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Nikko Electronics Berhad is a publicly quoted firm engaged in the manufacture and wholesale trade of radio operated and controlled toys. It was formerly known as Nikko Electronics Sdn Bhd and incorporated in September of 1988. The company is an affiliate of Nikko Co., Ltd., a Japanese radio control toys manufacturer. The company’s products are distributed primarily in Malaysia, the United States of America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong. The company is based in Prai, Malaysia. Its production facilities are located in Prai and Parit Buntar, Malaysia. The Prai factory caters mainly low and medium end toys while the other plant serves as a satellite to support Prai’s activities.
Nikko Electronics Berhad is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NIKE. Its primary objective is to fulfill the dreams of children around the world by creating quality, innovative, and sophisticated product designs.
Business Summary
The Company is an affiliated company of radio control toys manufacturer Nikko Co Ltd (Nikko Japan).
The principal activities of the Company are the manufacture and sales of radio controlled toys. The principal activity of the subsidiary company consists of trading in radio controlled toys, electronic and toy related products.
Description and history
The Company is an affiliated company of radio control toys manufacturer Nikko Co Ltd (Nikko Japan). It manufactures medium to high-end radio-controlled toys. The Company’s radio-controlled toys and those manufactured by Dongguan Rixing presently dominate the European radio-controlled toy market with an overall market share of 42% and 33% in the US market. About 98% of the RC toys produced are for the export market.
The Company’s manufacturing plants commenced operations in Prai and Parit Buntar in March 1989 and July 1993 respectively. The factory in Prai was set up as a full-fledged manufacturing unit to produce mainly low and medium-end RC toys and the Parit Buntar factory as a satellite assembly plant to support the Prai factory. Another factory was set up in Johor Bahru in February 1993 to support the manufacturing operations of Nikko Electronics Toy Pte Ltd (Nikko Singapore) as a subcontractor.
From 1996 onwards, the Johor Bahru factory began acting as an OEM plant to Nikko Singapore. At the end of 1997, the Johor Bahru factory ceased operations, while Nikko Singapore ceased operations in February 1998. All the high-end RC toys production of Nikko Singapore was subsequently transferred to Nikko in April 1998.
In June 2001, the Company announced that it is test-running a weather alert radio (WAR), solely for export to the US. The WAR with or without a map is a device that provides weather-related information to users who frequently have to travel long-haul and require immediate weather conditions of their destination such as temperature, typhoon, fog, hurricane, sleet or snow. Prototypes of WAR will be sent to US targeted customers before July 2001. Also, the Company is carrying out R&D work on a product called Windows Media Audio (WMA), an upgraded version of the existing MP3 walkman. Test-production of the WMA will start by July 2001.

Delisted from Bursa Malaysia Securities effective from 27 July 2010.

Formerly known as Nikko Electronics Sdn Bhd

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Engaged in the manufacture and wholesale trade of radio operated and controlled toys

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