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Obducat AB is a publicly quoted company engaged in the development and supply of technologies, products and processes for the production of advanced micro and nano structures for research and manufacturing. The company was founded by Henri Bergstrand and Lennart Olsson in 1989 as a company with the purpose of simplifying the technology for developing matrices in the manufacture of CDs.
Obducat is the world-leading supplier of lithography solutions for manufacturing and replication of advanced micro- and nano scale structures. The company develops and sells lithography solutions for production and replication of advanced micro- and nanostructures for industrial mass production and for research and development. The company’s products include EBR-200 electron beam recorders, EBR-200 LaB and EBR TFE, serving the demands of companies in the areas of information storage, semiconductors and sensor industries. Other products include nano imprint lithography (NIL) systems for imprinting on Si, GaAs and InP substrates, as well as on polymers, ceramics and metal substrates. Obducat also offers Scanning electron microscopes for metrology purposes.
The company’s goal is to provide its customers with viable and cost-effective lithography solutions that will give them a competitive edge, enabling them to deliver break-through applications and achieve improved profitability and success.
The company is active in Europe, Asia, and North America. The company’s headquarters is located in Malmoe (Sweden). The company has a service center in Limhamn. Customers of the company include Dai Nippon Printing, INHA University, Jilin University, LG Electronics Inc., Peking University, Chalmers University of Technology, Lund University, Micro Resist Technology, Max-Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics, Technical University of Munich, University of Cambridge, University of Twente, Intel Corporation, North Carolina State University, General Electrics Plastics, Stanford University, and University of California, Los Angeles.
Business Summary
Obducat AB is a supplier of lithography solutions for the manufacturing and replication of advanced micro and nanoscale structures for mass replication, as well as for research and development purposes.
Description and history
Obducat AB is a supplier of lithography solutions for the manufacturing and replication of advanced micro and nanoscale structures for mass replication, as well as for research and development purposes. The Company’s product portfolio includes: electron beam recorder (EBR), which is an electron-based lithography system used to produce existing and future stamps for optical and magnetic storage media; Eitre nano imprint lithography (NIL) system, which offers a range of imprint methods, using thermal- and ultraviolet (UV) imprint, as well as simultaneous thermal and UV (STU) imprint; Sindre NIL systems, designed for fully and semi-automated high volume production, and stampers for pattern replication of features ranging from sub-50 nanometers (nm) up to the micrometer scale. The Company’s subsidiaries include: Obducat Technologies AB, Obducat MNP AB, Obducat UK Ltd, Xicon Battery Electronics AB, SmarTag AB and Obducat Inc.

The Obducat shares are traded on the Swedish NGM (Nordic Growth Market) list.

Obducat was established by Lennart Olsson and Henri Bergstrand in 1989 to develop a simplified technology to manufacture matrices for the production of CD-discs. During these efforts, the etching technique that formed the basis for the EtchTech operation was developed.

The development of DIMAS, a unique mastering system for CD and DVD, is initiated.

Obducat shares are publicly traded on the InnovationsMarknaden, Stockholm, Sweden, after a heavily over-subscribed issue of new shares.
EtchTech is established to commercialize the Obducat etching technique in areas outside the core business.

EtchTech acquires 57 percent of Xicon AB, a company working in the area of microstructures, and its subsidiaries Xicon Battery Electronics AB and SmarTag AB.
CamScan Electron Optics, a British company that manufactures scanning electron microscopes, is acquired as a strategic move in the development work of E-beam lithography.

Obducat becomes publicly traded on the Stockholm Borsinformation (SBI) list, Sweden.
A subsidiary in the U.S. is established.
Obducat acquires unique technology for mass production of nano structures. The nano technology is primarily of concern for producers of biosensors, semiconductors, and hard disks.
Obducat signs an agreement with a leading manufacturer in Germany regarding a technical evaluation of EFAACE for industrial production of PCBs (printed ciruit boards).
Obducat gets its first DIMAS order from Taiwan. The buyer is ITRI, a national research institute that evaluates technology advances for Taiwanese industry.

Obducat receives an order for the development of new PCBs (printed ciruit board) from Holland.
Obducat makes first shipment of an electron beam recorder for rotating media to ITRI in Taiwan.
Obducat receives a prestigious order for high-tech equipment from CERN, Switzerland.
A technical evaluation of EFAACE validates the technique for industrial production.
Obducat receives an order worth 20 million SEK for two e-beam systems from Asia.
Obducat receives an order from Germany for a scanning electron microscope. The customer is one of Europe?s leading electronic components suppliers to the automobile industry.
Obducat receives first order for nano imprint equipment.

Obducat ships first nano imprint equipment.
Obducat receives an order from IBM for development project using electron beam technology.
Obducat starts cooperation in etch technology with Siemens.
72% increased sales of Obducat CamScan scanning electron microscopes compared to previous year.
Several patents granted for components made directly into printed circuit boards.
Obducat enhances the development of the EBR-200 electron beam recorder to meet the specifications for next generation of optical discs of 25 Gb.
Basic patent granted for Obducat’s nano imprint technology, NIL, as well as two more vital NIL-patents.
Patent granted in the U.S. for one of Obducat’s basic etch technologies.
Obducat receives orders for nano imprint equipment from two U.S. universities.
New share issue is announced for January 2002 with the subscription rate of SEK 1.01.
New order for NIL-equipment from LTH, Lund, Sweden.
Obducat sells Xicon assets excluding patents and patent applications.

