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Company Overview
Realco is a Belgian-based company which is primarily engaged in the manufacture of soap and detergents. The company started in 1968, through research, development, manufacture and market of unique products for cleaning and waste water treatment using chemical and biochemical expertise.
Realco is the expert in the field of biotechnology products for cleaning, waste water treatment and animal husbandry. The company’s product includes the OXYGEN brand name which is developing in three key areas: effectiveness, biotechnology and environment.
Realco’s research and development department works with various companies, universities (UCL, ULB, ULG) and research institutes (CELABOR, CRA) in order to accelerate technology and knowledge transfer and thereby enhance the Department’s research potential.
The company has partnership agreements with Mitsui and Shikoku, a leading player in the Japanese chemical industry. The company is also present in former Eastern Bloc countries (Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Baltic States) where significant growth prospects are available. The company is also active in these countries: Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Estonia, Egypt, and Sweden.
The company has registered office address located in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. It is a private company limited by shares in legal form and was incorporated in June of 1991. The company’s global ultimate owner is the Societe Regionale D’Investissement De Wallonie.
Business Summary
The Company specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of biotechnological cleaning and waste water treatment products for use by individuals and professionals. Net sales break down by family of products as follows:
Enzymatic purification products;
Pool maintenance products ;
Cleaning products.
Description and history
The Company is an environmental biotechnology group that specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of enzymatic products and processes used for cleaning and purification.
In addition to cleaning and purification products for consumers and professionals (food industry, purification plants, and utilities), The Company is active in niche sectors such as biomethanization, membrane filter cleaning, and biofilm removal.
For over 30 years, our `R&D department (Research and Development) has worked constantly to design new products, improve manufacturing processes and develop new applications. Research results enable REALCO to regularly market innovative products that best meet customers special requirements.
The Company’s reputation lies in its capacity to create enzyme based products based on biotechnological research, through its own R&D Department and through working with the UCL and ULB universities. Enzymes are natural (protein) molecules that have unbeatable cleaning powers and that accelerate the waste water purification process. The Company was the first to introduce enzymes into industrial detergents because of their exceptional cleaning power.
In order to effectively meet the expectations of each type of customer, our commercial activities are grouped under 3 distinct divisions: Business to Business (BtoB), Business to Consumer (BtoC) and Export.
The BtoB division offers detergent and waste water treatment products intended for industry and institutions:
Institutions (hospitals, schools, factories, etc.):
A range of products based on enzymes and bacteria-enzyme combinations that fulfil all requirements for cleaning (meeting HACCP standards) and elimination of biofilm.
The food industry: Products cater for 4 fundamental needs: floors and surfaces, tunnel washers, production entities (CIP= Cleaning-In-Place), and grease removal tanks and membrane filters.
Purification stations: The Company has developed a unique process for converting substances that are not easily treatable into readily assimilable material.
BtoC offers products intended for individual users. Key elements are effectiveness and environment. Waste water treatment products, cleaning and maintenance products and swimming pool water treatment products are sold through the following distribution channels:
Large food supermarkets
DIY and garden centre chains
Independents (hardware stores)
Export: The Company’s products are also available in many countries including France, Spain, ltaly and other major European countries.
Through partnership agreements with Mitsui and Shikoku (leading players in the Japanese chemical industry), REALCO has launched products for both consumers and industry on the Japanese market.
The Company is also present in former Eastern Bloc countries (Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Baltic States, etc.) where significant growth prospects are available.
The Company was founded on June 14 , 1991 .
The Company was listed on Euronext Brussels – Marche Libre on June 7 , 2006.

