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Sectra AB, with headquarters in Linkцping, Sweden, is a Swedish IT and medical-technology company and one of the leading diagnostic imaging providers in Sweden. The company develops high-tech IT systems and technologies for medical systems, secure communication systems, and wireless information systems. It is a public limited company listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm and founded in 1978 by a professor and three doctoral students at Sweden’s Linkцping Institute of Technology.
Sectra develops and distributes easily used systems and products in the fields of: medical imaging systems for film-free digital processing of X-ray images and also develops the Sectra MicroDose mammography; secure communication systems for secure data communication and advanced radio systems; and in wireless information systems. It also delivers enterprise diagnostic imaging for 24/7 operation and offers a Windows-based enterprise Sectra PACS(TM) – Picture Archiving and Communication System – for large hospitals, hospital chains and other distributed environments.
In addition, in February 2007, the company provided radio encryption communications equipment (that covers between vehicles and troops in the field) used by the European Union’s Swedish-led Nordic rapid reaction force Nordic Battlegroup.
The company is an active company that primarily operates in Sweden and in Norway, Finland, Germany and the USA.
Business Summary
Sectra AB is a technology company which has two business areas: Secure Communication Systems and Medical Systems.

1) Secure Communications Systems provides encryption products for secure voice and data communications, as well as develops customer-specific products for secure communication. Its main customers include government authorities and defense departments primarily within the European market.

2) Medical Systems offers information technology (IT)-systems and products for radiology, mammography and orthopedic departments, as well as modalities for mammography examinations. Its main customers include public and private hospitals and healthcare providers, principally within the markets of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
Description and history
The Company is a Swedish high-technology company that is engaged in two main business areas: medical systems and secure communication systems. The Company is involved in the provision of radiology image management systems. Its main offerings include Sectra PACS (picture archiving and communication system), a solution for the digital radiology department; Sectra MicroDose Mammography, a digital mammography system optimized for high volume screening; the Sectra Orthopedic Package, a total solution aimed to fulfill the needs of orthopedic clinics, and the Sectra Osteoporosis Package, which addresses the need for an early and precise osteoporosis assessment. Sectra Secure Communications Systems develops secure mobile communication systems and high-speed encryption for telecom and data lines. Its customers are primarily defense forces and government authorities with strict demands on communications security.

1978 the Company is founded by Professor Ingemar Ingemarsson and his three doctoral students Rolf Blom, Robert Forchheimer and Viiveke Fak at the Linkoping Institute of Technology. The Company started as a sideline to its founders’ academic research, with a focus on consulting services in the areas of data security and image coding. Three of the Company’s founders are still associated with the Company in an ownership and advisory capacity.

Mid-1980s – New guidelines for future operations. The Company makes the transition from consulting operations to developing and selling products and system solutions.

1987 the Company receives its first contract from the Swedish Defense. It concerns the development of an encryption module and marks the beginning of the Company’s focus on data security and encrypted communications systems for defense departments and public authorities.

1988 the Company begins focusing its activities within digital image coding towards digital imaging systems for radiology departments.

1993 the Company begins developing systems for the DARC digital radio channel under a Swedish Defense contract. This marks the beginning of the Company’s operations in the area of wireless information systems.

1994 – Acquisition of Imtec AB, which is now fully integrated into Sectra’s medical operations.

1995 – Establishment of Sectra in Norway.

1996 – Sectra is named ‘IT Company of the Year’ by the Swedish magazine Datavarlden, which justifies its choice as follows:
(Very strong expertise combined with a long-term, market analysis-based approach has laid the groundwork for the Company’s success. With roots in Swedish university research, the Company is currently leading the way in Sweden in two areas: digital imaging in healthcare and advanced encryption for demanding customers such as the military.)

1997 – Establishment of Sectra in the U.S.

1998 – Establishment of Sectra in Germany.

1999 – Acquisition of RadiSoft AB, which develops and sells administrative systems for radiology departments and mammography screening.
IPO, listing on Stockholm Stock Exchange’ s O-list.
Sectra wins the 1999 Electronic Prize, which is awarded to the hi-tech company that most successfully launches one or more new products during the year while at the same time achieving exceptional profitability. The prize is awarded by the Swedish magazine Elektronik i Norden, the Swedish Electronics Industry Association and the Swedish Association for Instruments and Measurement Technology.

2000 – Establishment of Sectra in Italy and Denmark.

2001 Sectra’ s eavesdrop-secure GSM telephone is approved for sectret communication up to the NATO Sectret level. Sectras radiology image management system (PACS) received the highest ranking in a study conducted by the American consulting firm KLAS. The study evaluated leading PACS suppliers in the American market in terms of satisfaction with their systems.

2002 – Establishment of Sectra in Great Britain.
Acquisition of the operations in the Danish company Pronosco that develops systems for diagnosing and monitoring osteoporosis.

2003 – Establishment of Sectra in Australia.

Founded by a professor and three doctoral students at Sweden’s Linkцping Institute of Technology

Business Line
Develops high-tech IT systems and technologies for medical systems, secure communication systems, and wireless information systems
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