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The company is a Brazil based enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of natural gas, fertilizers and related products, as well as the provision of systems of telecommunications for cable and radio. The company’s registered business office is based in Rio De Janeiro RJ, Brazil.
The company operates as a subsidiary of Etroleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, a Brazil based company engaged in the manufacture of oil and natural gas liquids.
The company operates under the supervision and management of Percy Louzada de Abreu, who is the company’s president. It is also affiliated with the Pricewaterhousecoopers, which serves as the company’s banker.
Business Summary
Petrobras Gas (Gaspetro) is a Petrobras subsidiary created to undertake all gas-related activities: service-providing, transport, marketing, storing and processing of natural gas and liquefied natural gas. It is also involved in power generation. Gaspetro operates telecommunications services for Petrobras through its two subsidiaries.
Description and history
Gaspetro, almost 100% owned by Petrobras, was incorporated in May 1998, to undertake projects for the growth of the natural gas market and use the space available in the oil and gas pipelines to install communication cables. In order to accomplish this objective, the company has been undertaking projects in partnership through holdings in the capital of other companies. One of the few projects was the technical and economic feasibility studies of projects, such as the Bolivia-Brazil and Uruguaiana-Porto Alegre gas pipelines. The Company has also been participating in other projects relating to the development of the Brazilian gas market, such as the Araucбria thermoelectricity plant in the State of Paranб, the Uruguaiana-Porto Alegre gas pipeline in Rio Grande do Sul, and the production flow gas pipelines in the Urucu region in the Amazon, for example. The company is also involved in projects for the use of space in gas and oil pipelines to install fiber optics for communication purposes.

The company is responsible for the whole transportation, marketing and storage structure, and is also qualified to act on the international market and operate gas plants in the liquefying, receiving and re-vaporization processes. It is also involved in a number of thermoelectricity generation projects by supplying natural gas to plants all over Brazil.

Description in Portuguese
PETROBRAS GAS S.A. GASPETRO .- Tem por como proposito estatutario a producao, o comercio, a importacao, exportacao, a armazenagem, o transporte e a distribuicao de gas natural, de gas liquefeito de petroleo e de gases raros de quaisquer origens, de fertilizantes, suas materias e produtos correlatos, de energia termeletrica, de sinais de dados, voz e imagem por meio de sistemas de telecomunicacoes por cabo e radio, transporte de gas natural.
Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture and sale of natural gas, fertilizers and related products, as well as the provision of systems of telecommunications for cable and radio
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65, Avenue Republica Do Chile
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