NIL-order received from Spain.
Another NIL patent granted which covers the production process in stamp manufacturing.
NIL-order from Switzerland for a NIL-machine for industrial purposes. The order includes an option to buy three more NIL-machines.
SEM-order to Iran with order value of MSEK 1.2.
SEM-order to Germany with order value of MSEK 1.2.
Another important NIL-patent granted.
Obducat Board of Directors accept and close the new share issue at a subscription rate of 71.7 per cent which equals MSEK 42.8.
A NIL-machine sold to the MC2-laboratory at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The parties also signed a cooperation agreement.
A NIL-machine sold to the University of Glasgow.
Obducat signs a joint development agreement with one of the largest companies in the USA.
Obducat receives order for a NIL-machine from one of the worlds leading producers of semiconductors. The equipment will be used for industrial test production.
The first order for a 6′ industrial NIL is received.
First industrial NIL gets shipping approval from leading semiconductor company.
Obducats NIL technology make a breakthrough on the Asian market with the order of a 2.5′ NIL from National Taiwan University.

In the third quarter of the year an internal merge took place resulting in the remaining subsidiary companies Obducat Development AB and Obducat Xion AB merging with the parent company.
Obducat was awarded the `Super Small Technology Award at the highly regarded international Nano Tech 2003 fair in Tokyo. Obducat was the only non-Japanese company to receive an award.
The quotation volume increased constantly throughout the year and client projects in the areas of semi-conductors, magnetic storage media and display technique.

In January a directed share issue of SEK 13.2 million was launched for the nanotechnology fund H&A Lux Dac Nanotech. The issue was seen as a breakthrough in attracting foreign institution ownership.
In January an extraordinary General Meeting was held in which the Board decided to carry out a contact issue of a convertible subordinated loan of SEK 50.4 million directed to the company s current shareholders, and an issue with a right of set-off of SEK 17.7 million, directed to the company s holders of convertible subordinated loans ending in May 2004. The capital raised was used to complete the development work on mass production equipment, establish service and support functions, strengthen the sales force, and guarantee the capacity for further research and development.
Obducat took part in an EU-financed nano project with a total budget of EUR 16 million. EU s sixth framework programme formed a consortium – Emerging Nanopattering Methods (NaPa) whose role is to manage research and develop, among other things, production techniques for nanostructuring and multifunctional polymer.

At an extra General Meeting in April the Board unanimously agreed to launch a new preferential share issue. In May Obducat carried out a warranty issue of SEK 54 million after issue and warranty cost.
The capital contribution made it possible to continue with an aggressive development strategy, which resulted in new supplementary inventions and improvement to existing techniques. The company focused on becoming market leaders in the mass production of Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) technology. As a result, Obducat is the only player on the global market to have installed 50 machines. Obducat s industrial clients include among other leading global companies, GE Plastics, LG Electronics, Dai Nippon Printing, Fujitsu, TDK and Samsung.

In February Obducat received its first breakthrough order for a NIL machine.
In that year Samsung launched a consumer electronics product containing components produced by the industrial customer in question. The breakthrough impacted positively on other ongoing industrial customer contacts. Obducat entered into agreement with Thomson regarding a development programme focusing on Obducat’s EBR and NIL technologies.
Obducat signed an agreement with Canon MJ aimed at marketing Obducat’s products on the Japanese market. The agreement with Canon MJ also incorporated a statement of mutual intent to conclude a distribution agreement, which was signed in the beginning of next year.
During 2006 a new electron beam column was also launched, reinforcing the product platform for both EBR and SEM. In connection with the launching Obducat received its first order for the new SEM product, called Apollo, from Imperial College in London. At the end of the year Obducat’s new system for mass production was completed. The machine, named Sindrer, was unveiled at a grand launch event in the beginning of 2007.

Launching of Sindrer , the HVM machine and core product in Obducat’s mass production system and at the same time the collaboration agreement with Canon MJ and Obucat is supplemented by the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement. In April a NIL order is received from STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s biggest producers of semiconductors, as part of the co-operation on bio and hybrid components. Epistar, world-leading in LED, places an order for a Sindrer system for commercial production purposes. Two Apollo orders are received as well as an order X500, a unique Obducat CamScan product that enables high temperature microscopy. The American patent authority grants a patent involving the EBR technology in the hard disk application area, more specifically an exposure strategy enabling improved stamps with patterns for pattern media, the next generation hard disk technology. The patent portfolio comprises a total of 226 current patent application of which 112 patents granted.

Order secured from Singapore based DSI (Data Storage Institute), one of the world’s most outstanding research and development centres in the information storage industry and is valued at SEK 4 million.
In April Obducat’s and Canon MJ’s first two joint orders in Japan were received.One concerned a semi-automatic Sindre system for the production of LED components, and the other a development system for displays. The value of the order is about SEK 10 million. In April an agreement was signed with a leading leading global maker of hard disk substrates intended for the Sindrer HDD (Hard Disk Drive) mass production sytem. The agreement marks the beginning of a collaboration leading to the supply of a customised Sindrer HDD system ready for production. The end-customer order value is SEK 36 million, Obducat’s biggest ever order by a margin. The agreement incorporates an option for the end customer to purchase antoher Sindrer HDD system as well as an EBR system at an approximated end-customer value of another SEK 30 million.
In the third quarter Obducat secured an order valued at SEK 22.5 million from Taiwan-based Luxtaltek Corporation. The order concerned a Sindrer 400 system for mass production of photonic crystals in light emitting diodes, and a Sindrer 60 system. An agreement involving consumable products at a potential value of SEK 80 million during a period of 3-5 years was also signed. In October Obducat received the EuroAsia IC Industry Award in the MicroNanoSystems Innovation category for its dedicated mass production lithography tool Sindre.

Founded by Henri Bergstrand and Lennart Olsson as a company with the purpose of simplifying the technology for developing matrices in the manufacture of CDs

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Engaged in the development and supply of technologies, products and processes for the production of advanced micro and nano structures for research and manufacturing
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