. As membets of the Board of Directors and investors of Kilron, Johann N. Schineider- Ammann and Anton Affentranger are considered as related parties of Mikron.
The company’s shares were listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange on Aug 2, 1996, under the code of 339006.

Founded in Biel

Description in German
Mikron konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung der Produktionssysteme, waehrend’ Bestandteile ‘segmentieren, der Fokus ist auf hoher Massenproduktion der Bestandteile und der Baugruppen fuer Fertigwaren.
2.11.2001 JS
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Holding company whose group is engaged in the production of equipment and components predominantly for the automotive, medical/personal care and office equipment industries
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