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Siemens Nederland NV is a Dutch company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of computers and other information processing equipment. The company was established in 1879, and is headquartered in ‘s-Gravenhage (Zuid-Holland).
The company specializes in the design, manufacture and commissioning of electrical equipment for all type of merchant and naval vessels world wide. Its services include low ship investments through optimized transportation concepts, environmental friendly vessels through innovative technical solutions, and high safety standards in line with international rules and regulations.
The company serves a wide range of sectors, including energy and water, industry, health care, transportation and storage, building technologies, telecommunications, business services, financial institutions and the public sector. Also, the company specializes in electric installations for the dredging industry.
The company has the largest ventures on electrotechnical in the Netherlands. Its automation systems and diesel-electric drive systems are installed in a great number of vessels. The company’s innovative podded drive system, the SSP, a joint development with Schottel GmbH, has been launched on the market.
The company is a wholly owned operating arm of the German-based firm, Siemens AG. As the largest company in the Siemens Group, the company also holds a group of companies including Siemens Lease, Siemens Audiology, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Siemens VDO, Osram, Fujitsu Siemens computers, Siemens Networks, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices, and Bruinhof.
Business Summary
The company is the wholly owned operating arm of Siemens AG in the Netherlands. The company provides electrical, medical, defence and computer equipment.
Description and history
Siemens Nederland N.V. is the largest company in the Siemens Group.
The company offers solutions in the power, automation and control, information and communications, transportation, medical, household consumer goods, and services sectors.
Deregulation and privatization are key concepts in the world of energy. Siemens plays a
significant role on the market with activities including environmentally safe power
generation, optimization of transportation and distribution systems and energy
requirements forecasting. Examples include the construction of the Swentibolt
cogeneration plant on the grounds of chemical giant DSM, windmill parks in the central
and northern regions of the Netherlands as well as abroad, (with the highest windmill in
the Netherlands at the Siemens site in Zoetermeer) and the construction of the largest
biomass-fired power plant in the country, situated in the southern Dutch city of Cuijk.
Automation and Control
Industrial processes are the driving force behind the economy. Customers demand
quality and flexibility at a good price. Siemens has set itself the goal of improving its
customers? production processes. Projects include automating the production line of
PWN, a water company in northern Holland, automating Frisco Cheese in the northern
part of the country and renovating the Groninger natural gas fields. The center of
competence for port handling facilities has projects in progress in the Netherlands and
Information & Communications
Information and communications is a segment in which Siemens is particularly active.
The company not only offers products such as ultramodern networks, UMTS and ecommerce
applications and communications equipment, but above all services and
complete solutions. Last year in the Netherlands the number of mobile telephone
connections exceeded fixed telephone connections for the first time, and this trend is
expected to accelerate. The company also supplies the telecommunications
infrastructure for major service providers such as InterXion, which has business
operations all over the world. Siemens also delivers large telecommunications and
computer systems to the Dutch Ministry of Finance.
Siemens is working on intelligent solutions to achieve a balance between increasing
mobility and environmental protection. Siemens supplies not only high-speed trains to
the Dutch railway company and Combino trains for the city of Amsterdam, but also road
information systems for highways. The company also has realistic plans for using the
Transrapid magnetic levitation railway not only between the Dutch cities of Amsterdam,
Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht in the Western region of urban development, but
also between Amsterdam and Groningen in the North.
Siemens and its partners are working to improve all aspects of the health care system,
from hospitals, home care and general medicine, to retirement homes and senior care.
In addition to medical equipment that helps doctors diagnose illnesses while placing a
minimum burden on patients, Siemens also supplies custom-made solutions. At the
Albert Schweizer Hospital in Dordrecht near Rotterdam, the company is integrating
information and communication flows, and at the ?De Gelderse Vallei? Hospital in the
east part of the country, Pick-and-Go monitors keep a watch on the patient after an
Household consumer goods
Convenience in everyday life is more important than ever to consumers. Siemens offers
consumers custom solutions in lighting, security and household appliances as well as
Internet surfing, telephony and teleworking, including integration of these elements into
the home electronic system.

Description in Dutch
Siemens in Nederland
Klanten vinden bij Siemens producten, systemen en diensten op vrijwel alle terreinen van de elektrotechniek en de elektronica. Voor bedrijfsleven, overheid en consument. Meer dan de helft van de omzet bestaat daarbij in Nederland uit toegevoegde waarde. Maar vanuit Nederland doen we dit ook internationaal via een aantal Centers of Competence. Centra waarbij wij de klant kennis, producten en oplossingen bieden op uiteenlopende terreinen. Wereldwijd. Of het nu gaat om havenoverslagsystemen, industriele warmte/kracht-centrales, simulatietechnieken of watermanagement
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Engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of computers and other information processing equipment
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