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The company is a Finland based enterprise engaged in the wholesale of drugs and other related pharmaceutical products. The company was incorporated in the year 1997. Its registered business office is based in Helsinki, Finland.
The company comprises its business activities in the wholesale of prescription drugs, proprietary drugs, and non-prescription medicines, and which may also carry a number of related lines, such as cosmetics, toiletries, tobacco, and novelty merchandise.
The company operates under the supervision and management of Heikki Sakari Leskelд, who is the company’s managing director. It is affiliated with the Tilintarkastus Logos Oy, which serves as the company’s auditor.
Business Summary
Sentera (formerly known as Iocore) is an information solution provider, whose business operations are based on a long-term strategic partnership with it’s customers,
Description and history
Sentera (formerly known as Iocore) is an information solution provider, whose business operations are based on a long-term strategic partnership with it’s customers, business area know-how and productised solutions. Sentera develops and delivers business- critical information systems and integration solutions in Finland and neighbouring areas.
Sentera builds information systems and hosts the electronic businesses of many of the leading companies in Finland. Their customers include banks, insurance companies, central organisations of trade, media houses, industrial companies and public authorities – both in Finland and abroard.

February 13 2004 – Sentera Plc acquires Sysforte Ltd and Sysforte Systems Ltd.

October 1 2003 – Sentera Plc incorporates its network support service unit into a subsidiary company.

June 18 2003 – Iocore and Solagem combine. Sentera Plc is entered into the trade register. Henrik Gayer is elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Markku Toivanen is appointed as the CEO of Sentera. Iocore Finland Ltd changes its name to Sentera Finland Ltd and Iocore Solutions Oy to Sentera Solutions Oy.

June 9 2003 – Iocore Plc discontinues the business operations of its French subsidiary company Iocore France sarl.

May 6 2003 – Iocore Plc discontinues its business operations in the Netherlands.

November 2001 – Kari Katajamaki is appointed as the CEO of Iocore Plc and Iocore Finland Ltd.

October 2001 – Iocore Plc, Iocore Solutions Oy ja Microext Oy enhance their operations by focusing their business operations and services into one company, Iocore Finland Ltd. Iocore Plc consists of the Group management, financial management, legal issues and communications departments.

January 2001 – Iocore Plc acquires Iocore Western Europe. Iocore Western Europe has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

May 2000 – Iocore Plc enters the Helsinki Exchanges NM-list.

March 2000 – Iocore Oy acquires Microext Oy.

June 2000 – CapMan Capital Management invests FIM 20 million in Solagem. In the same year, Mobile Unit that develops wireless and integration solutions is founded.

February 2000 – Solagem Oy acquired two companies: MRS Modern Retail Systems Oy and Tietoniekka Oy.

February 2000 – Independent Technology Corporation Oy changes its name to Iocore Oy.

January 1999 – Megalos Oy changed its name to Solagem Oy.

1998-2000 – Independent Technology Corporation Oy acquires Open Solutions Group Oy in stages during years 1998-2000. The group includes for example Open Websec Oy, a company that focuses on delivering technologically demanding Web sites.

1997 – International investors and the Finnish management found Independent Technology Corporation Oy (Intec) to deliver information technology solutions to companies.

1996 – Solagem launches its own ERP system called Solagem Enterprise, currently Sentera Enterprise. Over 200 customers are using the product today.

1996 – Microext Oy is founded. The company offers professional and network services in information technology.

1989 – Open Solutions Oy is founded. The company focuses on eBusiness products and application integration.

1989 – Megalos Oy is founded.

Takeover by SysOpen Digia Plc
SysOpen Digia Plc (‘SysOpen Digia’) has on 26 September 2006 obtained title to all the outstanding shares of Sentera in the redemption procedure in accordance
with the Finnish Companies Act (29.9.1978/734). Trading of Sentera share at the Helsinki Stock Exchange has terminated on 26 September 2006. The share
subscription period based on all Sentera’s stock option rights has terminated on 19 September 2006 and the trading of the stock option rights has terminated on 12
September 2006.

Business Line
Engaged in the wholesale of drugs and other related pharmaceutical products
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