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Scirocco AB is a Swedish company that manufactures infrared identification (IRID) systems with tags and readers that have reading and writing distance. The company has a registered business office located in Kista, Sweden and was incorporated on April 1990.
Scirocco provides tags for providing an ID code and transporting data with objects. Its tags send out infrared light with ID frames when exposed to infrared light from a reader, energizer or any other light source.
Scirocco provides IRID system to install and use ultra-small readers with beam. It provides applications including to register lorries and trailers at gates and truck scales, to track trolleys and containers and to control factory flow-lines.
Scirocco provides readers to have an infrared receiver for ID codes and user data from the tags, and can also provide power to the tags from a built-in infrared LED array. It provides reading distances to the tag power by the use of energizers and by daylight.
Scirocco provides energizers to be used when more tag power is needed than what is available from a reader, and to remind of the infrared illuminators for CCTV-monitoring in the security industry. Its energizers comprise a halogen light source, chosen to match the reader characteristics and to match the specifications of lighting manufacturers.
Scirocco’s system comprises different accessories to facilitate the installation and use of the system. Its accessories are mounting brackets for the readers, adhesive pads for mounting of the ID tags to various surfaces, connection cables and terminals, sealing sets for outdoor installation, and energizer lamps.
Business Summary
Scirocco AB is a company that develops and markets infrared-based radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, called IRID systems, for the factory automation, as well as transport and logistics sector. The Company’s primary product is the Scirocco IRID system, which comprises Readers, Tags, Energizers and Accessories. The system utilizes infrared technology and is designed for operations in various environments and coexistence with other systems. Infrared light signals and lens technology are used for tag reading and writing, as well as to energize tags. The signals are generated by light emitting diodes (LED) and are coded to carry information, as well as to distinguish from other artificial light. Photo detectors are used to receive signals, where lens in reader is used to magnify the reading signals from tag, to define the zone borders and to block light from other directions to reach the receiver.
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Manufactures infrared identification (IRID) systems with tags and readers that have reading and writing distance

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