Started through research, development, manufacture and market of unique products for cleaning and waste water treatment using chemical and biochemical expertise

Description in French
La Sociйtй est une sociйtй belge implantйe dans le Parc Scientifique de Louvain-La-Neuve (а 30km au sud de Bruxelles), est LE spйcialiste en matiиre de biotechnologie appliquйe au nettoyage, au traitement des eaux usйes et а l’йlevage.
La Sociйtй est un groupe de biotechnologie environnementale spйcialisй dans le dйveloppement, la fabrication et la commercialisation de produits et de procйdйs enzymatiques dйdiйs au nettoyage et а l’йpuration.
Hormis les produits de nettoyage et d’йpuration destinйs aux consommateurs et aux professionnels (industrie alimentaire, stations d’йpuration et collectivitйs), le groupe se dйveloppe dans des secteurs de niche comme la biomйthanisation, le nettoyage des filtres а membrane ainsi que l’йlimination des biofilms.
Depuis plus de 30 ans, le dйpartement R&D (recherche et dйveloppement) travaille constamment а l’йlaboration de nouveaux produits, а l’amйlioration des procйdйs de fabrication et au dйveloppement de nouvelles applications. Le rйsultat de ces recherches permet а La Sociйtй de mettre rйguliиrement sur le marchй des produits innovateurs qui rйpondent au mieux aux exigences spйcifiques des clients.
La renommйe de La Sociйtй rйside dans la capacitй de l’entreprise а crйer des produits а base d’enzymes issues des recherches rйalisйes en biotechnologie, par son propre service R&D et en collaboration avec les universitйs UCL et ULB. L’enzyme, organisme naturel (protйine), a des qualitйs de nettoyage incomparables et accйlиre le processus d’йpuration des eaux usйes. La Sociйtй est le premier а avoir introduit les enzymes dans la dйtergence industrielle pour leurs qualitйs de nettoyage exceptionnelles.
Afin de rйpondre efficacement aux attentes de chaque type de client, les activitйs commerciales sont regroupйes au sein de 3 divisions distinctes : le Business to Business (BtoB), le Business to Consumer (BtoC) et l’exportation.
La division BtoB commercialise les produits de dйtergence et de traitement des eaux usйes qui sont destinйs aux industries et aux collectivitйs Les collectivitйs (hфpitaux, йcoles, usines, etc) :
Une gamme de produits basйs sur les enzymes et sur le mйlange bactйries/enzymes qui rйpond aux besoins en matiиre de nettoyage (rйponse aux normes HACCP) et d’йlimination des biofilms.
L’industrie alimentaire : Les produits couvrent 4 demandes fondamentales : les sols et surfaces, les tunnels de lavage, les entitйs de production (CIP= Cleaning In Place= Nettoyage En Place), les bacs а graisse et les filtres а membrane.
Les stations d’йpuration : La Sociйtй a mis au point un process unique de transformation des substances difficilement traitables en une matiиre facilement assimilable.
Le BtoC commercialise des produits destinйs aux particuliers. Les axes retenus sont efficacitй et environnement. Les produits de traitement des eaux usйes, de nettoyage et d’entretien ainsi que les produits de traitement des eaux de piscine sont mis sur le marchй par les canaux de distribution suivants :
Les grandes surfaces alimentaires
Les chaоnes de Bricolage-Jardinage
Les indйpendants (droguerie)
A l’exportation, les produits de La Sociйtй sont йgalement prйsents dans de nombreux pays, comme la France, l’Espagne, l’Italie et les autres principaux pays europйens.
Grвce а un contrat de partenariat avec les sociйtйs Mitsui et Shikoku (un des principaux acteurs de l’industrie chimique au Japon), La Sociйtй a mis sur le marchй japonais des produits destinйs aux consommateurs et а l’industrie.
La Sociйtй est aussi prйsent dans les anciens pays du bloc de l’est (Tchйquie, Pologne, Pays-Baltes,…) qui offrent des possibilitйs de croissance importante.
La Sociйtй a йtй crййe en 14 Juin 1991.
La Sociйtй est introduite en Euronext Brussels – Marchй Libre en 7 Juin 2006.
Business Line
Manufacture of soap and detergents

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