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Polychem Indonesia Tbk, formerly known as PT. GT Petrochem Industries Tbk, is an Indonesian company engaged in the production of chemical and polyester for the textile industry. Incorporated in 1986, the company is one of the leading polyester and polyester related chemical company in Indonesia. It has its head office located in Jakarta.
Polychem Indonesia has two business divisions: Chemical, which produces one main product (mono-ethylene glycol or MEG) and two by-products (di-ethylene glycol or DEG, and tri-ethylene glycol or TEG); and Polyester, which comprises of polyester filament and polyester staple fiber. About 27 % of the MEG productions was consumed by the company’s polyester division. Other main consumers of MEG are polyester synthetic fiber manufacturers and polyester terephtalate (PET) resin producers. DEG is used in the unsaturated polyester resin industry, brake fluid industry and additive oil industry, while TEG is used in gas dehydration process and chemical cleaning purposes.
The company has two polyester facilities located in Tangerang and Karawang; and three chemical plants in Merak. Its Tangerang and Karawang plants produces 210,000 tons of polymer per year. Its chemical plants has an annual production capacity of 216,000 tons of ethylene glycol (EG).
Polychem Indonesia is a member of Indonesian Synthetic Fiber Makers Association (APSyFI), which comprises 14 members engaged in the production of polyester staple fiber, polyester filament yarn and nylon filament yarn in Indonesia.
Business Summary
The Company has two business divisions; i.e, chemicals and polyester, which manufacture products for textile industry.
Description and history
The Company is one of the largest nylon, polyester and rayon tire cord manufacturers in Southeast Asia.
The Company was established based on deed No. 62 dated on April 25, 1986. The scope of its activities is to manufacture nylon cord, polyester chips, polyester filaments, engineering plastic, engineering resin, ethylene glycol, polyester staple fiber and petrochemical, and to engage in knitting, weaving and textile industry.
The Company started its commercial operations in 1990.
The Company’s History:
The Company’s Polyester Division was established in 1978, followed by the Chemical Division in 1989. The Polyester production started in 1980 and in 1993, the Nylon and Ethylene Glycol plants were started-up. In 1998, the SBR plant was put on stream, followed by Ethoxylate in 1999.
In the same year 1999, the Company also expanded and constructed the biggest single-plot Polyester plant in Indonesia with a capacity of 300 ton per day, and also started on the second Nylon plant.
The Company’s main priority is the quality of its products, process-licensed by leading world-class technologies namely Scientific Design Inc., USA for the production of Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene Glycol, and Ethoxylate; Zimmer AG, Germany for the Polyester and Nylon productions. Another leading world-class licensor, Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd. of Japan provided the Company with the license for SBR production.

Formerly known as PT. GT Petrochem Industries Tbk

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Produces chemical and polyester for the textile industry

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34, Jalan Daan Mogot Km21 Batu Ceper Desa Poris Plawad

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Phone: +62 21 551 2896
Fax: +62 21 551 2194
Country address: INDONESIA
Website url: www.polychemindo.com