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The company is a privately held firm that is engaged in the activities of a mold maker of high precision plastic injection molds. The firm was incorporated in 1989 and has its registered corporate office in Singapore City, Singapore.
The company is a prototype mold construction. It serves multinational (original equipment manufacturers) OEMs operating in the Asia/Pacific region. The company operates an approximately 45,000 square feet facility.
The company has obtained the ISO 9001 certification in compliance with the Quality Management System.
Business Summary
Omni Mold Ltd designs, manufactures, markets, and exports high precision steel moulds, while its subsidiary companies are principally engaged in: product design consultancy, mold flow services and design, invetsment holding, e-commerce, trading and manufacturing, provison of internet services, sales, marketing, laison, co-ordination, and technical support.
Description and history
The Company commenced production about a year after its formation on 18 November 1989. It specialises in the design and production of high tonnage, high precision plastics injection moulds for the moulding of plastics chassis, and casings for the computer, telecommunication, automotive, and electronic industries.

These products include personal computers, workstations, notebook computers, monitors, printers, plotters, telephones, cellular phones, pagers, car lamps and sun-roofs, speakers, transmitters, antennae, and bar code scanners. It grew rapidly with the demand for high precision, high tonnage mould-making capacity in Singapore.

The Company’s customer base now extends beyond the regional markets to countries in Europe and America. It is currently looking for new manufacturing locations in the region.


1989: Company formed by Loh Sien Chi, a former Hewlett-Packard engineer and Chen Wu-Chang, the founding Chairman of Hon Yi– a high tonnage mold maner in Taipei, Taiwan.

1990: Omni Mold begins production in Singapore focusing on high tonnage and high precision molds for plastic chassis and casings for the computer, telecommunication, automotive, and electronic industries.

1991: Neo Age Seng joins Omni Mold and recruits experienced toolmakers, designers, and machinists to become independent from Hon Yi.

1992: Profits after tax surpass S$1 million.

1993: Sales surpass S$10 million.

1998: Phoenix, Arizona, USA-based The Tech Group takes a 19.5% stake in Omni Mold and Steven Kent Uhlmann becomes Chairman of both companies.

1999: Sales reach S$23 million, up 64% over 1998. Omni Mold opens an Ultra Precision Tool Room to enter medical/life sciences market.

2000: Sales pass S$33 million, up 45% over 1999 and profit after tax surpasses S$3 million. The new Ultra Precision Division contributes more than S$5 million, or 15% of revenue. The Tech Group acquires a large mold making facility in China.

The Board of Directors of Tech Group Asia Ltd (‘Tech Group Asia’) and Omni Mold Ltd (‘Omni Mold’) announce that merger between Tech Group Asia and Omni Mold has been lodged with the Registrar of Companies and Businesses. Accordingly, the Scheme becomes effective on 18 October 2003. Following the effectiveness of the Scheme, Omni Mold becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Tech Group Asia.

Business Line
Engaged in the activities of a mold maker of high precision plastic injection molds

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51, Joo Koon Circle

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Phone: +65 6861 1161
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