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Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. (SPIL) is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of wood products in India and internationally. Its product portfolio includes plywood, block board and veneers. It also involved in tea business. Founded in 1957, the company’s manufacturing facility was first established in Jeypore, Assam, the home of plywood manufacturing. Its registered business office is located in Kolkata, India. Sarda Plywood Industries is the flagship company of Chitlangia Group. The company’s plywood is a reconstituted wood based panel product that has a laminated construction in which the constituent parts are in the form of broad layers of piles. Its plywood products are traded under the brand names of DURO Pumaply, DURO Fireshield, DUROPLY, DERBYPLY, DUROCOAT, DUROTEAK, DUROPLATE, DUROCON, DUROFILM, DURIMARINE, DUROFLEX. Block boards, traded under the brand name Durobord, are reconstituted wood panel products, which are built a combination of agglomeration and lamination. The veneer products are crafted from the rarest timber species and natural American and European hardwoods. These products are distributed as DURO Pearl, DURO Masterpiece, and DURO Nature’s Signature. In addition, the company distributes its products throughout India, including Delhi, Orissa, Punjab, West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkland, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh.
Sarda Plywood aims to go beyond the product characteristics – termite proof, borer proof, boiling water proof and so on- to an entirely new dimension; the dimension of Reliability, the dimension of Trust.
Business Summary
The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of plywood , black tea.
Description and history
The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of plywood , black tea. The Company was incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Co. on June 26th,1957.
The company’s best selling plywood products brand named Duroply, Durobord, Durot eak and Pumaply are ackowledged market leaders with a reputation for high quality and durability.. The company stands out as one of the few manufactures commanding national presence in the market place.
– The focus of growth of the company has been mainly is export and import substitution areas, to earn conserve valuable
foreign exchange.
The Company manufacturing facility is well equipped with machineries and resources to produce any variety of plywood. Raw materials are sourced indigenously as well as from overseas. Quality Assurance methods at each stage of manufacturing process ensure quality from raw materials to finish. Research and Development is at the core of SPIL’s success story and the gamut of products under its banner speaks for themselves. In fact R&D efforts have resulted in continuous product upgradations, innovations and new product developments
The Company shares listed at Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.

Business Line
Manufacture and marketing of wood products in India and internationally

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North Block, 4th Floor
113, Park Street
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700 016, KOLKATA
Phone: +91 33 2265 2274
Fax: +91 33 2249 3675
Country address: INDIA
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