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PULSION Medical Systems AG is a German developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices to diagnose, monitor, and treat critically ill patients. The company is the worldwide leading specialists for intelligent medical diagnosis and therapy management systems. It was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ulrich Pfeiffer. Its headquarters is located in Munich, Germany.
The company’s main products include PiCCO, CeVOX, LiMON, ICG-PULSION, CiMON and IC-VIEW. The PiCCO system is a physiological monitor providing minimally invasive, continuous monitoring of hemodynamic parameters. CeVOX is a device for monitoring levels of central venous oxygen saturation to calculate oxygen supply. LiMON is a monitor that facilitates measurement of the excretory liver function based on elimination of the introduced green dye, ICG-PULSION. ICG-PULSION is a drug used in cardiac, circulatory and micro-circulatory diagnostics, liver function diagnostics and ophthalmic angiography diagnostics. CiMON technology, on the other hand, enables thoracic and abdominal pressure to be monitored continuously, while IC-VIEW is used to obtain images of perfusion in human tissue.
PULSION Medical Systems AG formed a strategic alliance with Philips Medical Systems to offer the PiCCO technology as integrated module. It also formed a strategic alliance with Drдger Medical to bring PiCCO technology to Infinity patient monitors. The result of this collaboration is the Infinity PiCCO SmartPod. The company partners with SEDA S.p.A. to distribute PULSION equipment in Italy. The company grants license to Schiller AG for PiCCO and CeVOX technologies. The company also added GE Healthcare and Spacelabs Medical to its list of partners.
PULSION Medical Systems AG is active in Australia, Spain, France, Great Britain, Benelux and the United States through its subsidiaries. The company’s products are marketed worldwide, particularly in Europe, Australia, North America, South and Middle America, Asia and Africa, by way of its own sales channels or secondary distribution.
PULSION Medical Systems AG was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation & Leadership of the Year Award in Miami on November 9th, 2005 at the “Excellence in Best Practices Award” banquet and with the Top 100 Innovators Germany Award at the Zugspitze in the German Alps on June 23rd, 2006.
Business Summary
The Company is a life science company which specializes in intensive care systems.
Description and history
The Company is a life science company which specializes in intensive care systems. It provides customers with medical diagnostics, monitoring and therapy control systems. The Munich-based company, which was established in 1990, develops, manufactures and markets two groups of products: The first group comprises minimally invasive systems, which are primarily used in intensive care and during anesthesia for monitoring cardiovascular functions and related sterile one-way articles. The Company’s pharmaceuticals division markets the authorized diagnostic drug ICG-PULSION. The Company is represented internationally by six subsidiaries.

Founded by Dr. Ulrich Pfeiffer

Description in German
Seit der Grьndung 1990 hat sich PULSION konsequent zu einem der weltweit fьhrenden Spezialisten auf dem Gebiet intelligenter medizinischer Diagnose- und Therapiemanagement-Systeme entwickelt.
Mit PULSIONs innovativen Produkten konnte ein Paradigmenwechsel in der Steuerung der Herz-/Kreislauftherapie kritisch kranker Patienten begrьndet werden.

Zum Portfolio gehцren neben den Produktlinien zur hдmodynamischen Steuerung auch Systeme zur Ьberwachung der Funktion und Durchblutung verschiedener anderer Organe und Gewebe. Das Unternehmen setzt seit vielen Jahren konsequent seine medizinische und technologisch herausragende Kompetenz in Produktinnovationen um. Die sich ergдnzenden Produktlinien und die Einzigartigkeit spezieller physiologischer Parameter manifestieren die auЯerordentlich gute Aufstellung PULSIONs im stark wachsenden Markt der Patientenьberwachung.

Der Hauptsitz von PULSION ist in Mьnchen. Zudem wurden Tochtergesellschaften in England, Frankreich, Belgien, Spanien, Australien und in den USA aufgebaut.

Die Hauptentwicklungsgebiete der PULSION Produkte und Technologien sind in den Bereichen Anдsthesie, operative und internistische Intensivmedizin, Kardiologie, aber auch in der Ophthalmologie und der Chirurgie angesiedelt. Die praxisorientierten Diagnose- und Therapiesteuerungssysteme mit hohem klinischem Anspruch und die Entwicklung gerдtebezogener Einmalartikel sind die Stдrken der PULSION Medical Systems AG.
Business Line
Develops, manufactures and markets of medical devices to diagnose, monitor, and treat critically ill patients
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